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Gary Owens wrote: 5/24/97

Subject: Congratulations! 5/25/97
From "Vernon Kruger" --- vkruger@midland.co.nz
Vernon Kruger wrote:
Absolutely and most definately the best site I have ever come across.
and well done.
Vernon Kruger
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
(Dentist in Cambridge New Zealand)
Subject: Hi, I need your help please : ) Amber, Michelle,Laura or Melody wrote: 5/26/97 Hi! My name is Amber Herrmann, and Im from Alabama (the northern part of the state) One of my sisters friends, is a bull rider, he practices and he wants to start rodeoing, but hes not exactly sure how to get started. Our school doesnt have a High School Rodeo Assoc. thing but alot of the county schools around do. Do you have any suggestions of where he should get started. Or do you k now of any Junior Rodeo Assoc. in the North Alabama area? if you do have any info at all will you please email me back? Thanks :) AMber :) :) :) God bless! fherrman@hiwaay.net
Amber, et al,
write to this address - tell them you saw our Redding Rodeo site on the internet & we gave you their address - ask them to send you all the info for the JRA.

Redding Rodeo Association
715 Auditorium Dr.
Redding CA 96001
Phone - 916 - 241- 5731

Congratulations - with a little work I'm sure your sister's friend could become part of the JRA. - Bull Riding takes more courage than anyother sport in the world! I had just put this new site up for one of my patients that rides bulls. He will go Pro-Rodeo next year! Will add more info eventually.
Good luck, Doc & Becky Hemp
ps - be sure to check out the rest of our sites! Click back to BAD Chariots from the Rodeo Page.
Amber (& Fred!) I just went to your web site = Love it!!!! You must visit our Hobby page = off our dental url http://www.c-zone.net/dochemp/ you will see R/C Trying - has been one of my build & destroy hobbies - last month even destroyed a non-destroyable = will never build another from scratch = actually had this last electric in the air 2 minutes - cut left hard to miss one of our oak trees on our bottom land = you know! spiralled straight in = booosh! Will add your site to our cool links room right away! & then will go back & check out your page some more = great job!!!!!!! http://fly.hiwaay.net/~fherrman/
Doc Hemp
ps - Now all U hafta do is figure our how to build an R/C Bull!
Bethybef@aol.com wrote: 5/27/97 Hi Doc Hemp & Becky, Wow!!! Great website!!! Just got this computer. Thought I'd give this www stufff a try. Since I'm a RDA, got the idea to check out anything dental. Whew!! I'm overwhelmed, but having fun being lost in cyberdentland. How I got your website can't remember, but I bookmarked. By the way I work with a great prosthodontist, who is very conservative. He went into private practice 2 years ago, and is building a patient base by referrals. No advertisments, (although I did list him @ dentaxchange for fun, mistake?) Shoot, it wuz free!!! I feel our dedication to our patients, will ultimatly cause growth, but doc asked if we could come up with something to help it along. Any ideas? I'll be a suctioning!!! Thanks
glad U like our site! Seeing your doc is a specialist throws in a different twist - he needs to PERSONALLY meet EVERY DENTIST (especially the conservative ones like us that look at patients as patients not $ being referred out - to someone as or more capable than ourselves!) face to face he can - show them they & their patients are important to him. Explain his philosophy - go over treatment plans & why he wants to do things a certain way - listen to them - MUST BE CONFIDENT IN HIMSELF! Good luck to both of you!
Doc Hemp.
Subject: Keep up the good work/from Japan
Mike Wilkins wrote: Hay dudes i think your site is great!!!I have been in the airforce for 14 years.I am in japan right now and when i am down me and the kids listen to the midi music and look at all the pics.I raced nascar for 2 years at tucson racewaypark.We all like harlely bikes.Hope to have one soon.The airforce has been after me to get rid of my wisdom teeth for 14 years.I guess i am a big baby.Maybe i can come see you.Well got to go be good and enjoy.
mike wilkins fcl_racing@hotmail.com
KK5OH@aol.com wrote: just found your page looks like i have to load it into fav places to check chuck (kk5oh@aol.com) ham radio operator and harley owner too just have to figure out how to add radio to bike and all would be perfect problem is the antenna is too big and the bike rides funny at hi speed
Michelle Hinds wrote: Highway 395 WILL be open, so you can get to the great town of Walker. Mountain View BBQ will be holding a Beef Rib Eating Contest and hope to have a live band (as we did last year). We look forward to seeing ya'll there! Thanks, Mountain View BBQ (where good folks come to eat great food!)
Gerald M. Waxman wrote: Nice presentation.....I am a long time DDS and short time computor user....Ohio, USA
David Doddek wrote: 6/1/97 Hey just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that you have cool web pages. And you are a fellow pantera owner. Dave D pantera@pobox.com

