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  • Al Kaplan wrote: (webmaster - Univ. of Kentucky) > > Dave, > > Thanks for the compliments. I just visited your site before responding to > your E-mail and am very impressed. I particularly like the cases you > present, together with images to illustrate them. > > Part of my duties involve teaching 4th year students about computer > applications in dentistry. In my course, I try to make them "Web savvy" and > will point them towards your site as an excellent example of how a > motivated, knowledable dentist can create his own web site. > > Al
    Bjoern Richter wrote: (Univ. of Marburg) > > Dear David, > > Thank you for your friendly mail. > Please feel free to use any graphics they are not located in the > "scientific-reports"-pages. > I visted your nice web-sites yesterday and worte back a link to you. > > regards > Bjoern Richter (Germany)
    Dear doc, > > Just got online and I really enjoyed your page. I recently > completed Anesthesia training 2nd year at Cleveland metro hospital. > I am trying to combine Genetal Practice with Sedation and Dental > Anesthesia in the Pittsburgh Area. > > I'm Hoping to do my own homepage marketing mre along the lines of > Penn& Teller I'm afrustrated performer. Hope to establish links in > the future. You beat me to the punch with the buffering > article...look for mine on some aspect of pharmacology ..... > > Would love to be out in the warm climes of your area... > have fun...wear your helmet... > > Bob Bianco,DDS > Dentistry/Anesthesia
    Eugene S. Peters wrote: > > Now this is a WEB SITE !!!! > Congratulations on one of the finest in CyberSpace > Keep up the good work > Would like to see some movies (.AVI) files > Am working on a 1000 Store Super WEB Mall - will be up soon > My compliments > > Bob Peters AKA "THE KING"
    Jim Robertson wrote: > > Hi Dave and Becky, > Thanks for visiting my pages and ,of course thanks for the link. > I don't suppose you would consider relocating to Las Vegas, I could really > use a Dentist with a sense of humor. :) > You have a great site which I explored some. (will get back to finish). Have a Merry Christmas, > Jim Robertson > e-mail: oldjim@concentric.net > homepage: http://www.concentric.net/~oldjim
    Charles Funkey wrote: > > Dear Dave & Becky > > Best web sight I have ever been to. Keep it up!!! > Regards > Charlie
    Darr Hawthorne wrote: > > Thanks for such a fun page(s) > > I'm very glad to have switched to Netscape 3.0... what a change! > > Also have enjoyed the Christmas music, > > Darr Hawthorne > darrreps@earthlink.net
    Zeljko Skropanic wrote: > > As one of the best designed web sites in our community, your company web > site is one of the featured sites on Redding Net Showcase '96. > > Address: http://www.ReddingNet.com > > Happy holidays, > Zeljko Skropanic > Redding Net
    Tom Oczkewecz wrote: > > At 11:55 PM 12/13/96 > >Do you two realize that I have to check your site EVERY DAY, just to keep up. Take care, great music, neat that we have our "OWN" spot. > Tom & Carol
    Edmund Devine wrote: > > Yours is the greatest web page I've ever seen. If I had any teeth left I > sure would come see you. > > Keep up the great work. > > Ed Devine > NASA Retired
    Chad Singer wrote: > > I loved your page! The music was great! I offer my page as a link. > www.geocities.com/motorcity/4459 I've been an HCCA member for about > ten years now. It's good to find the stuff you like on the web. > Jerry Singer

    Becky & I get a lot of E-mail about the Hemp plant, (Marijuana) as you might imagine! Here is one we got yesterday 1/11/97. And a photo of the pants suit! Not bad for only $53 bucks!
    Plus, when you're feeling really down - you can just rip the legs off & smoke them & still have a really cool pair of shorts left!!!!!! And - Everyone will "LEAF" you alone! Now don't take "POT" shots at me!! ... Hee - hee! Also, some Ardent Fan gave me a Pure Hemp Hat! .... But did I let it go to my head? No way!

    Rod Ball wrote: >
    > SouthEastAsiaHemp... Item 085 > > We are SouthEastAsiaHemp........ WHOLESALE ONLY
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    Now as you prolly know - the finest ropes have always & still are made out of Hemp plant fiber! The only way you can get high smoking a rope is to be a Parasailer! (parachute, water skiis, rope, boat = uplifting experience!) In fact this just inspired another doc hemp anagram! Is a Parasailer really a "Dope on a Rope?" or a "Rope on a Dope?" or is it "Dope if you smoke a Rope?" If so ... you'd have "A Dope on Dope on a Rope!" Those who say YES also say this is how Bull Riding Got started! A cowboy one fine day in Cody Wyoming ran out of tobacco and was so desperate that he smoked his rope! He promply was herd (heard) to say "I CAN RIDE THET THERE BULL!" Soon after the bull straightened him out & gave him an attitude adjustment! - he gave up smoking ropes and became a "CHAIN SMOKER!" ( and that's also how that expresion got started!) In my book anyone that can smoke a chain is tough enough to RIDE A HARLEY! (Or a Bull) Hee-hee

    Believe it or not, I have never tried POT! Cross My Heart! Let alone not inhaling! But don't knock it! At least one LID HEAD BECAME PRESIDENT OF THE GOOD OLE USA!

