Pitch Tent City at Doc & Becky Hemp's
For 2 Day Train Ride and Party
On way to Sturgis S.D.

David, Sally Lane and the rest of the KIWIS Motley Crew
With Harleys Packed up ready for USA

Packing up the bikes in the ship containers

Radar is a police officer in New Zealand .. he gave us some of these mementos

Some of the group at the 2 day party!

A pic of Becky on her 1200 Sporty during our little 20 mile jaunt

Doc Hemp leading our Motley Crew to
A World Famous ONO Burger

David Lane Taking Dandy our 1930 Studebaker President Roadster out for a drive and a tune up ... David owns the only other one of these left in existence over in New Zealand! .... What a joy it was to finally met Dave & Sally after these past 2 years on the internet when we found out about our mutual interests.

All of us getting aquainted .... waiting for the Tri Tip!

Chris & Vanessa, Sue and Gavin (Radar) in the Club Car

Radar Taking the girls out for a drive in Becky's 1960 Chevy Impala

I think I'll take this one!

Ken, Robie & Don waiting for steam!

Vanessa & Bubba


One way to bring the price of gas down!

Our Son-in-law Rob Delker on our ride
Also a shot of our stop at Shasta Dam

Sally giving our Bad to the Bone Pantera a big hug
A smiling David after a Tee Shirt Trade with Wendy Depetro


David Lane & Sally are soulmates of ours! They own the only other midyear 1930 Studebaker President Roadster left in existence! .... Are into Harleys, Trains and the general enjoyment of everyday the good Lord has given us to enjoy life to the fullest. We both work very hard! Play VERY HARD! In a few years we will all be dust! I think we have the right to feel good about ourselves and our toys. Folks like us and all the other KIWIS that came over & most Harley Riders feel it is better to chance dying while living our lives to the fullest instead of the majority of the prozac stressed population, spending their entire lives dying, afraid of life in general. It was our pleasure to host this great group of folks! Thank you one and all for deciding to take a few miles off your trip by staying at Doc & Becky's for a couple days
We love you too!
Doc & Becky Hemp

Here below are some Emails of the event

Subject: Re: Thank You Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 09:52:56 +1200 From: David Lane To: dochemp

To our special friends David and Becky

Back in 1997, after our return to New Zealand after riding our Harley Davidson motorcycle to the 57th Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, Sally and I decided to search the Internet for any information on another interest of mine, Studebaker cars.

I soon located a fellow in the USA by the name of David Hemp who appeared to be a bundle of knowledge concerning these cars. Little did I ever envisage the outcome of meeting David and his wife Becky through the Internet would be 14 New Zealanders stopping over and being wined and dined in a manner fit for a king.

But lets go right back to 1997 when it was established that we both owned two of the only known 1930 President Eight Roadsters in existence. I've owned mine for 38 yrs and David has owned his for nearly 30 yrs. We have between us driven them over 500,000 miles collectively. We also both own Harley Davidsons and we are not afraid to ride like the wind and go to the edge. In fact this fellow even had a wacky sense of humour much like my own. It didn't take long before we were exchanging all sorts of trivia and it soon became apparent that we were in fact brothers of a kind.

He and Becky had been to the 57th Sturgis Rally as well. Even our interest in steam trains only further strengthened the bond between us. The coincidences continued to flow back and forth.

When David and Becky learnt of my plans to bring a 40ft container load of Harleys from New Zealand to the USA for the 60th Sturgis Rally in July 2000, they both jumped in and suggested that we should pay them a visit. That is, all of us were invited to come and stay and party for several days en route to Sturgis.

So on July 20th of this year the owners of 19 Harleys and one Triumph arrived in LA and unpacked our motorcycles to begin a tour of the USA.

Due to various commitments we all decided against group riding. Some of our party rode south while 14 of us rode north to Dave and Becky's home in Redding. David recommended that Lassen Park was a must-see en route from Reno and Truckee, and it was here that we caught up with "Sporty Dave" Danny, and Brian on the Triumph.

As we pulled into the driveway on that very hot day, I immediately spotted Dave chatting to the caterers of the lavish BBQ that was been prepared for us and their invited guests. That first meeting with my "other brother" was really neat.