Dave, Thanks 4 the support! We bought our Pantera new in 1973 - have only showed it twice - just won first place here at our Kool April Nites! Put the new 17" wheels on it! Fun motoring! Another Dave (doc hemp)
Hi Doc. Sandy and all the others! - 6/5/97 First time I have seen this site and I am really impressed! Not enough to recommend that my company spend the $60K to duplicate it for our needs, although it may be a bargain in the long run. I have book marked the site and plan on many hits in the future. Since I am getting paid to work at home today I need to make this E mail short today but I wanted to say Hi before my next visit on the 16th of this month. Take care and continued good luck on all of your endeavors. Thomas Hays thays@indetec.com
Dave, Yes, the AWE64 is great, but the way I got it I got a screwing on the price. Paid almost double. No, I do not drive the Pantera on the streets in the winter. It is parked from Nov to May. It was at one time driven in the salt though as it had mucho decay. It seemed they didnt brush after they drove. ( Had to throw in the dental humor) By the way, it is warm by this time of the year. My web site is www.pobox.com/~pantera and is also referenced on Shane Ingates pantera page. I may not get to drive my car much in the winter, but I drive it a lot in the summer. I have taken several moderately long trips in the car. Keep up the good work and I will remember to vote for your web site. Any hints on how to improve mine, I am still new to HTML. Later David Doddek pantera@pobox.com www.pobox.com/~pantera 217-422-3722 69 EFI Fairlane, 89 T-bird SC, 74 Twin turbo NOS EFI Pantera #6825 - If you are going to go fast, go real fast.
Let me say first and foremost ...... I am the world's biggest dental chicken (Bwak bwak). I am petrified of dentist to say the least. When I was young, I spent a long time in the hospital being injected full of medicine that has ruined my teeth in my adult life. Every time I go, something new and extremely painful is invented just to torture me further!!! I think that you would be the coolest dentist in the world! Let me know if you want to experiment on the dental world's phenomenon!!! (He! He!) I need valium ( I don't know how to spell it, sorry) though!!! Secondly, you have to visit York, Pa (we live about 1 hour from there). They have a Harley plant there. We were able to take a tour ... it is sooooooooooooooooo cool! I figure after all my teeth fall out {& no longer have to pay those outrageous dental bills [He! He!]}, the kids are grown and out of college & I have been with Citibank for 20 years ... we may be able to by a Harley. For now we just ride a Suzuki GS 1100 E (rice burner). Most important, for the wonderful contribution you have made to the www, please access http://www.geocities.com/NapaValley/awardpickup.htm and get YOUR Good Neighbor Award!! It is more than deserved!!!! I wish all the best for you and your wife! You make a very nice couple. God Bless-- Best Regards, The Yeakle's The Yeakle's Home http://www.nfis.com/~canan/ Your home of the Good Neighbor Award http://www.geocities.com/NapaValley/2950/award.htm Help us out at the Site Fights http://www.thesitefights/kidglove/ring2.html
You do some damn good work and I love your sense of humor. Do you know of any dentist in the Los Angeles area that does a really good job with veneers? Do you know any books I should read about the subject? I'm interested in having this done. Thanks for any reply you may send.
Hi! We found your hog roast guide when searching for tips on how to roast a piglet. We plan to this as a back-garden barbecue here in London, so it won't be anything like the scale on which you chaps operate. However, we wondered if you have any ideas on this rather smaller adventure. Particularly we have been wondering how long it might take: is there any rule of thumb such as a weight to cooking time ratio? And the other thing we have been puzzling about is what you use for fuel, and how you keep it going during the roasting. Do you have to remove the meat every time until the fuel stops smoking? Looking forward to you advice. Simon & Sarah ___________________________________________________ email: simon@sgodfrey.demon.co.uk website: http://www.demon.co.uk/rye-bred/index.html phone: only joking!
Cecilia Cowan wrote: 6/9/97 Doc & Becky, We found your site by way of Bonneville Racing News in their Cyberspace article. Just wanted to say thanks for one of the best and most entertaining websites on the Net. Mike & Ann Cowan Denver, CO
Thank you very much as it is e-mails like this that keeps us going! It's all a hobby 4 us! If you have a bonneville car or have friends that do & would like to have a spot on our page let me know & I'll give you an address to mail the photos to. I like to scan my own. regards, dochemp
To steal just a little bit of a line from Jimmy Buffett: I thought everyone had died and gone to the suburbs! Your site is an absolute treasure and I take unmitigated, gaping-grin, goldarned wide-eyed delight in telling my friends about the gonzo dentist who has the most AMAZING place secreted away on the WEB. I've been working on a site myself, but like some mad artist who keeps working at a painting past the point he should have quit; it just keeps getting darker and more evil .......... yours brought a breath of fresh air to my spirit and new hope. Thanks, Ciao, David
Your welcome for the rose (that was made by one patient or bored person)! thanks for the support! Hope you had a great day at work!!! -- Best Regards, The Yeakle's
Dave and Becky, I just had the opportunity of browsing your web-page and I must say it's great. I'm new to the internet as I just graduated from LSU Dental School last May and really didn't have time to play until recently. Even though my time on the www has been short your site is outstanding. I'm 27 y/o living in Charleston SC and I have a wonderful wife, Rebecca as well as a great baby girl, Marguerite. I'm doing some time in the Navy as they paid for my education, and we will be moving to Norfolk in July where I will work on the USS Roosevelt (aircraft carrier). I had time in the Army during Desert Storm so I'm pleased with my present job, however I will be "jumping ship" when my time is up and plan on practicing somewhere in East Texas (no state taxes) or NW La. (great duck hunting). I saw both your philosophy and the dental student page (hope I don't start turning into a frog) and I must say there is some useful info. in both. Never thought of going to Perio. offices to get the scoop on other dentists, but that's a GREAT idea. I also agree w/ your philosophy and I follow the KISS principle daily. It's somewhat saddening to talk w/ my buddies from school who have bought into the idea that it takes billboards and full page ads to bring patients in. Just the other day I was reassured that patients will seek you if you are good to them and maintain a sense of humor, when I recieved a note from an old dental school ptnt. who lives over 800 miles away. I always tell my buddies to stay true to themselves, their families, and their patients, and all will work out, but they see those student loans of 60K+ and they get antsy. By the way, my wife and I are also Harley fans but we don't have the funds to pursue that hobby at this time. PATIENCE is a virtue, at least that's what Rebecca always says (don't you hate it when the wife gets philosophical on you). I won't waste any more of your time, as I can see that you are very busy. Did you do all that web design yourself? Mark Camp, DDS LT,DC,USNR
Doc Mike, If you see Joe Dowd, Mike Keefe, Linda Peevy, Paul Raap, Bill Davidson at the HOG Rally - Please tell them Doc Hemp says Hi!! Will maybe see them at the Portland Oregon Rally in August. Tell them how great it is for us HOG members to get to know each other through the internet - I bugged HD & sent info for over a year to get them on the internet at all.

