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Doc Hemp's Salt Water
Live Rock and Reef Tanks
Also known as Hemp's Reefers!

Last year we donated all of our reef tanks to various public organizations around town .... We now have HD 1028 dpi screens with Blu-Ray video of live reefs around the world ...This is soooo much better!!! And the wave of the future for sure!

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We made many of our reef photos higher quality jpegs to show more definition ... they will take a while to load if you don't have DSL .. So .... If you don't have DSL ... Start the down load and go get a cup of Java ... check your water quality and it will be done when you get back (grin)

Below you can also see the narrow wood top we made to cover the air space at the top ... It just slides down over the top ... We are contemplating making another to cover the stained sand area at the bottom next .... Also the brilliant color photos are after our recent replacement of our old 250 Watt Aquamedic's hanging Metal Halides ... 20K ... a little more blue but we like it. This is our 30" deep True View Acrylic 150 gallon tank. And some of the really washed out photos are even before our used Metal Halides we bought ... These bulbs do get old ... After replacing one first we could really see the difference .. should prolly change them every 2 years instead of 4 or 5.

12-24-05 .. Below ... Update ... With some of our latest photos from our 150 gallon tank with the new M.H. bulbs.

All These Photos Taken by Doc Hemp
All Copywrited

Our very friendly pal ... "Lenny The Lobster!" ... Just a hangin out! .... He watches me ... He comes out and begs to be fed ... I tap on the plastic and he knows dinner is on!

... Here's two older photos of our 55 gallon tanks below

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