Over the next few hours, Chris my son-in-law, (he loved those Cuban Cigars) and my daughter Vanessa (who wants Dave to adopt her as his daughter) arrived, as with Chris & Joan, (quick show me where the shops are), Gavin ( I need some fluffy dice to go with that Chevy Impala) and Su, (hold it Joan, I'm coming shopping too), Robbie and his ridding buddy Don, with gentleman Ken hooking in later in the afternoon.

Becky, the perfect hostess made us all feel welcome, inviting us into their home at once, for cool drinks and sandwiches. The construction of "Tent Town" was carried out with the professionalism of seasoned travellers on a subdivision just bordering the Redwood Forest, although six of us were lucky enough to have beds allocated inside .

The swimming pool and the fully stocked cooler took a hammering for the rest of the day as we relaxed and told lots of lies about our five-day tour from LA.

During the afternoon David fired up his beloved steam train and as he slowly built up a good head of steam, the rest of their invited guests started arriving for the feast and the prospect of rides through the "Redwood Forest". The setting is impressive amongst very mature trees, a fully equipped railway station complete with popcorn machine and tables set-up with white tablecloths, and the homestead, set well back off the roadway, created a beautiful backdrop.

Dave spent the evening at the controls of his engine and there was never a time that the carriages were not full with friendly, happy faces all enjoying the experience of riding the BAD Railway over the meadows, through the Redwood Forest, and past Tent Town.

Somewhere during the night I met "Spendy Wendy" on the train and I took an instant liking to her Harley tee shirt. She wanted my "Downunder" shirt and was prepared to "flip flop". We were in love. With that we stripped off and did it right there and then on that crowded platform totally oblivious to the waiting passengers. Wendy, come down to New Zealand and I'll give it back to you, I promise.

About midnight, after most of the visitors had gone home, Dave asked us if we would like to see in his garage. There parked beside "THE" Studebaker President, the stunning Packard Phaeton and a Chevy Impala was a De Tomaso Pantera. Dave didn't need much prompting to fire it up and give us all a rather fiesty clip around his driveway. Here is one helluva fast motor car and competently driven. An experience that many of us will never forget. Rumour has it that 85 MPH in the driveway was commonplace.

But also later on there was the sight of Vanessa (alias Mary Poppins) riding a beautiful bicycle at a more sedate speed which really captured the endearing moments of the night.

Waking the next morning to a wonderful poolside breakfast with much reminiscing and laughter about the antics of the previous night soon set the tone for our second day's stay. The general consensus was to hell with Sturgis, let's just stay here for the next six weeks instead.

Dave and Becky's suggestion of a ride out to Lake Shasta hydro dam and a cafe for lunch soon had everyone saddled up and away except for Sporty Dave who just wanted time out to recuperate, clean his scoot, and goof around the pool for the day. The ride out and back was spectacular and well away from the usual tourist traps even if our intrepid leader Dave did run out of petrol some 10 miles after he had us all fill up our bikes!

Later in that hot afternoon the lure of the swimming pool became very strong and it wasn't long before we were back at the "Hempstead" and cooling off. During the afternoon Becky offered Gavin (complete with crew cut hair), an opportunity to drive the bright red Chevy Impala to fulfill his fantasy of taking a step back in time to the era of Elvis Presley.

Also I had the pleasure of being given the opportunity of driving Dave's Studebaker. It was an overwhelming experience to drive a sister car that is only a few chassis numbers from my own. The realisation that I am the only person to have driven two of these most delectable rare roadsters was an honour that defies explanation. Thank you Dave, I will return the favour by bringing my Studebaker to the USA one day and we will go touring in them together. This will be history in the making.

Our poolside dinner that night was special as we laughed and joked the night away, even if some of us had difficulties in finding the "Mouse Tattoo".

The last morning of our short stay saw a much more sedate mood amongst us as we started to dismantle "Tent Town" and pack up to leave. Dave's story about his early days as an army dentist using "Dental Dynamite" to coax a fellow soldier to clean his teeth, helped to change the mood.

