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Mt. Shasta Ski Park
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Local Ski Area in Mt. Shasta, CA

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Following are many photos that I took yesterday on Super Bowl Sunday Feb 3, 2008. Each photo averages under 200k. They are large and clear but one should have DSL at least to down load these in a reasonable time. I used my old standby, 1000mm Sony digital big lense camera and took it up on the mountain and shot these photos from the chair and the slopes.

Our local ski area received national attention on the Weather Channel yesterday as having the most snow of any place in the entire USA.

2/4/08 Ski Report this Monday morning .... Mt. Shasta Ski Park now officially has 259" at the top and 216" at the lodge .... This is over 21 feet at the top now and almost as much down in the parking lot!

We will start our trip with photos showing snow as low as Lake Shasta, then a shot up Interstate 5, then shots up the McCloud Hwy off I 5 and shots up the Mt. Shasta Ski Bowl Road to the Park it's self. And then photos of the park and powder where it took me 15 minutes to dig myself out after a crash. This is one of the best first track places in the USA ...
Then on our way home a stop at the city of Mt. Shasta City.

Here and at the bottom of this page go to link to Mt. Shasta Ski for photos 2009, of Becky, me, Uncle Joe, Holly and the Rust's at Ta-who? .. We did put one photo of the Rust's on that page where us common peoples have to ski and eat in the parking lot! .. Grin

Me, Doc Hemp and my lovely wife Becky

Beck with her new Line Shadow Skis which she LOVES! .. I have the new Line Blend Skis ... They are fantastic too!

Shasta Lake with snow ... on the way out of Redding up toward Mt. Shasta, CA

Traveling on up hwy Interstate 5 with snow all the way

Photos on the McCloud Hwy turning East off I 5 about 50 miles N of Redding CA

Heading onto the Mt Shasta Ski Park Road.

Notice how deep the snow in on these RR Crossings
A valley for the train to travel through

This is a flat roof folks ... Flat so the snow doesn't slide off on someone

Damn .. I know there's a ski here somewhere!

3 Pm in front of the fast food restaurant on Super Bowl Sunday
I think there were about 50 of us up on the whole mountain!!!!

The snow starting to cover the Douglas Lift

Heading Home! Check out how high the snow is on the sides

Above pictured is the Fifth Season Ski and Outdoor Store With jacques and below is the Shasta Base Camp store with Styles .. both two of our favorite shops in town. Jacques and Styles will both treat you right!


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