Hi Doc, after more than 4000miles weīre back home and it has been a crazy trip! We had everything from faulty transmissions to several defect regulators and batteries - try to get spare parts in central spain!!! Anyway, central spainīs landscape is fantastic and can be best compared with northern New Mexico or parts of western Texas. We walked on the roots of the new world when we rode our hogs on the plazas of Trujillo (birthplace of Francisco Pizarro) or stayed overnight in the Real Monasterio of the Black Madonna of Guadalupe (where Columbus planned and started his excursions - finally he named his flagship "Santa Maria" for that reason). Spain has a fantastic hotel chain, called the "Paradores". These are mostly reconstructed old castles, now used as hotels. You can check them out on the internet, look for "paradores de espana" in "Yahoo" or a similar search engine. Ckeck out our places in Jaen, Guadalupe, Ciudad Rodrigo, Trujillo, Siguenza and Olite!!! As for the road, we had everything: Great scenic roads as well as dirt roads, where our Harleys sank saddlebag-deep into the mud and we had to push them out with one of us sitting atop, the rest pushing on the bike! At one place, we needed one hour for 300 feet! Well, after two weeks we finally made it to Biarritz in friendly France and you can see a few of these pics in our internet-site. I did not meet any of the persons you mentioned above. I did talk with some European representatives, but I have the feeling that they donīt even know what weīre talking about when it comes to the internet. O.K., thats the news for today. Maybe you want to make a trip through Spain now? O.K., come on out with us - itīs pure adventure! See You Doc Mike
Hi, Doc (Juan Kule Dude), Your name is on the ASC agenda at the National Meeting a week from Wednesday. You will be receiving a commendation award for all of your hard work at keeping the web page active for ASC. As you and I know, I'm about the only one who hangs out at your site. Computer Nerds rule! I will be giving the presentation about the page to the board of directors and the general membership at the two meetings. Congratulations! Your friend, Bob P.S. I expect a steak dinner for this hard work. Ha-ha! (I know, you are the one who did all the hard work!)
Hey... neat site! Discovered you by building my own links. Speaking of which... you guys wantta link? Check me out... http://www.YoheArt.com May the hemp be with you / Yohe
Viren Patel wrote: 6/22/97
Dr. Hemp,
My name is Viren Patel. I am a dentist in the Sacramento vicinity (Orangevale to be exact) I have just purchased a practice. I think your advice to dental students is great and should be read by all aspiring youg dentists also. I hope I can build my practice into one as succesful as yours and enjoy the journey as much as you appear to have. I am a fan of computers and am thoroughly impressed by your web page. I just wanted to let you know that It was fun visiting your web site and i will continue to visit regularly.
Viren Patel

