Becky Girl and Davey Boy Do
Pebble Beach Golf, August 2008
With Brad and (Liz Taylor) Suzie

Becky and I are Life Members of the CHP 11-99 Foundation which provides scholarships for dependants of CHP officers killed or maimed on duty. And we always buy $100 fund raising tickets every year and this year we took 2nd place which was Pebble Beach Vacation for 4 for a weekend! Wow! ...

I do have to say I was very pleased with how we played this course ... I had taken about 30 extra balls and only lost 2 .. Bradley was knocking the cover off and I did quite well considering my last golf game ever was about 12 years ago at a 14 handycap to boot! Becky and Suzie did well too ... Photos of Pebble Beach Golf course and at the Inn at Spanish Bay. The staff, everyone, everywhere, everyplace were exemplary.

But we do have to say .. our favorite thing we did here was our early morning walks from about 6:30 to 8:00 a.m. ... Spanish Bay Inn has a wonderful boardwalk all along the ocean and the golf course that is not advertised anywhere that we saw. If there is a next time I will take my Big Gulp coffe mug with us.

Most of the photos with me in them Becky took .. Becky is also the the one who won this weekend get away with our donation to the CHP's 1199 Foundation of which we are life members.

Oh .. By the way ... rent a cart down here and walk the course twice! .. No carts on the fairways .. so you are always carrying about 6 clubs with you! ...Rent a caddy instead ... same cost as the cart .. plus tip though
One of them told us .. "Down and through .. On in Two!" ... I added .. "lift your head .. And your'e Dead!"

Oh No ...Hackers International Hagar Slacks ... (;>)

Oh My Gosh! I have NEVER seen ANYONE hit one as far as Davey Boy just did!!!

Oh No! ... I think Davey Boy just fell into the Ocean! (Becky)
So what? He can swim! (Bradley)

Okay ...This is for one of those small $3 bags of M&M's at the 9th Hole .. (;>)

Only these kids know for sure ... (;>)

Spanish Bay is famous for this Scotish Bag Piper that walks along the links and up to the Inn during the evening every day.

Yea though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of Sand I will fear no evil! .. Little did we know there was another sand trap above this one between us and the hole .. I hit one of my lucky shots over it all from here to about 10 feet from pin high (which I 3 putted of course!).. Bradley landed in the other trap. But .. on a positive note .. they do rent camels to navigate the sand traps here at Pebble Beach ... (;>)

Now ... Where did my damn camel get off to?

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