Grand Scale
Russ and Suzie Robinson's
Trinity Alps Railroad

Trinity Alps Mountain RR
120 Strope creek Ln. Trinity Center Ca. 96091
Bus 530-286-2695 Cell 530-510-3565

Pricing and Shipping information
For our 9 inch 4140 Heatreated Railcar Wheels

1 Railcar wheel FOB (Trinity Center Ca.) $125.00
1 Railcar wheel shipped anywhere in the US $140.00
2 Railcar wheels shipped anywhere in the US $269.00
8 Railcar wheels shipped anywhere in the US $1000.00

Add state sales tax if sold in Calif.


This site done for Russ by Doc Hemp


12/07 Updated Xmas Photos

Russ is a master machinist and makes custom racing bicycle parts he ships world wide! Russ makes everything! Ties, trestles, tunnels, train cars and built the diesel engine .. also, all the wheels, etc. ... He also invented and made a new electric rail bender.

10/05 Update ... Becky and I finally made it up to Russ and Susan's Trinity Alps Railroad ... He has about a quarter mile of track laid so far and plans for 4 miles in his 32 acre home site. Below are many photos ... If your screen is 19 inches or more the pics will line up 2X2 across and down your screen.

Russ is really amazing! ... And during the winter he makes parts in one of his 3 shops ... also pictured below is his saw mill where he sawed all his ties ... He also sawed all of the lumber for his BEAUTIFUL home too!

Damn Fine Trestle!

Russ milled all the ties from these logs

Russ's beautiful new Ballast Car

Russ Jumped and is okay ...
Remember ... "Keep the dirty side down!"
This is a suppository that you really don't want to have!

This is what Russ did this past winter 05/06

Another shot of their new body on the diesel shown earlier

10/06 Update .... Dave Moeller and I went up to check on Russ's progress .... Dave had not been there before and really enjoyed himself! .... We got some new ideas for the cab Dave & I need to build next spring for our new steam locomotive Mel Harris is building.
Suzie fixed us a great and healthy lunch ... We had a real fine time ... Russ had put down a lot more track over the summer of 06 like we had also.

Russ's Latest 2008 Truss Trestle Bridge on his layout

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