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CCCA'S 50th Friday Photos

Below see more photos in the Classic Car area and our Friday evening banquet at the Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville, CA .. Don Williams (of Blackhawk) was so gracious to host it there and to support the CCCA with a very generous financial donation. Please make this one of your destination stops .... It is one of Doc Hemp's favorite places to visit!

And ... one of my favorite (pure class) ladies of all time Beverly Rae Kimes was especially honored this evening by the CCCA. Beverly is the distinguished editor of the CCCA Bulletin, and the author of the CCCA's new Classic Car Era book, not to mention hundreds of other car publications over the years. We had the distinct pleasure of having her sign our copy this week too. .... Please click on the highlighted text here, or on Bev's photos to learn more about this book.

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