PHOTOS MAY 29th, 2011

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Photos by Dr. Dickey Boy Brown, Dandy Dave & Liz Hoag in that order

Becky and I want to thank all of you that were able to make it to our Western SVA/MILO/LLU REUNION and for all the photos you sent on DVD/CD's
We also want to thank Rob Delker and our daughter Kathy Hemp Delker for all the help the few days before helping us get everything ready and the photos .... Rob put all the wonderful 50's music together we had playing out of his Bose tower speakers. We also want to thank Dick Brown my room mate my Junior year at SVA .. for all the photos he helped us with many displayed on this page. I must also thank Liz and Lynn Hoag, Ginny and Rudy Yost, Bonnie and Dale Hannah, Joyce and Doug Ellington and Bill and Marie Hooker for the many photos they sent which you will see on many other pages for you to go to AFTER you have perused this page of photos first.

I have to mention two of my favorite quotes from our Western Reunion ... First Dale Hannah when I asked him where he was born .. He said "Indiana because I wanted to be close to my mother" .. Dale is 91 yrs young .. and looks and acts about 70 .. He works out at the gym every day at home and it shows .. the gym and exercise is the only fountain of youth we will ever find.
And then quote #2 ..Doug Ellington when Becky said to him, how are we ever going to change Davey Boy .. and Doug Said "I think we should just leave nature as we find it" .. Thank You Doug!

And for a few more things Joycee just reminded me of about our Reunion Group ....

- We are so Chronologically Gifted that whenever we ate out they always asked us to pay up front!
- Billy Hooker told me that food has replaced sex in his life ... He can't even get into his own pants now!
- I asked Doug Ellington if he wore boxers or briefs and he said Depends.
- Dale says he only orders the large print alphabet soup!
- Rudy Yost told me when he was younger he wanted a BMW .. Now he'd just like a BM!

David Hemp, Rhett Nelson & Dale Adams - (Dale couldn't make it last minute)
And Billy Hooker ... No photo of Billy ... but we all four attended Sligo School in Takoma Park Md from the 3rd thru the 6th grades overlapping at times. Cute wasn't we?!

I have to tell you this story about Franklin and Lothar in Loma Linda ... Dental school, around 1967 Franklin and Lothar were out in front of their apartment washing Franklin's Model A Coupe when I rode up on my motorcycle .... As I pulled to a stop I saw Lothar eyeing me with that look .. I said you spray me with that hose and I'm coming after both of you! .. If you run inside I'll knock the door in and get you anyway! ... With that Lothar promply sprayed me & my dear bike with the hose ... And ... They ran inside .. (BIG MISTAKE!!!!) I got off and knowing they would be crouched down near the door knob with their shoulders against the door I ran as fast and hard as I could and launched myself high up onto the top of the door which immediately came of the hinges taking the molding with it and flipped right over them like a see saw ... and I slide down the door all the way across the room into the other wall .. The landlord was out of town .. and they spent the whole weekend putting it all back together! (True Story!) ... NOBODY MESSES WITH THE HEMPSTER!!!

Lynn Hoag riding in the Cab ... Lynn was best man at our wedding June 30, 1963 ... He and Liz lent us their Brand new Chevy Super Sport (with bucket seats) to drive away in to our $40/month apartment under the washette at P.U.C. ... Lynn then drove it home with Just Married all over it with Liz 5 months pregnant .. Didn't mean to start all those rumors guys .. ;>)
We are so glad he and Liz could make it over to the Reunion.
Lynn had his eyes closed in this photo Liz took .. so I gave him a black dot for his eye ball ...