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  • This xray below shows how I had the Oral Surgeon (Dr. Rust) cut one root off this root canaled two rooted lower molar when the distal root cracked instead of extracting the whole tooth .... took this 5/18/00 to show how these can hold up. This is on a heavy bruxer (tooth grinder) very muscular male. We did the root amputation about 26 years ago. These can't be done in all cases ... but it should be considered if possible. .... UPDATE!!!! ... 11/28/2015 ... This tooth is still there and doing fine!

    Crown & Bridge Case #1:
    This case was performed in 1975.
    The patient was a doctor's wife from England.

    • Root canals - (CLICK HERE OR DIE!)
    • Posts tapped & threaded & glued in
    • Core form build ups, we now use Ti-Core, see below!
    • X-Rays
    • High noble porcelain to gold crowns
    • These were still fine a few years ago at last check

    Crown & Bridge Case #2:
    This case was performed in 1979.

    • Before
    • Many pins and build ups
    • We lost no teeth & had no root canals
    • High noble porcelain to gold crowns
    • He is still a patient
    Notes: We used to easily use 100+ pins/mo. with
    our buildups in the "old days" but in the world
    of adhesion dentistry we use maybe 5pins/mo.

    We also now use (1996) the Ti - Core Titanium build up material
    by EDS, it also releases fluoride into the tooth structure for years.
    It is 30% stronger, great to cut on, chemical cure, grey so
    the tooth structure is easily de-lineated from the build up.

    11/28/15 36 years later and Red is still a patient here today. He has lost some of these teeth to date and we have placed removable partials that I always design so teeth can be added to them. One just recently this year and the other about 10 years ago.

    Crown Case: 3

    This molar was fractured off near the gum line. Placed & bonded threaded pins & bonded Ti - Core in too!

    Crown Case: 4 - 6/10/97

    This case came in today 6/10/97 = Young lady with a softball short hop in the mouth! Added 2 tms threaded pins , torqued into place & photobonded in. Used tooth color build up (so Ti-Core wouldn't show dark thru temporary) bonded on with Liner Bond 2, Photo Bond 3. upper right small photo = the preped tooth the crown will go over in a week or so. She looked but could not find the missing tooth fragment for me to reattach.

    Veneer Case: 5 - 6/11/97

    This beautiful older woman took a tragic fall into the point of a waste high brick wall with all 4 of her front teeth. The Alveolis was masserated! And the 4 teeth pushed up into the floor of the nose out of sight. The oral surgeon pulled them back down & positioned them as well as he could, they healed with 7 & 10 protrusive & turned. All 4 were already root canaled when she was referred to me. I took 4 months & striped, shaped & orthodontically moved them back close to their original position.
    They had already darkened. So, I opaqued over the teeth before bonding the veeners with Photobond and a hybrid composite. The color is a 100% match to her lower anteriors - we are all pleased! I just seated them today - will have her back in 2 weeks to contour the mesials of 7 & 10, I always give the patient 2 weeks to become accustomed to the change & it's good for me to take my first impression later to make all the final adjustments, round contacts, corners, etc.

    Removable Swinglock Partial Case 7

    Removable Partials:

    • Swinglock Partial
    This is a swinglock partial. It has a hinge & gate, When closed it cannot be removed. It is used on the lower mostly, especially for anteriorly inclined incisors and large lingual tori. I learned to fabricate these under Dr. Kravitz? when the Air Force sent me to the San Diego Naval Hospital for post graduate work many yrs ago.


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