Doc & Becky Hemp's
Maui Hawaii Surfing Photos
The Morning of 11-12-09, Big Surf at Napili Point,
Hole in the Head and Little Makaha Break at Honokeana bay.

(Doc Hemp - photo by Becky)

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  2. All these photos are copyrighted by C. David Hemp, but ... you can copy any you want for your own personal use .. no charge .. all non commercial ... Pretty high resolution so should print okay. But I am too lazy to look them up out of my thousands of saved photos to print.

    I took all these photos with our Nikon 200D with the VR 18 - 200mm lens, all hand held.

    If you recognize yourself simply right click on the photo and select view image .. then highlight & copy the url and paste it in an email back to me (dochemp2@shasta.com) and I will put your name on the photo

    There are a huge number of large and quality photos on this page and even with DSL it may take a while to load.

    Mahalo .. Doc & Becky Hemp

    I took this shot from #112 at Napili Sunset = About 1/2 Mile?
    It was past Hole in the Head & out from Honokeana Bay

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