>>>>>>>>>>> Doc Hemp responded:
Viren, Thanks a lot for your e-mail! This is the whole purpose of our website! If as an old experienced tooth jockey I can instill truly conservative ethical dentistry & share with thousands through the internet the wonderful life & practice we have had I will be happy! Dave & Becky Hemp
We are Skyway Harley Tours of Florida. Please check out our site at: www.harleytours.com for your next organized Harley tour in the U.S. Sincerely, Todd Wormser
P.S. We absolutely love your website with the music. Well done!
Hey Dave and Becky, We have been roaming round your place for a while now and have loved it. You are a very funny dentisit. Hope that is what you were aimin' to be when you grew up. Ya'll look just as good (or better) at the Biker's thingy as you did on your wedding day. You have some very interestin' dentist stuff and we'll bookmark just in case we need some advice. As for the fishin, well, we've been working and living in Arkansas right on the Arkansas (and I mean right on it!). We love to fish but lately the fish have had a lot better luck than we have. Ya'll seem like nice folks so come visit us sometime at http://home.earthlink.net/~ruknuts/ Thanks for letting us visit you and get to know ya'll. Bye, Wendell and Charlotte Crane ruknuts@earthlink.net
Hi Dave, Sorry for a slight delay in answering your e-mail (just trying to get through my e-mail pile--have to get some anti-spam software). Many thanks for the award; Jessica and I value your opinion very much and enjoy your web site immensely. Keep up with your excellent work, and whatever you do, don't lose your sense of humor. My regards to you and Becky, Zeljko Skropanic P.S. You may want to visit my other site, Croatia Net (it's about my old country--at http://www.croatia.net), and get some ideas about your and Becky's next vacation.
Doc, next time you come into Leatherby's...let me know who you are so I can make you a real SUPER shake! (HEE HEE). Enjoyed reading your page(s); stumbled across you by accident looking for Leatherby's home page and other Redding food places. Thanks for the fun reading AND for having such GOOD TASTE in ice cream!! (HEE HEE).
Ron Wickershiem, Leatherby's Family Creamery
7/10/97 - Was doing a search through AltaVista.Digital & they sent me to you on my search for "Home Built Computer" !?! Go figure ??? Thanks for the break & great humor, Clint Biggs, Independent Contractor Y2K Project Cessna Aircraft,(a Textron),Company Wichta KS (Air Captol of the World) Ps Today is -904 to Y2K
7/11/97 Dear Doc Hemp, What about "stress lesions" as opposed to toothbrush abrasion? How would you say they differ? All the information I have seen lately in regard to Class 5 lesions (non-carious)... tends to lean by to the cause being occlusion.. which before restoration need a bite adjustment. What do you think?? Thanks for your web site it is a pleasure. Kate Cozier,R.D.H.


