Antique Studebaker Pacific Zone NW 1997 Meet
At Sutherlin Oregon Sept 12-15

The tour was a grand success!! Thanks to the hard work of Mike & Mary Regan! They did all of the planning, organizing, taking care of the hospitality room, trophies, treats, lunch, etc.! The most Cars ever showed up! Twenty two! Bob Burk, last years president flew out to Portland & rented a car, drove down & rode in the rumbleseat along with Don Skow from Hollister! On the ASC site page 2 you can see the certificate of thank you the ASC presented us with for doing the Website! And here a Sutherlin Bob presented us with a really nice Studebaker Clock to go with it.
Next Years tour will be in Centralia, Washington on Sept 11 - 13! Be there or B Square! Becky & I plan on making it!

The photos that follow were sent in by Don Kellstrom ( thank you Don!) It's pretty hard to see who's who, so I'm not going to list everyone, plus Don writes like I do! Hee- Hee! In the A.S.C. Review I'm sure Richard will have more photos & names. Any more of you that took photos send them to me to put up here also.
The country side around there is gorgeous! Had a little rain! No sweat! We even went back into it to run down to the little town of Oakland to get a milkshake & shop the antiques! I'm proud of Bob Burk & Don Skow! They both stayed pretty dry except when we had to slow down!!
This was our first time to a ASC tour. Everyone made us feel right at home!!! There was tons of stuff that they had raffle drawings for! The Master of Ceremonies Mike Regan was really funny! The Will Rogers type! Hates computers totally just like Dick Quinn, the editor of the ASC Review does though!! Hee-hee! In fact ..... my plan is .... that I know Dick goes nuts the way I mis-spell stuff & butcher the grammer! (we would all like a rich grammer to buy us stuff!) Hee - hee! He will get into computers just so's he can take over this ASC Site & straighten all the text out!! (Give me a break too!) In fact ..... I go back & mess stuff up if I get too much correct for too long! He'll CRACK YET!!!! Hee-hee again.

Bob Burk & Don Skow in the rumble seat of our 1930 Studebaker
drying out in the sun!

Don Kelstrom's 1928 Big 6 below he bought at an auction shortly after the Pacific Northwest Zone ASC Tour in Sutherlin Oregon. Be sure to read Don's accounts of the tour he sent in to Dick Quinn.

Don has informed me next years tour will be in Centralia Washington in Sept 11 - 13! Be there! Please!!! Becky & I are going to do our best to make it!! We will take Monday off to allow time to get home.