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I am dedicating this page to Mr. SVA ....Bill Strickland

Photos on this Page sent to me by Richard Brown - Class of 1959 .... Dick uses a wonderful Nikon high megapixel camera. He sent me a CD of everything in jpg ... This is very important if you are ever to send me your photos. I then have to size every one I use so they down load in a timely fashion. Please feel free to mention any names that I can add or corrections to historic data ... This is just another of our 250+ unofficial, noncommercial web sites that I have been doing for about 15 years now. I was a student at SVA for 4 years .... 1957 - 1960. This site will be added to over the next 3 years as Becky and I plan on returning with many of you for the alumni reunions. I will soon add some emails we are getting too.

Becky took the photo above .... from left to right .... me ... Dave Hempe, Judy Brown, Dick Brown. All the photos on this page were sent to me and Becky by Dick and Judy Brown ... Dr. Richard Brown is the chair of Union College's Science, Biology department in New England. This is the first time Dick and I have seen each other since the summer of 1960 ... and the first time for Becky & Judy for us to ever meet. Dick and I roomed together in 58 and part of 59. We were rascals of the highest order ... Hard to believe about Dick .. Easy to believe about me .... ( ; > )

So far not one person from this Class of 1957 has passed away

This Bell was donated to SVA by the Class of 1959
(Looks like the Clapper is no longer Dapper!)

This is the barn I worked in for 30 cents and hour in 1957 ... got up at 3 am every morning .... fed the cows and put them in the stalls ready to milk ... also worked in the basement of the girls dorm in the kitchen at nights ... In fact ... that's where I got my first kiss ever by Eleanor (Elie) Stant ... she and some of the other girls came down stairs in their P.J's ... and they dared her to do it as I was the most shy thing in the world! ... I was stocking the deep freeze at the time and she thawed me out quick! ... I decided I liked it and when my shyness went so did the girls ... Bummer ... that's just the way it was for us teenage guys in those days ... ( ; - )


Wow...Dave and Becky,

You are great with the web thing. I don't know anything about it!! Super job with the photos. I hope they didn't give you too much trouble. You will have to teach me how to make it easier on you. I didn't expect you to use the little pouting girl, but what you did for the caption cracked me up. Interesting that she is the daughter of one of our daughter's friends that she grew up with and knew for years. Mark was like a brother to her. They went to church school and Mt. Pisgah Academy together. Mark's father was a lawyer, and when Mark and his brother got older, the lawyer jerk just left his wife.

I finally finished my last day for this semester. Have 4 tests and 3 lab practicals next week. Then I am takin a break for the summer, more or less. No teachin til the latter part of July.

Next year we can plan on June/July, as long as I know in advance. That will great to look forward to. Nice of you and Becky to do it.

Cheers... and keep healthy!!


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