Kate, I have watched these tooth brush abrasion lesions deepen on patients of mine for over 28 years, have never seen a fractured piece of dentin yet! I personally think they are ALL ABRASION! If there is a strong occlusal interference it must be adjusted anyway! If not, leave it alone! I bond them in only after they have deepend enough to undercut the buccal cusp enough to worry about fracture (when a crack can be seen with a polarized light running from the mesial & distal up to the occlusal) or hygiene problems. Not one of our bondings have popped out - if still being stressed they certainly would! Also, any abrasion you see higher up in the enamel & down into the dentin is made from the plastic part of the tooth brush that holds the bristles angled to far down, have them bring their brush from home & show you how they use it - you will see what I mean.
Doc Hemp
Orville Harp wrote: 7/12/97 Really enjoyed your web pg. As a patient for over 70 years I could relate to some of it from experience. Tell Michelle I found a couple of mispelled words and want her to correct them post haste. Orville


So your the guy they named that city below Chico after - Orville! Hee-hee! Having trouble with our Hemp Ebonics? You want us to desecrate our ancient heritage just to conform with the 20th Century - Heck, our culture goes back almost as far as Orville, Orville! Hee-hee again. (you better send the misspelled words so's we all can find em- or better yet - send the ones that aren't misspelled - might be easier - hee-he!) Regards, Doc Hemp
Orville Harp Wrote: 7/12/97 Thanks for the update!! I was not aware of your fame and good fortune. (Ha Ha). I am 76 years old and have had my Gateway 2000 for about six months. This has been one of the most frustrating things that I have chosen to introduce into my life. I spent 40 years teaching elementary school and now I find I can read books and not understand a d$%#$ thing I have read. I have gone to 3 classes on computers and I'm still dumb. That's what I mean by envy. Your expertise overwhelms me. I have a vague idea of what my machine is capeable of if I were intelligent enough to make it do it. Thanks for the Bill Gates piece. Funny, funny. I enjoy knowing how much fun someone else can get out of their machine. Thanks........Orville.
Troy Wrote: 7/12/97 Wow! Your site is looking great! Seems like it's grown a lot since the last time I stopped in! Hey, a lot of people that ride, from Indiana (where I live) really like your site, too! If I ever get a cool graphic- You definately get an award!

Wow! I figured you knew Bill Gates! (hehe..) Gee, Sure was lucky you were around to help with the details on the microsoft programs. Kinda surprised you're in town this weekend! Well, I need to get going.. A clinic is having trouble with one of their terminals, and an exhaust plant just burned up the pc that runs their plasma cutter.. Which should I go to first? (probably the one that's current on paying me..lol)
Good Job, and Take Care, Write back Anytime!

