Here on the left we have Brian Hawley and on the right is Phil Randall. They lent me a grease gun .... And here are some very interesting tips they both gave me was that

  1. WD 40 makes the best and safest starter fluid to spray into a carburetor.
  2. A very large can of regular table Black Pepper is great for any cooling system leaks as it will never break down and will never clump .. it packs into any air leak area safely.
  3. Use silicone adhesive for any distributor cap cracks .. it will not arc.
  4. To stop any gas leak in the tank or line .. rub soap into the leak ... will stop the leak temporarily till you can pile up a glob of steel epoxy filler over the leak area.
  5. This one I already knew ... put soap on any squeaky fan belt.
  6. To get you home with a failing and noisy rear end, pack bananas into the differential ... will quiet it down and the thick paste will allow you to finish that 1000 mile tour until you rebuild it at home.

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