    About the KCP air abrasion fillings.
    james downs wrote: > > dave yes iam like a kid on his wedding nite with this technology. > 1st no anesthesia .period for routine fillings if they get real > deep very minimal anesthesia. > 2ndit blasts thu enamel so fast its unreal i have removed composite > amal takes alittle longer. I love your website always have I wish i could figure out how to do > one as nice as yours your advice is Appreciated > HOw do u like the dyclone? > I will be in calif in march for a wedding maybe we can get together dave KEEP the shiny side up I want to see u next year my > friend.AS we may never pass this way again.....Niel Young cool yule > jim
    Gerry Lee Upton wrote: > > Moved to send note saying that Web page is fun. Enjoy much!!!!! > > Doc (computer Doc; National Guard Sergeant Major), > Gerry Lee Upton in Alabama (HOG sidecar driver in want of Ural (russian > sidecar) scooter. > > E-mail as time allows.
    > OFFICE MEMO web pages Date: 1/3/97 > > Dear Doc Hemp, > > I've been real busy during the holidays (familay and all). I did check out > your web site a while ago, but just quickly. Today I took the time to go > through it and view the trains. The pictures were nice and fun to look at but > the music reallyde the pages enjoyable. Was that hard to do and where did ou > get the songs? Also I could add a link o your train pages if you want. > > Nice work, > -brian
    Ed Wenger. wrote: > > Like your music! > > Ed Wenger > Another Studebaker addict
    Arctic Rabbit wrote: > > Dear Doc and Becky, I first happened onto your website while I was looking for > old Studebakers. I really like those of the '50's, and feel that their styles > surpassed those of other makers of that era. And you've got a really great-looking Studebaker! Then while I was at your site I became acquainted > with your audio set-up. How fascinating! Obviously I'm a novice at computers! > I like your style of dentistry, reference pockets and corrective gum techniques. > And it caught my eye that you have received e-mail as far away as St Petersburg > in Russia. I spent a few days there this spring on a trans-Russia trip (including > Trans-Siberian Railway). It seems as if you live an enchanted life down there in > Redding, but I have no idea how you have time for all your hobbies and your > practice. My best wishes to both of you for the Holidays and into the New > Year! Chuck Norton from Alaska
    Janice wrote: (from the University of Iowa - webmaster)05/31/96 > Doc, You are way ahead of us! Good Job of your site. Enjoyed looking at the site. Did you use the Power Point html converter or some other software? I am destinned to use simple html ..but enjoy the looks o techie folks.
    Mark wrote: (Univ. of Creighton School of Dentistry) 06/01/96 >Doc, Thanks for your kind words regarding our website at Creighton... spread the word to your net buddies!
    I visited your site... looks like you do some very fine work.
    Congratulations on being one of the few (relatively speaking) forward thinking dentists that understand the power of the web. Regards,
    Steve Skupas wrote: 07/02/96 I put you on our favorite links on our just going up Allegany College Dental Hygiene Page this week.
    I don't suppose this is any problem.
    no news means procede as planned
    What an impressive business you have!
    Steve Skupas
    Alexandra wrote:06/07/96 Hello Becky & Dave, Becky, I know your brother, and I work with your sister-in-law Cassandra. She told me about your visit over the forth of July and your web page. Super Great, she was impressed with your patients false gingivas - so was I, really a neat idea. Really liked your web page. Your office is nice and you have a great staff obviously since they have been with you for so long.
    A question that I have is Michelle really married to Crocidile Dundee?
    I love working with Cassandra she is a great friend, she is the greatest!
    got to go.
    Take care,
    Joebob wrote: > > Hi guys I am typing you from Abbotsford British Columbia and I must say I > love your web page it is great.I to ride a harley and there is nothing like > the feeling of power.If you folks ever travel to B.C. let me know or please > type back if you get the chance too.My number is rblakebu@rapidnet.net > > Thanks from Joebob real name [ Rob ]
    Matt Lewandowski wrote: > > Greetings! > > Man! what a super page. Originally surfed into the B.A.D. chariots page. > Congrats on putting together a super page. I raelly enjoyed the visit. I > cracked up at the "I'ts never too late" picture. > > I invite you to my page Remember When for a stroll back in time. View at > http://www.erols.com/mlbl > > Have a great day! > > Matt
    daisy wrote: > > Doc and Becky, > > I raise only full South American Llamas -( Full Bolivians and Full Chileans) > The white and black llama is FD Bolivian Snow White she is Full Bolivian > and there are less than 600 full Bolivian females in the United States. > The dark llama is FD Chilean Sable she is the first daughter of the Famous > LW Drummer a full Chilean Herdsire. Both animals are near breeding age and > will be shown and sold at the 1997 Spring Celebrity Sale the first weekend > of April in Oklahoma City. I usually advertise as Flying Dutchman Ranch - > Specializing in full South American Llamas the address is P.O.Box 1230 > Shingletown, Ca. 96088 > Phone/Fax 916 474-3962. > > The complimentary page you made for us looks great. I am excited.....Thanks So Much. > Llama Lynda
    (from the Netherlands - HDCN = Harley Davidson Club of the Netherlands)
    Doc & Becky Hemp > > Thanx for your mal. it is wahat you said: very humorous. W'll make a > link to your page. Esp. that old lady on that Swedish??? bike > egards > Lo Blom
    > See this fantastic site in our cool links room!

