Becky Girl & Davey Boy!

On Our Wedding Day - June 30, 1963
The Young Years

I was 19 & Becky was 18 here
Summer of 1962 in S.F.

I was 18 & Becky was 17 here - Lake Selmac July 1961 - I was in the process of winning Becky Girls heart here But she almost blew it I took her out on the boat fishing and she picked up my fish hook removing pliers and slowly reached over and pinched my leg .. squirted blood ... and here I thought she was going to pinch herself to see if she was dreaming ... out on a date with the famous heart throb Davy Boy!!! ;-)

Here's another one I found in my wallet

JUNE 30TH 1963 TO JUNE 30TH 2013

Jan 26, 2013 - Davey Boy is 69 yrs old, Beckity 68 yrs young

Becky Renee' Casebeer - Will You Marry Me?
I Thought You'd Never Ask!
A million, billion, trillion times YES!
(Well .... Maybe I exaggerated the Trillion part a little ;-))

It had to be Destiny for a gal to change her name from Casebeer to Hemp! What are the odds of bringing a Casebeer and a Hemp together from 3000 miles apart? .... I went looking for a six pack and ended up with a Casebeer! SMOKIN!
I have been collecting photos for for this our 50th wedding anniversary site (and the photo book) which I'm dedicating to my Sweet Heart .. "Becky Renee' Casebeer Hemp".... "It may not have been Love at First Sight, but we each shortly became The First And Only Love of Our Lives!"... 8 months after Becky's class of 1962's 50th high school reunion at Milo Academy we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary on June 30th, 2013 in Hawaii along with our children and grandchildren for almost 2 weeks. I made all of us very nice photo books of this.


  1. Beckity N Davy Boy Crescent City 1961 ....
    Just Being Teenagers! Is She HOT or WHAT? Camping Part 1 :-)
  2. Me N Beck Camping Part 2 1961 .... Davey Boy Making Pompadore Pancakes
  3. Beck N Me Camping Part 3 1961 .... Me Trying to Teach Beckity to WINK!
  4. Becky N Me PUC 1962 .... Pacific Union College Fall 1962
  5. Davy Scuba Diver PUC 1962
    Wet Suits I made for me and Becky - I waa on the sheriff's rescue team and the Royal Dolphins Scuba Diving Club.
  6. Davy Boy Intro PUC Movie 1962Empty Shoes and a Gun.
  7. Me Goofing Off PUC 1962 Goofing off with the guys PUC + Sweet Beck.
  8. Becky Made us Matching Coverups! .... Home Maker Beck Impressing Davy Boy!
  9. 1982 Beckity MOVIE .... 1982 Becky Girl Editor HCCA

Becky's Folks, Iris & Virgil Casebeer
We Really Miss you guys!

I told Iris during the summer of 1962 that I love Becky and she loves me and we had already talked about getting married someday. We got engaged during the Christmas of 1962 and Iris and Virgil were killed in that tragic plane accident 4 months later and we were married in June of 1963. The happiest and sadest day of her life.

Becky and I have never been apart during these past 52 years ... And as best friends also, we have always done everything together too ... Vacations, weekends, Skiing, Racing, Harleys, Classic Cars, Traveling, shooting, and even Atrial Fibrillation on the same day, etc. and the same medication to control it.
Not to mention being a great mother and gramma! I have to say Beck has always been a class act, always says and does the right thing and always watches out and really cares for and is sensitive to others feelings, ... including me sometimes too thank goodness :-) ... So long story short, what makes Becky Girl happy makes me Happy!
Beck has also helped out in our dental office these past 45 years.

