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Becky & I bought this Pantera pictured above Brand New in Sacramento in 1973. I literally bought it in less than 30 seconds at a Lincoln - Mercury Dealership. When we drove by and saw it in the show room window I yelled for Beck to turn around ... I ran in and tried to open the drivers door .. the sales manager ran over and pointed to a huge sign on the windshield that said "DO NOT TOUCH!" ...and shouted at me "CAN'T YOU READ!? .... I said how much? .. he said .... $11,500. .. I said I'll give you $10,000 .... he said $10,500 .. I said SOLD! ...Now .... Go get my keys and "DON'T TOUCH MY CAR!" ... True Story!!!

The stories I could tell of driving a car like this for 40,000 miles are endless ... raced it a lot for fun ... Becky and I autocrossed this car stock at first for 2 years ... These cars handle much better than most give them credit for! Out of 39 cars autocrossing ... Ours was the only Pantera ... but there were Porsches, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, some custom track prepared cars, lots of Corvettes ...
I came in first over all both years and Becky came in first overall in the woman's division and 4th overall including the men too ... In fact ... She even got one more 1st place trophy than I did!(grin) When I took a 2nd when I went up into the unlimited big block class and missed 1st by .01 seconds.

At this point we had the Pantera engine built ... heads by Terry Eldridge of Nascar fame ... 12 to 1 compression ... Nitrous ... almost 800 hp. ... Then at Laguna Seca, etc. we fun ran the Pantera with the Ferrari/Cobra Club, etc.
But ....Bonsi runs were too dangerous .. too irresponsible. Sooo ... We next took the formula Ford and formula Mazda Jim Russell Race Car Drivers School

These Panteras are so FAST! Be careful the first year you own one ... They are tricky to drive!

The Baaad Pantera L with owners Doc & Becky Hemp pictured here at Laguna Seca (A Long Time Ago) with the Ferrari, Cobra Club this particular day. Becky raced this car for fun too and has won one more first place trophy than Doc has.

Kenny Vossen with their 1974 Pantera L - During cross - country race!

This is an average of 2 miles - one each way!

This is an earlier record in 1981 .. This is not our car. I have to dig into my archive magazines to find more info on this and the Record of 202.8 by Gary Hall a little later

Pictured above is the father of the Pantera the Mangusta! It came out with a Ford 302 engine. This and the Panteras also come with German ZF transaxles.

Our Pantera Pictured in front of our live steam train
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