    Rob Delker wrote: > > I just saw that background on the Dave & Becky page!!! By far the most > impressive!!! How'd you do that? > rob
    Subject: E-mail & web sites.
    Nick Carter wrote: > > Dr. Hemp, > Great suggestion! I will start implementing it right away. I greatly > appreciate you writing to me. > > Nick Carter > -- > ************************************************************** > "The Dental Site" - http://www.dentalsite.com
    FINHAWK@aol.com wrote:
    All I can say is "fantastic". After looking at some of the stuff offered on the net, yours is a refreshing change. I'm a long time Stude nut -have a 61 Hawk, the one by the Conastoga Wagon on Bills page, and a 57 Transtar P/U. Again, thanks for the page and the good music. Bruce Lantz, Yelm,Wa
    Subject: Love your site! 1/27/97
    Steven E. Schonfeld wrote:
    Got your URL from the Humboldt-Del Norte guestbook. You are indeed a wild & crazy guy!!! Your site is neat - the only problem is that now I'm afraid I'll have to do one for my office, just to keep up!
    Steve Schonfeld
    Subject: Best Studebaker Page! 1/27/97
    Herb Phillips wrote:
    > > I LOVE IT!
    > > I am tempted to sell the Avanti! > > Congratulations on a great achievment.
    > > Herb Phillips
    Subject Re: Love Your Site! 1/29/97
    > Steven E. Schonfeld wrote:
    > > I practice periodontics in Eureka. I do the dental society web page (we > > were the second local dental society in the USA to have an independent site) > > & also my Rotary Club page; I also have a couple of simple personal pages: > > (http://www.northcoast.com/~schonfel/persinfo.htm). I've been toying with > > the idea of getting a virtual domain for the business and setting up a site > > similar to yours (but probably a bit more restrained).
    > > > > Steve Schonfeld
    > > Behind the Redwood Curtain >
    > CONGRATULATIONS!! Sreve on getting the Humbolt Dental Society on LINE! I >
    Matt Lewandowski wrote: 1/29/97 > > > > Hey Doc, > > > > You deserve it...you got it. Congrats on a great page. I am happy to > > award you the Remember When "Blast from the Past" award. > > > > Rock On! > > > > Matt > > Remember When > > http://www.erols.com/mlbl > > > > --------------------------------------------------------------- > > [Image] > Matt, > Thank you very much! Will display it proudly! - don't have enough to > start a seperate award page like yours yet. Will put it up on one of our > regular pages. Thanks again! > Doc Hemp
    Re: Compliment George Epperson wrote: > > Nice job on the Web page. It's really interesting and I will keep returning to it. It has earned a bookmark status on my computer. > Unfortunatly, it is now my bedtime. Maybe I'll see you at one of the Red Bluff courses. I am going to the Dr Blachford course on Feb 21. > Sincerely, George Epperson, DDS Arcata, CA

    Keith Rowland wrote: 2/1/97 >
    > Your LOGO and BACKGROUND will be going up on the Art Bell web page tonight. >
    > Thanks for you contribution. >

    Willy Thompson Jr. wrote: > > Unbeleivable page, how in the hell do you ever do any > dentistry....hahahah > Found you through "Harleys" I live by Milwaukee and cant even buy one! > Willy
    Subject: "WOW" What Fun!
    Sam Jarman wrote: > > You do really have a sense of humor. Your site _IS_ fun. > I used to live in Redding (Enterprise really) I now live in Sacramento. > Congratulations, > I just _L O V E_ "Hey good Lookin" I'm smiling as I type this. What a > refreshing place to have wound up. I got here from the Art Bell site. > Talk about contrasts. > > Best of everything to you both... > > Sam Jarman
    Its your accountant's favorite college son Dale. How are you doing. I got you Web address from my dad and I think its great. I hope everything is going good in Redding. I'm in Reno now going to school, > majoring in accounting like my dad and brother. Just like my brother > I'm going to get my degree from UNR. > > By the way I thought I'd let you know that the bridge you personally installed looks as good as the day you put it in. Thank you so much!! > > Have a good year and don't let Clinton upset you to much, there is > always 2000. > > Dale Hamblin
    Subject: GREAT WEB SITE! 2/9/97 William Capps III wrote: > > DOC, I'm new to computers and the web and internet, but my love for autos caused me to stumble upon your website. It is a real work of art. > I have bookmarked your site for future visits. I'm from Alabama, so keep us up to date on those California cars. Thanks Bill Capps ...................................... Re: Bill, Welcome to cyber space - the pure joy of it and not just advertising is the redeeming factor of it all! Sharing of hobbbies, ideas, etc. It is like a giant Ham Radio but way kuler! You will find somewhere the peripheries of this giant site are changing almost daily! I see you are the first to visit off of Web T.V. ? = Have heard that 72 million people have come onto line in 29 states due to the merger of Netscape & ma Bell. Keep in touch, Doc & Becky Hemp