PS- If you ever want any sponsor ads for your site, just let me know.. You might want these submit tools, too:


-- TLA.Net - Education, Games, and More! TLA is one of BAD Chariots Award Sites!

-Advertising tip: Enter my Account number (TG061795) for 20% off of your Classified Advertising! **First Week is Free!** http://One-RBS-Plaza.com/mktplc


No, but if the infection is a small cronic area & has cleared up & the tooth is quite tight & not jepordizing the adjacent teeth you could go as long as possible with it. Also if it must come out you can usually have a bonded on bridge attached to the back of teeth next to the one that came out - not having to cut the other teeth down hardly at all except for a couple of grooves on the back of each tooth & room for HIGH NOBLE GOLD on the back only - false tooth made of Porcelain baked to gold. Bonded in - holes in the gold = better attachment = can see one of our bridges done that way = hard to figure out looking at it. No gold shows. Copy this - have your dentist refer you to one that does this if he doesn't ... if the tooth must go - - - you will have to have a temporary stayplate made first. This will allow for totao healing first before the bridge is made & gives you time to find the right person to do it. (also if conditions are perfect - you might consider having a prosthedontist placing a single post implant with one crown) good luck doc hemp.
Susan Wrote: 7/19/97 Thank you!!!! Page is great and I think I want one of those little blue and white numbers myself! Think I could get it for $995? Susan Susan Hedrick-Chaffin schaffin@wtco.net BTW .... Don't happen to practice in CT do you? Probably too long a commute from CA ... but I'd give anything for a dentist with a sense of humor .... or one who just knows the definition ... GREAT pages!
Subject: Congratulations!! Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 23:11:58 +0100 From: Nuno Ventura To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Dave, I'm a dental student in Portugal, and i'm just letting you know how much fun i had going through your site. Keep up the good work !!! Best Regards!! Nuno Ventura
Robert Bickerton MD wrote: the kids and i had a great time jigging round the pc to your sounds

Glad U enjoyed it! Thanks 4 the E.M.
D. Hemp
Subject: New(est) Page Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 23:07:02 -0700 From: Tom Oczkewecz To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Hi: as usual great, but is / was Packard once spelled Pacard??, as on the Jay Leno page? Anyway, things as usual around here, flying here and there and enjoying every bit that we can. T & C


oK, Thans Karol for the missing K. Hee-hee! It might have been next kxmas before I visited that kpage again to knotice it. I should have at least sent Macard like I sent Pacard! Like we say in Harleydom - eep the rubber side down when landing!
Juan Kule Dude
Tracy Putt Tracy Putt wrote: 7/27/97 I really enjoyed your page. I'm a dental technician in the Air Force stationed in Japan and am trying to get ideas to create our own web page. I started clicking on dental sites and came across yours; it was the only one that I read all the way through. Thanks, Tracy Putt
Tracy, thanks for the kind words, I see U use internet explorer. If you switch to Netscape Navigator 4.0 you will see many more animations etc. on the web. Be sure to send me your url when you get your page up - I'll be happy to put a link to you! Don't let those doc's there give you any trouble! Tell em Doc Hemp will have some of his Harley friends over there ride over their faces - hee hee! regards, Doc Hemp - p.s. Better luck with your golf!
Subject: Delayed response to your mail Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 20:29:08 -0400 From: Frank David Murphy To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Doc, I wrote once before when I first discovered your magnificent site which is now becoming some kind of "Modern Wonder of the World" .... (Good bar bet: ask someone to name the Seven Ancient ones .... well, come to think of it that might depend on the kind of bars ya hang out in). I was amazed that you actually answered even though you'd just returned from vacation.

Anyway, I said that you'd brought a breath of fresh air to the net and now it's becoming a gale !!!!

Unfortunately my ISP has gotten all cocked up in some sort of Management Revolution cum Saturday Night Massacre so I've had to fall back on AOL, Compuserve and the net interface at work until circa August 1 when the revolutionaries will have won out and everything will be back to normal.

I went to your Music Room and now I have to go dig through all of my old albums and find my original Ventures in Space album with "Pipeline" on it ... ah, the burden that you've laid upon me.

