MAY 28TH, 2011

Les and Maggie Chafen

Les and I went to the 7th and 8th grades together at Richmond Jr. Academy in Richmond Virgina ... And an amazing coincidence ... we both graduated together from the 8th grade there in 1956 and then we also graduated together from high school at SVA in New Market VA in 1960 ... and then again from Loma Linda University in 1968 ... Like I always told Butch in the 7th grade ...(Butch) ... as we knew him then as a kid .. ("Butch .. stick with me Davey Boy and I'll have you breaking wind through silk") .... Grin.

May 27th, Friday - Everything started with an impromptu dinner party at Les and Maggie's home with 20 acres of vinyard in St. Helena CA, which I drove down for and stayed the night, leaving very early for home the next morning to get ready for our big bash Sunday.
The home made pizza party started at 7:00 PM ... Les & Maggie have an outdoor pizza oven ... Les builds a fire in it about 4 hrs ahead of time.

1st Group of Photos Below by Me (Davey Boy)
2nd Group of Photos by Dr. Billy Boy Hooker
3rd Group of Photos by Dr. Dicky Brown
(All Humor & Text by Hemp - What else can I say?)

This is a view from Less & Maggie's home in S.F. up on Hyde St. about 4 blocks straight up above the bay & 2 blocks above Gary Danko's restaurant. Less, Maggie and a friend own the entire building with a full private garage on the first floor and great views from roof, balcony and garden. Becky and I went down for Less's 70 birthday party Maggie put on ... she reserved the entire Gary Danko's Restaurant ... For my 70th in 2013 Becky has already reserved a few tables at Denny's ... ;>)

The following Photos are from Billy Boy & Marie Hooker

The Following Photos by Dickey Boy Brown

This is Maggies's exclusive childrens clothing boutique in S.F. ... She and Les travel the world importing the clothes she sells here ... All Items can also be ordered on line ... The link to the store and the Dutch Henry winery is at the bottom of our main narrative home page for this Western Reunion.

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- Lunch at Les & Maggie's Winery in Calistoga, CA.

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