    Jenner's wrote: 2/12/97 > > Dave & Becky, > Your pages are absolutely fantastic! I have had lots of fun viewing and > listening to your pages, and I can't wait to find out if my Dentist has > seen your pages! My oldest son is a computer hacking freak, and he told > me to check out your pages. > Leanna > -- > ***************************************************************** > The Jenner Family > 7350 Pinon Jay Circle E-mail: jenner@rapidnet.com > Rapid City, SD 57702 USA > :) "A Friendly Smile Is A Powerful Tool......Keep Smiling!" :) > *****************************************************************
    > Subject: Your the greatest! >2/14/97 > Dave - > > Your unbelievable! You have the finest display I have ever seen! Really enjoyed every bit of it! > Wish I was still in practice, had $60,000 for you to teach me this stuff - then I could compete! > Anyway, congratulations, best wishes, and am waiting for more of your stinking jokes - ha. > > - Chet Moore > > (P.S. - if you want some (better) midi music, let me know - > I have tons of compositions, jazz, etc. .............................. Re:
    Chet - You were one of the finest dentists in Redding!!! The father of Redding's fantastic Dixie Land Jazz Festival!! We all Thank You with all our hearts on this Valentines day of America!
    And, yes I would like some jazz midi files! Let's get together! E-mail me about 20 of your best = will give you credit on our music room page. In fact - get me an introduction on how you came to start the jazz festival with some photos & Becky & I will give you your own page to click up to from B.A.D. Chariots! Dave & Becky
    Dr Michael Hall wrote: > > Dear Dave, > Tell Anna Marie I tagged you. > I am a fellow dental person (RDH married to a DDS{before he was in > dental school;)}. Anne Marie thought I should check out your website, > it is fabulous! Never realized these beauties were still around, esp > love the President model. > > Better go, emus wake up early (yes, we raise them and do dentistry)!@ > > Regards, > > Alexandra Hall RDH EM (emu rancher:)
    Lo Blom wrote: > > The Harley-Davidson Club The Netherlands exists 35 years. > We celebrate this with an international rally 27/29 june > > Join the party > > Lo Blom
    William M. Spaulding, Sr. wrote: 2/26/97 > > Hi Doc, > > Whenever I'm bored and looking for some fun on the web, I click bookmarks > to look over your stuff. I was thrilled today when I found a link to my > site! Many thanks. It's always a compliment from a pro, but to add > "...done very nicely" was a real kick!!! > > I signed up for the HTML Writers Guild today, also. Looks like a great > resource full of things to learn. > > I'm kinda hamstrung right now getting my own pictures digitized. I've got > lots of neat stuff, but it just doesn't cut it to say "trust me" to the > surfers. After all, Fibber McGee and Molly, who existed in our mind are > not in vogue anymore. This is a highly visual medium. > > Keep the good stuff coming, Doc, and thanks for the link and kind words. > > Regards, > Bill Spaulding > billspau@accessone.com
    Subject: Southern Friends ChiefDCB@aol.com wrote: 2/27/97 > > Dear Dave and Becky, > Great web site. Great Pictures. Yall (thats southern for you all) dressed > right for the occasions. Tux and wedding gown for the wedding. Harley clothes > for Sturgis. My wife and I love your idea for the web page. Keep it up. My > RoadKing hogs the road. I live in Gawwwwwwga (Georgia). Weather has been in > 70's this week. Raining today though. Next week is bike week. Good weather > then. Yall take care. > > Your Southern Friends > Dewey and Kat Brown > ChiefDCB@aol.com .................... Dear Dewey & Kate! It's ALWAYS GREAT to get fun e-mail like yours! It's one of the main reasons we have a web site like this! HARLEYS RULE!!! Now yaall! I (doc) went 4 years to high school in New Market VA with all the Joebobs & Mary- Lou's!!! & 2 years in Richmond VA before that. Moved to cowboy country when 17 yrs old. Keep in touch! Making new friends, especially Harley riders is really a kick! Dave & Becky
    jckusch wrote: 3/4/97 Really enjoyed your page ESPECIALLY the MUSIC! I bookmarked it just to listen to the music! Thanks for making it so enjoyable! Am just learning how to surf the net (ha ha) and stumbled across your page! Thanks again and have a nice day! Cathy Kuschell

