POC is Bad to the Bone!

10/08/05 .. Racing Practice Update! .. We will also be spending a lot of our time now too down at the old Sears Point ... Now the new, lengthened and fantastic "Infineon Raceway"! .... Yesterday I got to spend the whole day there with some of my racing buddies Joe Wong, Mark Emerson, Shawn Price and support crew Chuck Reed, Shawn Baranardi, Vern Haddox and Frank Bramante ... Where we all worked with Peter Gobel and ... Wolf Henzler... (Click Here)For the complete article on the world's fastest GT3 Porsche Race Car driver ever!

I also took 257 Photos of car set ups, friends, etc to show what it's like at A Full Practice Day with Peter Goebel and Wolf Henzler at Infineon Raceway. ... Also will have a few pics of Mario Andretti with with Peter from a few weekends before which were taken by Chuck Reed where Mario drove Mark Emmerson's Porsche GT3 Cup Car for a commercial. .. Now back to this archived page from the year 2001 when I first started racing? again until I can shortly update the new website mentioned above

4/03/05 Update .....
This is one of our older pages put up in 2001 .... When we were runnning this car with the old worn out motor & tranny ... But it shows what club racing is all about .... We race only for fun ... Becky pit crews much of the time .... (Our race trailer and 5th Wheel have nice awnings to sit under) ...We do almost all club racing and open test days (as SCCA does not like Porsches) .... We have run with many great sports car clubs .... The Ferrari Club many times ... Laps Unlimited, Nor Cal Racing, Club Z, POC, PCA, etc. etc. ... But the most fun is doing Open Test Days usually at 3 mile long Thunder Hill Race Track in Willows Ca. which is nearest us ....

More on this car
Our 911 "Mini Wavos" Race Car

Look for this shot of our #88 car taken by Norm Cabana (of Head On Photos) in the August Velocity Magazine about this race at Thunderhill. Under the title ...."Only His Mechanic Knows for Sure!"

Now .... Back to Doc & Becky Hemp's (unofficial) Porsche Owners Club at Thunder Hill .... 7/13/01. .... What a wonderful day we had on the track ... Friday was time trials for the race Sat & Sunday. Our car (a Clone of the 1973 911 Carrera Ultra Light ) shown in the graphics above that I created was off a photo taken by our son-in-law Rob Delker (who incidentally just got his first Porsche .... A 1978 930 Turbo)

The guys in this club are SERIOUS RACERS which is GREAT! Let me tellya ... Better wear your "Depends" when you see Bob the Mean Green Monster (His car is green too) or Dan Jones 426 closing at speed on you in your rear view mirror! ... The 650 H.P. Mean Green Monster in the 1:50's in the morning time trials. Joe & I spent time with Bob and his crew ... They left Fri night to set up and race Sat at Laguna Seca and will drive back Sat night to Race here at Thunder Hill today! ... Holly Cow!!! The only way I could ever beat most of these guys is with a base ball bat! ....(grin)

There are many many photos here ... if you do not have DSL please start the page and go and get a cup of coffee, Gin & Tonic, etc. .. When you come back it will be as fully loaded as you are. (grin)

This is Leonard Schenkel .. Our Club's Money Man ... Treasurer Extra-Ordinare ... Behind him is Dean Amaru's Car ... The Club President. ... Hope to get a picture of him later today ... it is 3 am (in the morning) ... am putting this page up as Becky & I live only about an hour away. We will be leaving with a few friends shortly and back down to the track .... Becky drove our Pantera Saturday in the 12 - 1 fun run on the track.

Lower Rt ... Laurie Taylor I'm pretty sure .... New Member Registration, Time Trials, etc. ... Laurie was extremely helpful to us as new members ... Especially since Joe and I just showed up for the POC party at Thunder Hill. The few members we did meet were very very cordial and helpful, especially as this was only my 2nd day at the Thunder Hill and the 2nd day racing this Porshe ... Did most of my racing at Laguna Seca as mentioned ... Formula Ford, Formula Mazda & the Pantera.

This is a photo of Andrew Bloch with his 89 944 Turbo #209

Upper Left ... My Bride .. Becky driving our Pantera on the Fun Run

Rob Delker in his newest edition 79 Turbo out on the track for the fun run

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