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Doc & Becky Hemp's
Paris Sightseeing in February!

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Our Paris trip with Jacques & Raymond Harguindeguy, Russ & Ruth Duclos, and me (Doc) and Becky Hemp. All photos by Doc Hemp. All noncommercial and brought to you by B.A.D. (Becky And Dave's) CHARIOTS ... And ... Doc's Funny Dental Site

These are all fast loading low files size pictures for their size and quality ... it is worth the wait folks ... go get that cup of coffee ... it will be ready when you get back (grin)

Edith Piaf
(Accordian Man - Andy Bakke)

This first page is all taken of or off the top of the Eiffel Tower. All pics of our trip and Retromobile were taken with our all new Digital Sony CD 1000 Mavica 35 - 490 mm reflex thru the lense zoom. Up to 85 minutes of digital movies or 1600 digital photos on one CD Disk at the back of the camera instead of a tiny floppy. All I had to do to do all these with immediate transfer was put the disk into my CD or DVD Rom drive when I got home. Instant transfer with the new Pentium III 866. All the close ups looking down were shot from the top of the Eiffel Tower and the last zoomed shot of the top was take from a 3rd of a mile away to get the right angle. I can't say enough about this camera! But! Take extra disks .. too nevue (new) for Paris .. couldn't find any disks anywhere .. had to buy a throwaway camera the last day for our Eurostar trip.

In February there are no lines and the weather was about 45 - 60 degrees (F). We did see periods of mist and showers during our week here, but no wind ... only wore my coat 2 times... "WE CAME! ... WE SAW! ... WE CONQUERED THE LONG LINES!

This is a shot of the Arch of Triumph taken trom the top of the
Eiffel Tower zoomed in with our new Sony CD Digital Camera

My Darling Becky
(Happy Valentines Day!)

Becky, Ruth & Russ

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Music on this page .... .(Accordian Man - Andy Bakke) ... With his Blessing and okay. Please visit his wonderful site! Jimmy Giordanengo ( Accordionist) and Latchezar Dimitrov ( Violinist) Who play for the Opera House in Nice France. Latchezar is doing editing and adding the extra parts...the Keyboard is Jimmy on the MIDI Accordion.