As always, all good things come to an end and it was hard to say our goodbyes to two beautiful people who opened up their home and their hearts to a bunch of Kiwis from Down Under. We will never forget your generosity, your willingness to share your toys, your love of laughter, and especially your "Billy Bobs".

On behalf of all who stayed, thank you Dave and Becky. We love you guys.

David & Sally.
Subject: Thanks Again Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 22:39:01 -0700 From: Ian and Linda Chau Organization: @Home Network To:

Dave and Becky,
Danny and I arrived in Vancouver today at about 2.30p.m. We went to Eureka after leaving your place. Had lunch in a deli and then headed up the coast and thru the redwoods to Grant's Pass. Although cold and foggy on the coast, not too much traffic, the bikes going well and those great sweeping corners.
Hit the interstate after that. Stayed in Roseburg that night, then on to Olympia where we met up with Don Hope and stayed at his daughter's house. He's riding up tomorrow to meet up with Robbie and they go Banff on Monday morning.
We are staying with relatives of Danny's till Monday morning when we will also head out going down thru Montana to Yellowstone and on to Sturgis. Plan to check out Little Big Horn, Cody etc too. Thanks again for your incredible hospitality and we look forward to trying to repay you both in New Zealand real soon. All the very best,
David Owen & Danny Young (when at home)

Subject: Hi David & Becky Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 09:54:54 -0700 (PDT) From: David Lane To:

Gidday guys,

This is just a very quick note as we have borrowed a friends computer here in Las Vegas to let you know that we are safe and well.
The visit to your place is still top of the agenda with all who called and stayed. Everyone still recalls the fun and the laughter that we shared with you both. I will cover this in more detail once we arrive home next Sunday.
To date Sally and I have done nearly 8000 miles so far and the new 88b engine has not missed a beat. The pulling power that this new motor has is awesome on the long hills. Two up and with all our luggage on we can still pull away frome any 1340 with power to spare.
Sturgis was a blast with the local papers reporting 600000 plus bikes. Today we are with friends in Las Vegas for some very needed R&R before going to LA on Thursday for the pack up and the long flight home. I will compile a fuller report of our adventure after getting home.
To two of the most beautiful people who opened up their home and their hearts to us, thank you.

We love you both.

David & Sally

Subject: Thanks Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 13:49:13 -0700 From: natasha sherwood To: "Dave (Doc) & Becky Hemp DDS Inc. ... Email ="

Just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful time we had at your party. It was really fun to meet all the gang from New Zealand, and really great to see all of the people from our old gang.

It was great of you to get everybody together. We truly enjoyed it.

Hope all is going well with you guys. Your place looks great -- and, Dave, the train thing is really a great touch.

Anyway, the best to both of you. Let's stay in touch. We're planning on going to Street Vibrations -- are you going? Let us know and maybe we can meet and ride together. We are planning on riding over with Howard and Terri Stubblefield and Nick Mattioli.

Take care.

Pat and Bigfoot

Subject: Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 14:59:47 +1200 From: "Chris & Joan Lousich" To:

Dave and Becky,
Gi Day! from New Zealand.
Joan and I ( Chris ) are the couple who stayed in a motel in Redding and rode out to your place to enjoy your wonderfull hospitality with the rest of the kiwi group.My bussiness intrests are in what you call "Sheet Rock" I beleive".Plaster" board over here. I mention the above in the hope you will remember who we were.
Thankyou from the both of us for what was the high lite of our trip. You were both so kind and your hospitality was awsome.
Thanks for the day ride , remember? The twenty miler that became the one hundred and twenty miler.It was a good run.
On leaving Redding the Lason park was a wonderfull suprise. Must be one of the most beautifull places on earth, I would say. Some of our riding days started at 4.30am to beat the sun arriving at our destination at about 11am to shower, eat, and sleep for a while so we could enjoy the afternoon and evening doing different things, although we did break down for 3 1/2 hours in the desert out of Wells . Didn't quite make our destination before the sun came up on that day.The needle valve in the carb stuck open and unaware of what the problem was , were helped by the Highway patrol and a kind Harley Bro, eventualy.I must admit we were starting to wilt though, since we had no water and were expecting to stop at the next town for breakfast .
Two Stroke, (Dave Lane ) is still adament that he will get his Studebaker over your way one day. He and Sally came for diner last Saturday night. We had a good time.
Anyway , just thought I would take the opertunity to thank you both for a great time.

