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Pacific Ferrari at Thunderhill 11/24/01

Say .. Isn't this that new really HOT ....

Above is Tazio with his beautiful titanium 360 Ferrari Modena #25

Tazio coming over the hill

Jeff Regan - '94 348 Challenge #26 of 32
Large Director - FCA Pacific Region ... hmm ..
Better make that (Director at Large) -

Jackie telling how St. Peter Walks on Water (grin)

My Bud Joe Wong
Trying out my new Helmet (he ordered one from Wine Country Too)

Heck .. I don't know ... I think the wheel fell off in turn 3

No ... This ISN'T the new Really Hot Ford!

Somehow I picked up an extra wheel on the other side in turn 3

.. Okay .. So maybe I did hafta cut a hole in the roof to fit inside this car .. So What?

Now ... let me explain .. our last outing on an open track day here a couple of weeks ago I ran over all Joe's racing stuff ... and then backed back over it again ... busted a qt of oil all over his old $89 driving suit and watched his old (illegal by 12/31) helmet roll 100 yrds down the tarmac ... this is his first day in his new driving suit looking very dapper I might add ... and ... thanks only to me ... Ole Doc Hemp (grin) ....

If I hafta pry that damn little white #88 porsche out from under my car just one more time! .....

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