Choo Choo Boogie!

Becky and Dave's New Electric Switcher Engine

6/10/05 - Photo Update ...finally finished! .... just 6 full days of work to change the before (photos below) to the finished product ... plus today Zeller did his magic with the art work. 12/20/2015 .. After this engine I plasma cut, welded and Dave Moeller and I built the rest of the bodies and frames on the next 2 engines here at our home .. Big Bubba and our gas switcher engine

Custom cast Locomotive bell built by my friend
Larry J. Curran
Curran Castings, 214 Curran LN, Knox,PA 16232

Pulling our whole train .... No Problem! ... "The Little Engine That Could"

Mike Rumrill ... The sheet metal specialist .... He is very good! Visit their scientific web site, Mike makes a lot of the cabinets for his dad

"Davey Boy" in our Redwood Forest

4/23/05 .... These above were the latest photos taken today .... I have done all the painting as Mike Rumrill fit the sheet metal ... only 3 more pieces of sheet metal ... the sides and the smoke stack top and we will be on our way ...... Below you can see how much we did in only the 3 days of work we did after after receiving the basic shell of "Davey Boy". We then only have to get Zeller to do his magic with the pin stripes, script, etc. and we will be done

Above photos .... 1st Photo is Bob Harris in the little engine while John Poole and Mel are unloading "Davey Boy" .... 2nd is Mel Harris, of Harris Locomotive Works Pulling our passenger car and caboose, testing our new all electric switcher engine delivered today, 4/17/05. ..This little engine will pull our entire 60' long train up our 2% grade with no problem or all our cars loaded with all the people we could find to fill them.... The 3rd photo is the Harris Bros. and Bro in law John Poole with both our Steam and Eclectic engines.

Below is a series of 4 photos taken by John Poole showing Mel Harris getting "Davey Boy" Ready to load up at Harris Locomotive Works and bring over to our B. A. D. Great Northern Railroad.

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