    jckusch wrote: 3/5/97 Well doctor Hemp, my mom bookmarked your page on our computer and I learned that I should brush my teeth everyday so bacteria doesn't build up and cause decay. Well thank you for putting those pictures on your page. They teach people to take care of their teeth. Well Thanks! Bye Doctor Humor hee-hee! Katie
    Katie! Thanks for the kind words! To Brush or not To Brush? That is the question! May those who brush - suffer not the slings and arrows of donuts, cakes & candies!
    Dr. Humor! Hee-hee!
    Thom Brown wrote: 3/14/97
    You may or not remember on your way home from Sturgis '96...4 bikers...three hogs and one Goldwing. We shared a cigar with you at the log cabin motel in Jackson Hole. I thought there might be some photos of the trip at your web site. ICEMAN
    ---------------- Hey ICEMAN - Of course we remember = just look under BAD Chariots, Table 2 - upper right hand corner of the table click on the icon - BAD Chariots in the BAD Lands, Sturgis! You guys are there! Passed out cold after the Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole (Hee-hee! - not really that bad!) = A GREAT & WONDERFUL TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!!!!!!!!
    Doc & Becky
    Gies M.C.H.G. Pluim wrote: 3/16/97
    Helloh Doctor,
    I am a 68 year old Dutchman and I love your site especially the honkey-tonkey piano (is that the word ?). I have a site which i have to improve since i happened to stumble on yours. But still it may be of interest to you http://www.bitpress.nl/aile/carprints Gies Pluim
    Thom Brown wrote: 3/17/97
    Geez Doc, from what I see of your web site, you must not have any time for dentistry. Hag and Hog are still doing what they do best: inflicting pain and doing the dentist thing. After we got back, Hog got rid of the Fatboy (magenta and white girlish looking bike) but got a Road King delivered to him February 8th. We've been giving him a full ration of s--- about "riding his father's Oldsmobile. It's big and quiet and would be real nice about 200 miles from home but around town...?!? At any rate, we're planning to do the Sandpoint, Galcier, Yellowstone/Jacson loop this year. No dates as of yet OR maybe Sturgis again. A quick in and out deal. Keep in touch. Thanks for the internet photo and write-up. I've set the photo on my screen as a wallpaer background. Say hello to Becky. Thom.
    Thom Brown wrote:3/20/97 > > Hag and Hog have been thinking (dangerous in and of itself) and thought that when you come up for the Rally this summer, we could take a day and do a Hag, Hog, Ice favorite ride...then go back to Hag's for a rib bar-b-que. > This WOULD NOT be a HOG Rally function but would be a Hag, Hog and Ice day on the bikes in our own country. Let me or Hag know if this will work and who you have traveling with you. Later...Ice.
    Clay Hagler wrote:3/20/97 >
    > Doc Hemp, > > I am writing to you for Hag and Hog (they still don't understand E-mail). My name is Clay, Doc Hag's number one son. We found your web page...Great photos...they loved your writeup on them. I printed out your sturgis section and all three of them (Thom "Ice Man" Brown included) have it hanging in their reception rooms. > They all want to know how you got such good pictures on the web. I > am going to try to start them thier own web page an would like to know your image manipulation process. > I hope you run into these guys again, curt has sold his bike and has two new ones, a stock bike( not sure which one as it hasn't actually > shown up yet) and a chopper made from the ground up by some less then > trustworthy characters....I think he calls it the "Mantis" > Anyway, I have your page bookmarked. Perhaps you should publish your route before you take off next year so that people you have met (aka Hag, Hog & Ice) could bump into you again and you could have an update or meet lots of new interesting people. A map and a mug shot of you and your bike could make you a legend in the west. > > Ride Free, > > Clay Hagler > haglercd@whitman.edu
    art sherrouse wrote:3/25/97 > > This is the best collection of midi files I have found on the net. It is > a pleasure and credit to everyone that helped in this project. > Art
    Terri L Tomlinson wrote:3/24/97 > > Hi > > My name is Terri Tomlinson and I live right outside of Nashville, Tennessee in a little town called Greenbrier. And GREEN is exactly what I am right now...........GREEN with envy!! > I am a huge 49ers fan and so is my husband. It all began when I was old enough to appreciate the game and the skills of a blessed quarterback, > Joe Montana. Ever since, I follow the game as much as I can and I've begun a collection of Joe Montana memorbillia. I have a rookie card, the upper deck career set and a large print by M Corning of Joe's climb through his football career (it's numbered and signed by Joe and the artist). But one of my all-time dreams is to have a football, jersey or helmet signed by Joe. My husband and I have priced them, BOY! are they expensive! Did Joe sign your jersey personally right in front of you? > > Just wanted to let you know you're a lucky guy! And by the way, do you have these dreams about Montana coming out of retirement to play again for the niner's and win that fourth superbowl. Wouldn't that be great! > > Terri Tomlinson
    ............. Terri - The e-mail reply was returned as non deliverable. You will have to read it here. I gave that jersy to my good friend holding it. No, I didn't get to see Joe sign it, wish I had! And Yes - Joe is the greatest & most exciting quarter-back to ever play the game ... we would all give anything to see him play in another Super Bowl! Regards, Doc Hemp.
    Subject: Proud Patient
    Hallstrom wrote:3/25/97 > > Hello Dr. Hemp, > Just wanted to say I am very impressed with your web site. Great music. > Bill, Jered Heather and I think we have a really cool dentist. Love your sense of humor. > See you in early April with the kids. > Sincerely, > Sheryl Hallstrom (hallstrom@snowcrest.net)
    John poston wrote: > > Hey Becky and Dave. > your website is no less than incredible. I checked out your music room, > and the special cases. I especially like #7 yuck When I have a lot of > spare time I will check out everything. > When you get a chance, please send me Robs e-mail address. I > would like to talk to him about homebrewing. If you don't I'll probably > have to cut the power to your building. > thanks for the pharmacist joke today Iam still laughing!! > John Poston
    ........... John! I just found your message 3/26 = it was dated 3/11 = went to the top of my old messages = just happened to find it by mistake = your date on your computer must be off! When did U send it - anyway - Rob's e-mail is .... delk@ecst.csuchico.edu ..... Am drinkin g llfjfei of hiis beeers n n n now! buuurp! Thanks for the positive feed back! Don't grab any hot wires now! Dave (A NOTE FOR U KIDS OUT THERE -- In reality I don't have prolly even ten beers a YEAR!) If it is - it's only the home brew or two Viking Lagers when ever we go to Victoria British Columbia.
    Marje Hemp wrote: 3/28/97 Dear Dave & Becky I came across your website when looking to see if any of my extended family is on the Net. I was disappointed to see that you're really Hempe's, but your website is so cool that maybe you deserve to be part of our clan after all !! Best wishes in all your endeavours - they seem to be many and varied !! Sue Hemp Cape Town. South Africa ......
    Sue! How Do You Do?
    Say ... who knows? ... my wife Becky's maiden name was "Casebeer or Casebier". At her great, great, great, grandfather's & grandmothers grave her grandfather's last name on the tomb stone is "Casebeer" & her gramma's is "Casebier" because gramma thought Casebeer was too intemperate & sinful sounding! So she added the i after the old man kicked the bucket! So ... at the reunions in Oregon, there are a thousand or so with both spellings! Some think hemp is intemperate .... "WOW" Casebeer & Hemp in the same family!?

