Dave & Becky Do Day #9
At the 2002 Winter Olympics
In Salt Lake City & Ogden Utah!

We must preface all this with our impressions of this Olympics. We just can't say enough about how organized this event was at the venues, especially in light of all the security checks, etc. .. our hat is off to the Olympic organizers and the state of Utah!

We stayed in Wendover Nevada about 100 miles away as we did our usual spur of the moment thing. We got up early and drove over to Snow Basin in Ogden from Wendover. There were signs on the freeway as where to park for the shuttle buses. We were the first ones up the mountain. We did it perfectly and what a beautiful day it was for the Super G Down Hill. But ... at first at 6a.m. on that morning there was a 50 - 60 mph wind with a wind chill of 20 below zero at the parking lot ... after talking to an official we were assured it was mild up on the mountain ... seems this valley is where all the high and low atmospheric pressures equalize with the resultant high winds.

We spent the rest of the day after the Super G in Salt Lake City at the Olympic venues, Olympic Square, etc. .. I can't begin to explain the magnitude of human endeavor an Olympics is! Everyone must go to at least one of these! No wonder the athelets covet an Olympic metal! ... All the world championships of all time lumped together would not match the magnitude of just one Olympics! .. And I think it is such a wonderful way for all of us as tax payers and individuals to spend money bringing all the nations of the world together in a peaceful joyous occasion ... I now see why we can only have an Olympics once every 4 years. The planning and logistics are just staggering to me! ... ... Television does not and can not give the scope of this thing, let alone steepness, etc.

To all the world's athletes, Becky and I salute you!! For your magnificence, grandeur, skill, dedication, and the promotion of cohesive world peace and love of all nations for each other!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy our photos ... At the bottom of page #2 we have a movie that shows the steepness a little better than the T.V. does. Please start down load and go out and brew a cup of coffee, etc. .... When you get back .... Each of these pages will be down loaded
Dave "Doc" & Becky Hemp

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