Beckity I Love You Boo Boo! ..."Fonzi Dave"

To my left ... Best Man Lynn Hoag .. My Roommate in High school at Shenandoah Valley Academy, and then Jerry Leroy .. Roommate at PUC & Larry Heater ... PUC and Loma Linda Dental School, my sister Patricia - candle lighter, Bible boy is Wesley Hart. (Now a physcian like his dad)

To my right ... My Bride Beckity, Donna Varner, my sister Joanne, Connie Ellingsen, Eleanor Giddings - candle lighter, Vicki Abernathy - Flower girl

8-26-14 just found this long lost photo above, I like it - Davy Boy

So .... YOU ARE FLAT BROKE??? ... Hey I thought you had all the dough!

Our very 1st apartment under a laundramat at Pacific Union College 1963
Our rent was $40/month, Becky Baby made $1.00/hr as a switchboard operator
and I made $3.50/hr State of CA Yountville Veterans Hospital worked nights, school daytime.
One time the only thing we had left to eat was oatmeal which Beck fried until payday.
Those were wonderful days though! We had eachother & that's all that counted!

Beck made this shadow box many years ago and it has been hanging in our bedroom along with our baby pictures ever since.
Howaver my speeling has impruved vry muuchh ovar the yars sinnce than thoughh! As my Lordship ... I mean Ladyship Beckinhiemer can attest to ;-))
My baby picture was taken in Easton PA ... "Beckity's Future Husband!" And Becky's baby photo was taken at their Smith River property near Crescent City ... "My Future Bride!!"

In the good ole Pacific Union College SDA days ... We all gave engagement watches instead of rings .. ; - )) .... I sold my "Twin J Valve Scubba Tanks" to get the money to buy Beckity Beck's watch pictured here .. (At the time I was a Physics, Chemistry, Science Major at PUC - Headed into Marine Biology and Chemical Research) .. I also worked for the sheriff's department diving in Lake Berryessa recovering whatever for $3/hr + all the free air to fill my scuba tanks ... We all made our own wetsuits from scratch in those days too.

I did have that interview with Dr. Clark From LLU Dental School and also took that CA civil service exam for a full time 40hr/week night shift job at Yountville Veterans Hospital ... Both went well ... But I had to start work at Yountville the morning after our wedding to qualify for the night shift during the coming fall semester at PUC though. (No Money or Honey Moon Honey!). I also had found a neat little apartment under a washette 1/4 mile from the campus for us ... $40/month! ... And Dentistry has been a perfect fit for both of us!
More about Dave & Becky Link at the bottom of this page. ... Now just below here are some more of our letters to each other which I put here so I (we) can re-read them 2 or 3 times a year from anywhere, which would never happen if I had to sort thru a shoe box to find each seperate one every 5 years or so.



Beckity won those races! .... She was very very fast ... but not fast enough to get away from ole Davey Boy! Also, I was up at Milo a few Saturday Nights and got to see her recite one of her famous humorous readings about baseball. She has always been great on stage in front of folks and has always had a wonderful sense of humor!

Recently found letter 7/2018





I would always bet Beck a quarter and I almost always won ;-)



This was Mrs Becky Hemp to be yet - :-) Couldn't wait!
I had to see what it was going to look like! We were married June 30th, 1963



This was our sophomore year in Dental school at LLU ... We had a 55 Chebby with a hole rusted thru the floor board in front of the drivers seat which was also loose and would slide forward at a stop sign and slide back on take off! Plus .. I was always working on it to even keep it running at all! :-(



Thank You Lynn and Liz Hoag for the use of your beautiful new car for our getaway!
.... I Can tell you now .. We almost wrecked it and ourselves being chased getting out of town!


Kevin, Kathy & Wes - Our 3 kids - Now in their 40's ...
More of their fotos & Grandkids on page #3 and in Hawaii still to come

This was taken on our 20th Anniversary - More Page#2

One of our favorite photos of us with "Dandy" our President Roadster

My Becky Girl with our 1955 Chevy 2dr Hard top 1964,
Loma Linda University up at Lake Arrowhead. Another of my favorite photos.


Blackie, Me and my Becky Girl now in our 53rd year of marriage :-)

Davey Boy ... Early 70's


    Beck's 50th Highschool reunion link here too.
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