    Roger Nolan wrote:
    Hi there, Dave. We're the people you all met on your trip to Napa Valley a couple of weeks ago. Great web site.
    My home computer has been laid low the past few weeks. Just got going again tonight. Now I have to go out and download all the pluggables again so that I can hear your music.
    Great meeting you all. I'm off to check out the Studebakers...
    From: Don "E." Ballard >Subject: net site >Date: Thu, 03 Apr 97 13:06:15 PST > >Too Cool, and close to home. I'm in Magalia. I like everything you do...except Suba, >spent to many years in the Navy (at sea) to consider voluntarily getting in the water. >Been riding two wheels 40 years, the 21st of April. Had a bunch of sports cars. Fun >meter been in "overload" a lot....but never to much. Currently got an '88 Soft Tail >that was re-done after a "drunk guy" ran over it (Yea, me and the 'ole lady were on it). >Sailor

    cshyne wrote: 4/4/97 Best web site Ive ever seen Thanks much for all your effort!Dr Shyne email cshyne@msn.com
    RonAGibson@aol.com wrote: >
    > Dear Doc.... ('Hope that not too informal?)
    > I just received a call from a mutual friend, Dick Bruce. He told me that you had done a little niciety (sp?) about another mutual friend Larry. So here I am...(I generally don't use e-mail, rather I use the phone, and all day long at that.) You know it's hard to believe Larry is done playing with his trains so soon! He was, and is, a great guy! Thanks for his mention...................... > Ron Gibson
    LGB of America .......
    Ron, Thanks for the E-Mail, please check out the site I made dedicated to Larry.
    It will stay on our server at no cost to anyone as long as I live anyway!
    Dave (Doc) Hemp
    JQUINN@dentistry-po.dentistry.uiowa.edu wrote: > > Hey Doc,
    > Good to hear from you again. It's so nice to know that there is someone > somewhere who relates to this work. > You and some of the others in cyberspace are what makes this effort > worthwhile. Well, hang in there and I'll forward you message to Dr. > Denehy.
    > janice
    > Dr. H. M. Birkhoff wrote: 4/17/97
    Hi Doc,
    this is from another doc who really enjoyed your web site! By the way, I also ride a Harley, I also lead a HOG Chapter, we share the same dental philosophy and I am at least as ugly as you are!
    So all the best wishes to you, your beautiful wife and fellow HOGs from the world famous Cactus Chapter (our web site should be ready in about a month´s time) and from Dr.Horst Michael Birkhoff
    Grünstr.2 41516 Grevenbroich / Germany Tel.:(49)2181-72246 FAX 72650 E-Mail: doc.mike@t-online.de See you on the road (or on the data highway)!
    - from one German to another (your english is really good! But U must B German?)- Thanks for the kind words!!!! Check out our airplane page in a day or two! Have a little of my German background I am putting together on it. From the Harley site, click on return to BAD Chariots = look 4 airplane thumbnail to click to.
    Keep in touch = send me your website url when it is up & running = I will be happy to add it as a link!
    Dandy Dave (Doc)
    RHempe5330@aol.com wrote:
    dear david and becky,
    cheers for sending the info about the chariots by air, a lot of good reading, we would love to visit sometime in the future, as a a+p mechanic with northwest airlines it would be great to see wes and the p-51 being overhauled. i started to ride my ducati for the first time this year, felt good to pop the front wheel off the ground again. my friends and i are trying to plan atrip again to the world superbike race at laguna in june. i have applied for a job (january) at southwest airlines but hav'nt heard back yet. do you race at laguna? if so i'd like to watch, please send some dates then maybe i could fly down and see ya. bye for now, rich hempeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Subject: Wotta web site!
    Jeff Horseman wrote: 4/19/97
    Hi, Dave--Ran across your site quite by accident and find it the most intereting dental site I've come across. Maybe it's because of the graphics, which are outstanding. Maybe it's because I was a fighter pilot (Marines) during the Big One while I was supposed to be doing dentistry, but gave it a rest for 3 years--an episode I've never regretted. Loved the Stearman pix!--my favorite plane next to the F4U Corsair. Keep us the great work! I'll return again and again.
    Bob Horseman, DDS xmlb17a@prodidy.com
    Thanks for the Kind words!! Hope U saw the Airplane site!!!! A must 4 pilots! It is off the BAD Chariots Page. Please keep in touch! Where do U practice? Sounds like U would make a great Harley rider!!
    Doc Hemp
    DR ROBERT E HORSEMAN wrote: Dave--received your message via my son's earthlink server. My own E- mail address is xmlb17a@prodigy.com if you ever want to answer. Sorry to disappoint you, but there's no way am I going to get on a Harley, a Suzuki, an Indian, a Honda or even a moped. A General Sherman tank, maybe. Too old, too brittle in the bones, too chicken. I practice with my son in Whittier, CA. Been at it for 54 years except for the 3 I spent going thru the navy airplane driver program in 1943 after I got out of USC dental school. That's why I was wowed by the Stearman (N2S) pix on your site.
    I've got a site of my own in the back of the CDA Journal. Look it up sometime. (Dr. Bob has written the humor column there for the past 20 yrs.) I'll be checking back from time to time--you guys sound like you've got a good life. Was going to practice in Redding myself in 1956, but chickened out when I couldn't find a good place to open during a visit up there. Also it's too damn hot in the summer!
