The Hempster Blues

The Ray Bertolotti and Ryan Reasbeck Families

Visit and Ride Dave & Becky's Railroad

This is Evan in the cab of "Davey Boy" our electric engine and Chandler and Ray Bertolotti in the passenger car behind ... Ryan and Chandler are Gretchen and Ryan Reasbeck's sons.

Ray was up here in Redding yesterday, Saturday 12-9-05 and gave a great lecture of substance as usual! ...At the behest of Ryan of "Tin Man Dental Products". I ordered a lot of new items.

Becky and me, Ray,Mary, Ryan,Gretchen, and their 3 sons all went to breakfast this morning and then we went for a ride on our railroad.

Left to Right ... My Sweetheart Becky Hemp , Chandler, Ryan Reasbeck (of Tin Man Dental Products) and Ray Bertolotti DDS the king and originator of "Bondodontics" ... And Fifth Quarter Seminars ....Also .. PHD in metallurgy and Ceramic engineering.
I am waiting for, and email of a photo of Gretchen with their 10month old son to post here too along with a photo of Mary ... Ray's wife. I took the few photos I have posted already on this page.
At the bottom of the page there are links to Ray and Ryan's Web Sites.

This is Chandler and Brother Evan

Ray Bertolotti ... My Adhesion Mentor
of 22 years now
... In our Steam Locomotive "Little Bubba"
Click on the photo ... Go to his site.

Ryan Reasbeck of Tin Man Dental Products

Just click on the photo to go to his site.

Here is Mary & Ray Bertolotti in their special wine cellar/winery
Ray's main hobby other than dentistry and developing new products
Is Wine and Wine Making ...

9/21/07 Update ....
Here is an email in part we received from Ray yesterday ....

Hi Dave,
Good to hear from you. It is good to hear that I had some influence in Europe.
Right now we have cabernet sauvignon fermenting in the basement.
Our lectures have shifted toward invited ones, not managed by us. There are so many invitations that it does not make much sense to do them ourselves.
I have your quotation ..("You need to find a dentist that thinks as little of your teeth as you do!") written down....It's a good one.

Now back to our original info ....

I am adding a photo below that Ray really liked of a beautiful very large Bob Cat we have that hangs out in our pasture a lot .. We have 52 acres and a very large year round creek behind us that salmon spawn in, Otters, Beaver, Bald Eagles, etc. To our NW there are 350 pristine creek front acres ... In one day about 3 weeks ago while we were working on our abutments for my railroad bridge I built we saw 3 Coyotes, a Cougar and this Bob Cat. We are very fortunate to be able to live in such a great place that can support all the wild life and birds we have. I took this photo at dusk and used my night vision feature and had to rest it on the fence to keep it still with the lens open so long ... it is a pretty big file .. so if you don't have DSL you might want to skip it's down load.

... See you all a little further down the line! ...

  1. Ray Bertolotti's Adhesion DDS Site
    Go here to book a lecture for your area .... Ray has been a friend of mine for a lot of years .... We both started doing bondodontics and porcelain veneers about 22yrs ago. I went to one of Ray's very first lectures ever ... up here in Redding at the old Elks Club. The next month we all met with Ray, his and our lab person .. Vaugh Cartwright in San Francisco where we learned to do the platinum foil porcelain Veneer Technique. Ray has done more to change the face of dentistry than any one person since G.V. Black

  2. Tin Man Dental Supplies Web Site
    Tell Ryan that I Sentcha! ... This is the dental supply shop where you get personal and very knowledgeable information!
    I have been a regular customer of Tin Man for many years ... They are a class act and have many useful products other than just the bondodontics stuff.

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