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11/18/15 This website is now available in Europe once again. Although it is now much smaller than my original 1248 websites over the past 20 years. Some links still go no where but most do. More being brought back on line all the time. (CLICK & PICK!).
In Europe especially many websites are now being (In My Opinion) censored and blocked if any parts of them contain conservative rhretoric. I deleted everything for a time and added back these pages without any conservatic politics and it immediately became viewable in Europe & parts of the USA again. It's Now Their Way or the Highway!
Cheers, and enjoy, .... Doc Hemp

Conservative dentistry means looking for reasons not to drill! What God gave us is much better than the best of us can do! I always look for the most simple and non invasive path possible. I.E. ... Watch and not drill out 99% good tooth structure to get to the incipient interproximal (between the tooth contacts) 1% tiny spot that may never make it thru the enamel into the softer vulnerable dentin with proper daily flossing. Remember I have been doing this for 47 years so far and there are still thousands of these that are still just watches over the years.
(More about this on my Dental Student page)

"If You Don't Care as Much About Your Teeth as We Do"
"You Need to Find a Dentist that Thinks as Little of Them as you do!"

" I Am Still Here to Help Those That Help Themselves!"
These are original Doc Hemp Quotes.


10/26/2015 Update ... I have now been practicing dentistry for 47 years ... LLU 1968 ... Dentistry is the best thing I have ever done (Other than marrying my Becky Girl) and would do both over again in a heartbeat! This is now the Golden Age of Dentistry, what with all the new digital xrays, Sirona Astra Sensor Pano, CAD/CAM, Electric Handpieces, VelScope, Laser, etc. technology!

I hope to never retire! My heros are Dr. Bob .. Robert Horseman DDS .. He was a Fighter pilot in WWII, Humor columnist for the Ca Dental journal at 90 years old now, and has finally retired this past Jan 2010 from dentistry .. My goal was to work one day longer than he did .. but he set the bar way too high..Geeze! Plus I am very lucky to have made it this long .... Years of racing motorcycles, cars, Etc. Plus ... (11 yrs so far after Lg. Melanoma Sx)

Another of my heros is Sol (Bud) Silverman .... Prolly the best Oral Pathologist to ever walk the planet! ... Udate 8/19/2013 ... He is still working 2 days a week at UCSF teaching and diagnosing the most difficult cases, Auto immune, etc. at 87 years old! .... as Per ole Doc Carpenter his cohort he is still playing his full court basketball every Tuesday morning before he starts his day! I have sent countless cases down to UCSF for him and his department to diagnose.


I was a Captain USAF 1968 - 1970, Prosthetic officer Mt. Home AFB.
See Our Family's Military History Here.

  1. Becky Rides AGAIN in the Pendleton Oregon Roundup Parade 2015

  2. World's Record, Largest Fixed Bridge Ever Made By a Dentist!

Click Here to Go Racing with Doc Hemp & Friends - 3/17/2016 MORE ADDED

Our 911 Carrera RS Light Weight. 2.7L - 250 HP Stroker Motor - Webbers, etc.

Now for the Dental Stuff!



  1. For 7/19/2013 We are just adding the newest Sirona Digital Pano with the newest latest greatest "ASTRA SENSOR" These XG 5's can also take bitewings outside the mouth, I.E. Patients in wheelchairs, Children, Gaggers, and those with very small and narrow boney arches .... Although, the intraoral Schick Sensors are still clearer.
    All the specialists (Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, TMJ) we refer to also have the Tomograph, 3D radiograph capability too that we require for all our implant, endo, tmj and ortho cases.
  2. For 2012 we added the VELscope as one more tool in the hopefully early detection (dysplasia) of pre and possible cancerous leasions
  3. And we also added one of the latest Diode Lasers... ... This soft tissue laser allows us to do painless, bloodless laser surgery with FAST healing.
    I took indepth, hands on courses thru & am also member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry If you are a dentist doing or considering Laser Surgery the ALD is worth it (to research the latest and get info on courses with hands on training) .
  4. And a long time ago our Electric KaVo Brushless Electrotorque plus hand pieces,
    And Our Intaoral Schick Digital Xrays,
  5. And Our Accucam Intraoral Cameras Available in 4 operatories.
  6. And Our Painless no shot Micro Dentistry Air Abrasion And Pumice with Water Spray
  7. And Our Long TimeAll Porcelain Cerec CAD/CAM These are very conservative & strong tooth saving onlays and Crowns,Industrial Ceramic One Visit Restorations
  8. And our rubber dam type Isolite system
  9. My Specially Designed Custom Unilateral Swinglock Obturator Partials
    For Cleft Palates, Cancer Surgery Patients, etc.
  10. Conservative Dental Implants, and Transplants,
  11. And Only High Noble Gold (metal) Ever Used for any gold or porcelain to gold work, or anywhere an implant contacts the gum tissue.
  12. Porcelain and Chairside Veneers,
  13. Adhesive Dentistry, Bondodontics,
  14. Swissident Dentures, Vitallium II Removable Partials, etc. .....
  15. Midmark Steam Sterilizers
  16. I also use the latest smallest, lightest, brightest, coolest LED = bright as the sun attached to my glasses with magnification loops on them. It also has the orange filter when needed to have bright access without setting up any bonding material.

You can Google any of these latest technologies to see what is now available.

Dentistry has probably changed more with all the latest technical advances in the past decade or so than all of the past 100 years before that! Having all this new equipment is such a pleasure and not a burden or just an overhead expense. Especially since dentistry is one of my main hobbies and an artistic precise and detailed endeavor including our great 30+ year staff and so many of our many friends (patients) we have made over the years! There is not a person on our day sheet we do not look forward to seeing. And as one of our long time patients Joe Vargas always says .. "If you had a bar in here I'd stay all day!".
We do have and had the luxury of having picked our patients over the years in our fee for service practice. Never any advertising - word of mouth only, and currently taking only a few relatives of our existing patients.

"If you don't care as much about your teeth as we do ... You need to find a dentist
That thinks as little of your teeth as you do!"
... another original Doc Hemp Quote.

To most people ..TEETH & ESPECIALLY dentists are about the most BORING Things in the whole wide world!! ... Well! This site changes that!!! ....If you get bored or can't find a smile here ... "You could very well be a PET ROCK!!"

This web site is not and never has been an advertisement for new patients.

Remember .. Old Dentists Never Die ....
They Just Make a Bad Impression!

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For your edification, what may appear in many of my extant comments to be just a patois of misspelled words and poor punctuation is actually a very distinctive and cerebral exercise, searching for just the right combination of words to reach all levels of those trying to reach a deeper understanding! .... For the timorous, I would be reticent to not say that this multifarious, ubiquitous, eclectic style is still tasteful and erudite though not quixotic and didactic. Because of this I do not wish to be classified as passe, truculent, hackneyed, somnolent, loquacious or taken sycophantically! There might be some verbosity & prolixity - but ...... Hey! Most of my thoughts are mesmeric, pragmatic & blithe yet still filled with lores & 100% probity to placate, yet not abrogate, to the incurable dogmatic, parsimonious, anal retentive! This is certainly not meant as a pejorative to be opprobrious, vituperative or to be contumelious to any race, color, creed, religion or nation! I just hope this aphorism has not been too plethoric for some. I also hope obfuscation due to misinterpretation will not lead to pusillanimous attempts at a malicious retort to my comments!

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