Ferrari Club of America
Pacific Region Does Thunder Hill - 5/29/01

My goal in racing is to have fun, not be the fastest but maybe some day the oldest one still out there doing this .... compete with the clock and be smooth.

This page and all our other racing pages are dedicated to our fellow members of these various clubs and individuals that are not afraid to make a comittment to learn to drive fast and safe on the track.
There are many many photos here ... if you do not have DSL please start the page and go and get a cup of coffee, Gin & Tonic, etc. .. When you come back it will be as fully loaded as you are. (grin)

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This is our President of Ferrari Pacific - Peter George. I would like to take this time to thank Peter and all the others that put in so many hours to make a big event like this happen. Becky and I are new members of the Pacific Region of the FCA. We don't have our Ferrari yet but it is only a matter of time. We didn't get to meet very many of the other members, but those few we did meet were very friendly and helpful.

Below are photos I took at lunch showing most of the free spirits that attended this event

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