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  1. Jacques Bleisae
  2. Jim Tomasini - Click Here
  3. Joe Walker - Click Here
    The Artisry of Joe's Guitar

    Jacques Bleisae - Guides World Wide - Mountain Climber Extraordinair! Jacques knew he was born to be a mountain climber because of his extra fingers and toes! (grin)

    Jim Tomasini - The super Italian! .. Wine Maker and Metal Fabricator of Distinction!!! And Fabricator of Tall Tales!! Jim and crew built several cars like this for the railroad. They built everything but the trucks (wheels) and the knuckles! ... They have Lathes bigger than my house!!! They are located in Anderson Ca. ... If you can dream it .. They can Build It, Weld it, Nail It or Screw It,! ......

    These huge yellow cars are for burying fiber optic, etc. cables ... and ... hmmm .... what the "Do Not Hump" notation means as posted on the top of the pictured car ... Maybe a note to Godzilla or the Jolly Green Giant? (grin) .... No! .. in each train yard there are Hump hills where they pull cars up over it and it uncouples the knuckles that holds the cars together and they reattach them quite violently again as they build each section of train that leaves the yard. These cars can not take this slamming ... must be done carefully .

    Right now Jim & crew welded up a wheel on our 30 Studebaker President Roadster and are fabricating 2 more parts for it.

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