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This Page is dedicated to Dr. Chet Moore! .... Moore than just a good friend! Moore than just a good dentist! Moore than the Person most responsible for starting the Jazz Festival! Moore than the person that started it up again! This is where More Moore is better!

On a serious note, Chet is one of the finest dentists I have ever had the privilege of knowing .... he was president of the So. CA dental society, worked with the Creme de la Creme of the dental profession over the years. He is very generous and a magnificent musician on the Keyboard and Saxophone. Everyone knows and admires Chet Moore in our City!
I really value your friendship Chet!
Just another fan,
Doc Hemp

Paulette Pepper

Bill Allred


Now this is a photo of Major Chet Moore in his younger years
Had to beat the girls off with a stick! :>)

Now folks, here is a little secret and a rare photo of Chet taken when he played detective Sam Spade for RKO (Rare, Krummy, & Obsolete) Pictures while working his way through dental school at USC. .... Hee-hee!

This picture is very special to me and Becky ... shown is Everet "Del" Rhea, he was a friend and a patient of ours for over 25 years.
He lived, ate, and breathed the Shasta jazz festival ... volunteered every year it has been on ... he was a member of the River City Jazz Association. We are sorry to have to announce he passed away a couple of weeks ago. Del is the one shown behind his brother and next to Becky. This picture was taken on our little gas speeder on our hobby railroad at our home.
We will all miss you Del!
Dave, Becky and all your hundreds of friends!

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