Chris and Joan Lousich.

Subject: Re: How's it going? Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 22:14:56 +1200 From: "David Lane" To: "C. David Hemp DDS INC"

Gidday Dave and Becky,

always good to hear from you guys. Hey Sally and I Chris and Joan have just held a Sturgis Reunion Party inviting all those people who have come on all of my trips so far to the USA. We put a pig on a spit and asked everyone to come and also bring there wives and partners together with all photo albums and boogie. I had about 55 people.
Dave it was such a great night. Going back over the fun we all had and the reminders of the neat things that we had all experienced. Hearing about others and there adventures and how they reflected on the changes that such a trip had had on there lives forever. But the highlight of the evening was the impact that you and Beckie had had on thoses of us who visited your home. Before the night was out everyone had heard about you both and I don't think that one single item was missed out in the recounting of the events of those three days.
Chris's description with all the facial expressions that goes with the story of the use of dental dynamite brought much laughter. It was great reliving those special three days. While Sturgis is a very special event and one that all motorcyclists should go to at least once in there lives, our visit to your home was the highlight of our trip to USA.

Everyone downunder are fine and we are all well. Great to hear about your new toy. My car is going really fine and shortly I am going to have to think about buying 6 new tyres for the car. To purchase 6 only 650 x 20 Firestone whitewalls from our local importer will cost me the equivlent of $US1400. Where did Universal Tyres ship yours from. Please let me know because I will find out how much it will cost to get them sent to me direct. The Firestone tyres have not lasted very well. All the edges of the whitewalls are showing bad radial cracks through the tyres. Hence I cannot get them retreaded. Maybe I should start driving the car slower and the tyres might last longer. Anyhow the time has come for a change in brand names. Well thats about it for now. I will await your reply. By the way, love your new carriage that your going to build for Bubba.
Stay in touch as we live just around the corner.

Love to you both.

David and Sally.
Subject: Re: How's it going? Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 05:30:05 -0700 From: "C. David Hemp DDS INC" Organization: C. David Hemp DDS INC To: David Lane References: 1 , 2

Hey Mates!

What a great letter and what great friends you are ... we always always talk about your visit and hardly a cigar smoking & port wine pow wow session goes by without us bringing you guys up too! ... Out of all the weekends and high up muckity muck fund raisers, etc. we have ever had here ... your 3 days has been the highlight of any group too! In the next couple of years we plan on making the big jump across the puddle to N.Z.

That big tree I shot all the bullets into blew down this past winter ... honest I didn't mean to scare it to death! Have lots of wood from it to burn at our next campfire with the smell of hot lead and oak wafting gently in the breeze as we regale each other with our deeds of valor and tails of yesteryear while sipping Aged Oak Keg Knox Hill Kentucky Charcoal Filtered Whiskey to help the words roll off our tounges and plenty of GOOD cigar smoke to keep the misquitos away.

The Lester Tires are the original exact tread design as purchased for the cars in that time. I have found they hold up very well! ... but I paid about $900 for only 4 .. so ... that is about $1350 for 6 tires, tubes, stems, rubber wheel liners. ... so you might just want to order them from your supplier there .. but I will get you the address we ordered them from.

I will not order new track till my trestle gets in ... but it is supposed to start in the next couple weeks .. we will see. for the tunnel we will use 2 - 40ft shipping containers ... like you shipped your bikes over in .. also a place to store the train.

We have cut our gatherings to one function a year now as we need the rest .. and don't want the experience to become a common place one. One Cancer society fundraiser this year and 150 pre 1911 all Brass 1 & 2 cylinder cars here next April with tent, music, dancing, food.

Out of all our toys .. The Studebaker will be with me till I die! ... If it wasn't so rare I would have the Beckster bury me in it! ... Hope some day you will be able to ship yours over so we can take a week or so on the road together. We are going on a 3 day tour next weekend up in Mt. Shasta and a big tour of over 100 cars the 24th of June in the Redwoods on the coast.

Cheers Mates,
Doc & Becky

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