California Dreamin!

Doc Mike Visits the Hemp's in 1998
We Tour the Pacific North West

The Story Unfolds

In the month & year of our Lord

I met Dr. Michael Birkhoff a couple years ago through the internet when he visited our dental site. He emailed me that he too helped start one of the first HOG Chapter in Europe, The Cactus HOG Chapter .. as we did in Redding, CA in 1988 . We were both (Presidents) directors - (he was president for over 5 years) He is also a tooth jockey (dentist) and a very progressive one. They were the second German Chapter on the internet ... (Munich was the first one) I think.

We set up a visit to tour the Pacific North West & to have him observe some of our dental technics here in the USA with all our state of the art equipment at my & Crusty Rusty's office.

Dr. & Mrs. Terrance Rust, an oral surgeon extraordinare & closest of friends - aka - (Crusty Rusty & The Beeve!), rode with us for a couple days - He set this scenic photo layout back ONE HELL OF A LOT! ... When he & I were sitting out in front of the Drive Thru Redwood tree waiting for Mikey to (drive thru it of course!) ... I looked over at his under powered wimpy Harley & said "how would you like to see what a real Harley feels & sounds like?! ...(MEGA MOTOR) ... Roller Rockers .... He said "roller what?" .... "That seat looks pretty uncomfortable & it's awfully loud." I said, look, - take some cotton out of your purse & put it in your ears - hee-hee, & sit your sorry ass on this bike & take it for a run down the road thru the Redwoods & back ... see for yourself ! .... So, he gets on my bike - starts taking off & to my chagrin I see my Pentax Zoom automatic Camera drop off the saddlebag, where I had set it, fall down & the neck strap catch on the tool box (no lie) & the camera starts dragging on the asphalt! - I run after him SCREAMING - YELLING obscenities! ..... (He's right - the pipes are so damn loud he couldn't hear a thing!) ... and away he goes with my Pentax bouncing merrily along behind him! Well, the others finally get thru the tree & come out. I tell them about the camera .... we all wait for Crusty to return .... and there it still is ..... dragging, bouncing more than ever! .... he sees us laughing & pointing & thinks we're making fun of him on my bike ... So, he BLASTS past us all around the parking lot ... the camera bouncing 3ft in the air off the speed bumps, etc. .... well ... we walk up when he finally stops ... 1/2 the camera is totally ground off - the film gone .... the electronic viewfinder is flashing U - 6 over & over .... in fact it is still flashing U - 6 a month later hee-hee! Below is a photo. - This is one of the best laughs we had on the entire trip!! It was worth the camera!

There are many photos below - it is worth the wait!

Tailwinds & Sunshine to all!

Doc & Becky Hemp (the Hempsters)

My New Pentax after a quick tour through the redwoods!

Still flashes U - 6! (any body know what that means?)
... prolly I'm Screwed!

Lassen National Park - 25 miles from our front door.

Mount Shasta - 14,000 plus feet - 50 miles away

The Pacific Coast off Crescent City CA at Sunrise.

The famous Little Church in the Wildwood
Landmark in Mendocino CA on the Coast

Dr. Mikey Birkhoff (NOW) .... (justa lookin cool, lookin cool!)

Dr. Mikey Birkoff (THEN - HIGHSCHOOL)

Our whole crew after a long days ride down the Coast.

Entering the Redwood National Park

Doc Mike ... what else can I say?

Getting ready for another great day - taken at the Ben Bow Inn

Crusty Rusty & his wife the Beeve (Beverly) .... He wants everyone to know his belly isn't really this big .... he carries his money belt there! - Hee-hee.

My sweetheart & wife "BIKER BECK" riding her new
Springer Heritage Softail

Yours truly "DOC HEMP" on my "MORE POWER"
... Just called the BLACK BIKE!
(Nobody Messes with the BLACK BIKE!)

Doc Mike ... (thinking ... It's over! ... I can finally get away from these CRAZY Americans!! Get back home to the Heimatland!) Back to the Bratwurst & Sauerkraut! ... No more cheeseburgers & fries!!!!, Weak American Beir! Hee-hee!

All good things must come to an end ... till the next good time (grin)

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