    randyb@interlog.com wrote: Very interesting web page. I find the problem with most dentists (not us of course) is that we tend to isolate ourselves. Are we scared of each other, competition, or just plain afraid to appear human and make mistakes? Who knows. One thing though - I think the internet will change much of that. Keep up the page! If I may pick your brains for a moment - I'm starting up a new practice in a new area and I have lots of marketing ideas already (having learned from previous experiences), any ideas you may have? My philosphy - Treat the patient as an individual. Treat the person not just the teeth. Provide a thorough examination. Treat the needs of the individual. The best dentistry is no dentistry. Offer the patient dentisry that will enable him/her to keep their teeth for a lifetime. The music is a nice touch! Have a great day! Randy, Toronto, Canada
    Randy - I don't believe in marketing - a friendly face & smile will beat out an ad any day! Put your philosophy on the back of your cards & pass them out. (We are booked 3 months, take no one from the phone book or off this web site!)
    Rich wrote: Hi, You certainly have a GREAT site(s). I love the Oldies music and the shots of the planes. Great work. I'll be back to see if you have changed anything, from time to time. I may be 55, but I know a good site when I see one. Rich
    Rich, Thanks for the kind words! I'm 54 myself! Us old birds hafta stick together. Keep in touch = bookmark the site - we have lots of changes = will be adding a lot more music in a couple weeks. regards Doc hemp
    ALPHAVIS@aol.com wrote: Hello Dave and Becky, great website congratulation ! May be you can add our homepage of the HOG MUNICH-CHAPTER Germany. We had add your link on our page too. http://members.aol.com/hogmunich/munich.htm Thank you in advance for your favour ! Keep the rubberside down........ HOG MUNICH-CHAPTER Germany Martin Scholz Director
    Roger Nolan wrote: Hi Doc & Becky, Yes, my product won PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award for best IMAP4 (what the hell is that!!??) e-mail server. I'm pretty jazzed about it. The car show sounds like fun. I bet my two boys would get a major kick out of it. I have a thing for old pickups myself. Been on any good outings lately? We were just up hiking in the coastal mountains when a nice Harley pulled up. Couldn't help looking to see if it was you all (there can only be about 200,000 Harleys in California!). Roger and Dorothea
    JAWIME@aol.com wrote: Hi Guys---= I am also a dentist person, Jim Meares is the name, live in Va. Beach, VA. Have practiced this great profession for the past 20 years. Agree with most of what you concerning techniques and philosophy of practice. My oldest son is in his third year of dental school, at Medical College of Virginia; I printed out your info about dental"life" and will send it to him tomorrow. Thanks for the great info, and keep up the good work. My e-mail is JAWIME@AOL.COM Jim :)
    Louis Kinnaman wrote:
    Louis Kinnaman Hi! Just wanted to pass on some info on the McMinnville Lions Club Breakfast, Car and Airplane Show at the McMinnville OR Airport (next to the Spruce Goose) on June 22nd 1997. Thanx Lou Kinnaman, Chairman
    Hi every body at BAD Chariots! I was lucky to find you. I found a link at Remember When (Matt & Bev) They always have good taste in their links. Because your site is now one of my favorite, I would like you to have this atteched award. If you prefer you can snag it at http://www.wp.com/johnnielacy/bb50fav.gif This is not a link exchange thing. You don't have to put it on your page unless you want to. You don't have to link it back to me neither, but that would be OK. I am giving it to you because your site is one of my favorite, and I know you do a lot of hard work on your page. I am putting your name on the winner page (WHEN I get one build, I'm working it) so other folks will know you are a favorite. Johnnie Bringing Back the 50's http://www.wp.com/johnnielacy/
    Subject: Love your site!
    As a native Californian who lived in the Redding area for 16 yrs. it good the get a little taste of home once in awhile. My Wife Sherry and I lived in the Buckeye area where she went to elementry school and we both are Central Valley Grads. Sherry in '75 and myself in '72. We moved to southwest Missouri (about 35 miles north of Branson) in June of '85 but still like calling Redding Home. I found your sight looking for information about the "Kool April Nites" car show. Every year a couple of our favorite people Rod & Lori Tessier (well Rod anyway) work planning the show. I called Sherry and we both had a ball touring the pages and talking about old time and how much we missed Buz's Crab Stand! Thanks again; Darrel & Sherry Buttram
    chet wrote: 5/13/97
    Good to hear it came thru! Now I can send some midi tunes to my two daughters in Bozeman Montana. Was not certain it would work. Am so confused about this midi stuff -

    I have the latest keyboard (Roland XP-50) workstation. It has a built in disk drive which is IBM format - so when I compose tunes on the MacIntosh programs, I have to convert the tunes (PC Access program) from the Mac program (Performer 5.0) and change the name with the addition of " .mid" Then, I have to format a disk on the keyboard and transfer to that disk! I can place about 50 tunes on that disk and either play them one at a time - or "chain-load" and it will play all of them continuously - either directly to the amp - or back thru the computer. - but they have to play thru the keyboard!

