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Doc and Becky Hemp's
August 2005 Vacation R.V. Trip
Trains in the Portland Oregon Areas.

The Lewis and Clark 100th Anniversary
Train Trip from Portland to Astoria Oregon

The Lewis and Clark expedition train ride ran along the Columbia River from Portland to Astoria Oregon on the Coast... The coaches were all self propelled without the typical Diesel or Steam engines. Any passengers that wanted were welcome to ride up front in the engineer area for a while ... That's where I got most of the photos. It was there I met Bob Harbison ... Engineer an Conductor of the Mt. Rainier Scenic RR ... One of the next rides on our agenda in a few months. Bob also has the Railroad Forums .. and the largest railroad links pages in the world.

Engineer Ken Nichols and Conductor Jon Zweerts

Bob trying to pocket the steam whistle
I bought in Astoria ... (grin)

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