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This is a photo of Uncle Paul taken in Frankfurt Germany July 23rd 1951. Paul was career USAF. I remember one time uncle paul was takening me in his 1932 Chevy Roadster when I was only 5yrs old to watch a prade in Easton PA . He had purchased it from my dad Carl - It was full of bullet holes! As we drove up to the parade route to find a place to park, a police officer waved us into the line of the parade its self!! I was already in the rumble seat! Was one of the greatest days of my life! I loved that car!!! And Uncle Paul too of course ... That is why the first collector car we ever bought in 1973 was a car from that era .. Our 1930 Studebaker President Roadster out of a museum in paradise Ca.

The 32 Chevy was full of bullet holes because when my dad owned it he had taken my mom to be, Peggy Wester, out on a target shooting date and he had taken a piece if tin for a target ... They walked a ways thru the brush .. and forgetting exactly where the car was parked he set it up in line with the car .. and every time he heard a plink he thought she had hit the target .. He thought wow ..this gal is an Annie Oakley!

I also remember about the same time ... We were all sitting in the living room and Uncle Paul spelled out to my dad Carl ...Let's go out and get a (M-I-L-K S-H-A-K-E) ...Which I understood perfectly .. They had to take me along!

Subject RE: family info on Herbert Hempe Date: 10/31/2010 2:59 PM From: Rebecca Hempe ... (This Becky Hempe my great niece in England)... My wife also being Rebecca (Becky) Hempe


My dad, Steve Hempe (who I think must be your cousin as his father was Paul, if I've got the lineage right), told me about your website and our family tree a long time ago and I recently rediscovered it as I'm researching our family's military history.

Basically I was hoping to find a little more information and hopefully some pictures relating to Herbert Hempe. It's come about in a convoluted kind of way as I would actually like to use this in my classroom, if that's okay with yourself. I teach secondary English here in Bexhill (where both my dad and Philip still live) and will be teaching a novel to 14/15 year olds which deals with US involvement in WW2. I had an idea to start a scrapbook of personal stories from any war, particularly to get pupils appreciating the history and personal sacrifices which I feel many young people lack much of an awareness of. I figured what better way then to start it off with a personal tale along the lines of Herbert flying his whole crew back injured and then heading back out to shoot down the same enemy ship!

Anyway, I find your websites both fascinating and enjoyable, particularly in the sense that family stories fill many gaps. Unfortunately I'm having trouble running these web pages and was wondering if you might be able to kindly forward me electronic copies of any pictures etc. to this email address?

I appreciate that you must be very busy so any reply or assistance on this would be much appreciated!

Many thanks and kind regards.

Rebecca Hempe (England)