    So I do not quite understand how tunes play thru the computer on Internet without the use of the keyboard. Enough of my problems! Perhaps I will understand it better by accepting your most generous offer to visit your largest hobby and non commercial site known in the world!!!

    I'll be gone Thursday to Monday - am flying to Kansas City to attend my 60th anniv. from High School - and 56th anniv. from College where I got my first degree - Bachelor of Music! See you next week - thanks again for all the help!!
    - chet ('ol salt)
    Chet - I put your music midi up in our Music Room under the title of Jazz - 3! Great Job! Send more Moore! Dave
    Subject: "WOW" Kris B. Lloyd wrote: Hi! I've been up on the WWW about two years now, and I've never seen a site that rivals yours...and the fact that it's private makes it even more fantastic. Shirley & I have a '51 Nash Rambler American Country Club Sedan, the old "upside-down bathtub" red over grey, original paint and interior. Still workin' on the engine...flathead six. May take another lifetime to finish. Kris (Kringle) Lloyd
    Ted Delker wrote:

    The following was passed out at the "Bishop Country Club" where Judy's mother (just turned 95) is living. I thought it was rather neat humor for a retirement home!!


    When me prayers were early said,
    Who tucked me in me widdle bed,

    Who lifted me from me cozy cot,
    And set me on the ice cold pot,
    And made me pee if I could not,

    And when the morning light had come,
    and in me bed I'd dribble some,
    who wiped me tiny widdle bun,

    And did me hair so neatly part,
    And press me gently to her heart,
    And sometimes squeeze me till I'd fart,


    ........ Now this is all & good, but demanding equal time,
    doc hemp made up the following poem for fathers everywhere!!!


    Who taught me how to fish & hunt?
    Who taught me how to pass & punt?
    "ME FODDER!"

    Who taught me how to fix the car?
    Who gave me my first cigar?
    Who taught me how to spit so far?
    "ME FODDER!"

    Who taught me how to toss the shoes?
    who taught me how to sing the blues?
    who taught me about moonshine booze?
    "ME FODDER!"

    Who made belching a real art?
    Who taught me how to light a fart?
    Who loves me with all his heart?
    "ME FODDER!"

    By Doc Hemp

    Tom & Arlene Riley wrote: 5/16/97
    Dave: Saw the update on your website regarding the Jazz Festival and it looks great! Thanks for your support. Ran into Lee Salter and his wife tonight at C.R. Gibbs Pub and I told Lee that we had a mutual acquaintance who likes Harley's. He then told me a quick story of "going swimming in a pool" after you two had gotten together. His wife was a little chagrined but had a smile on her face as he was relating the story. I think that Lee would like to 'ride Harley's' a little more often, but is having a difficult time doing so. Thanks again and appreciate your giving Dr. Chet the accolades. He deserves it!
    Tom R.
    Dugan Barr wrote: 5/15/97
    I hate to think of the hours you have spent in front of your computer to put this together. It is a kick, and you are to be commended. I am taking the liberty of sending the URL to Tom King of the R.S. so he can see it. I think everbody in town would get a kick out of it. Thank you for the effort.
    Dugan Barr
    Don E. Ballard wrote: 5/18/97
    From: Pres. GOB (Grumpy Old Bikers) -North Cal.
    To: Vice Pres. GOB- North Cal.
    Subject: P.R. Committee

    Mr. VP,
    Your are forthwith appointed to begin study of the aforementioned subject, and have full authority to develope and emplimente any and all actions, devices or schemes that deem approriate for the continuation and betterment of our faternal organization with the unenlightened vox publici. You may appoint, delegate, releive from duty or do all things to accomplish these noble goals.
    I will look for pictures to night, as we are going to Woodson Bride to day for the Car Show. See Ya!

    (note from Doc Hemp VP - look for a GOB Page soon!! You may join to if old enough & grumpy enough! No Dues, No jobs to do, no newletter, Just meet, ride & have FUN ONLY!) If you ain't havin fun - - - You ain't a GOB member!
    Popo3@aol.com wrote: This is Jason Koenig, (popo3@aol.com) I just found your site, it is hard to find, I lost the address, so I had to search for it. It's prety neat, I like how you have all of the pictures and music. Good Job on setting up your site, I have heard how you do it and it seems hard to do. Well I have to go study for Finals now, See ya in Nov. (I think) Ü
    SULLYFLSTC@aol.com wrote: Great web site, man. Keep up the good work. I wish I lived out there so I could party with you guys. Dave Sullivan Wichita Falls TX
    Subject: Award 5/23/97 Jack Archer wrote:
    Many thanks for the award. I have been a tad slow getting it online, but it is there now and I certainly appreciate it. I spent about 30 minutes at your site and found I am going to have to camp there for a bit. Lots of interesting stuff.
    With Best Regards,
    Jack Archer (Jack's Shack) - THIS IS ONE OF OUR AWARD WINNERS! Click to his site off our Awards Page or from our Cool Links Room! = THE BEST MIDI FILES IN CYBERSPACE!


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