You know what impresses me? Well, by way of introduction, I write software but down at the operating system level .... the kind of stuff like managing the transmission of packets of bits across the net. What impresses me is the ART that somebody else is able to build on top of that. It's kinda like the guy who dug the hole and then comes around and looks at the building that was built in his hole.

It kinda makes it all worthwhile if I remember your page while I'm spending days and nights trying to figure out why in the name of the devil that particular 16 bits in that particular place in that particular internet transmission packet are all goofed up. My crummy little page ain't much since I just dig the holes ..... but it does send people out to see you. Thanks for what you do, D.M.

Frank, Thanks for the kind words!! What is the url 2 your site? I'd like to check it out - I see you last sent us a note 6/13/97 before this one. I think we put it up in our reading room #3. Will put this one up 2 in a few. regards, Doc Hemp
Subject: Re: Hog Roasting Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 07:14:34 -0700 From: Simon Godfrey To: dochemp@c-zone.net References: 1 , 2 Dave & Becky Thanks very much for your advice about roasting a pig that you gave us a few weeks ago. We actually cooked an 80lb pig on Saturday, having spent several hours the night before with stinging fingers peeling 500 cloves of garlic and slotting it into holes in the pig. The morning came and we were off at 8.00am to collect the tray and spit from the hire shop. Had our first coals ready by 10.00am, by which time we had also wired the pig to the spit. We were off! Quarter of an hour later it started to drizzle... no problem, we are used to that in London. The drizzle soon turned into a *very* serious downpour, and we had to abandon the cooking in order to rush to the local shop and get a huge sheet of polythene and some washing line so we could put up canopies over the patio and over the area where we were roasting the pig. Another worry was that a friend who was staying with us had not come back, and he had the corrugated iron for a second fire to get the coals ready, the PA for the live music, and another tarpaulin with him! The rain grew so thick that it was hard to see the house from the garden. A gallon or so of water was gathering in bulges in the plastic, and we had water streaming down our armpits through all our clothes as we reached up to clear it. By this time the fire had gone out, which at least made it easier to put up a canopy over and round it. Finally our friend arrived, safe and bringing what we needed. The guests started to arrive at about 2pm. We had all just changed out of our totally-wet clothes and the pig was once again roasting merrily in the garden, so everything looked the picture of order. Of course, by now we had lost a lot of roasting time. People kept suggesting that we should carve the meat off gradually from the outside like a kebab, but we kept showing them the print-out of your website and the email and saying we didn't think that would work very well. The rain stopped, possibly in the face of our refusal to give up in a long stream of calls from friends asking if the party was still on! Eventually came the moment of triumph when our new meat thermometer told us that the beast was done, and we were able to start serving our hungry guests. I think that was at about 5 or 6 o'clock, but by then my sense of time was a bit blurred by cider consumption. Everyone loved it, of course. In fact it wasn't far from being completely finished which, considering that a quite a few people we invited were not so weather-brave, was remarkable as we'd actually catered for more. Thank you again for your advice.It was fun. Simon & Sarah ___________________________________________________ email: simon@sgodfrey.demon.co.uk website: http://www.demon.co.uk/rye-bred/index.html phone: only joking!
Subject: Dentistry Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 13:46:19 -0500 From: Phil To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Dr. Hemp,
I wanted to commend you on giving such good and honest advice for future dentists. While I am still only an undergrad at Tulane University in New Orleans, La, I have aspirations of becoming a great dentist such as yourself. Actually, I am particularly interested in Cosmetic Dentistry, which is what got me interested in dentistry in the first place. I was wondering if you could offer any advice on the profession...the good and bad, and something that a prosective dental student may not know or expect about dental school and practicing. I have a pre-dental homepage up now, and I want to be able to put as much truthful and useful information up as I can, not only for the WWW, but for myself as well. Thanks again for creating such a helpful page. Hope to hear from you soon. Phil Hoang Hopeful D.D.S. qhoang@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu http://studentweb.tulane.edu/~qhoang http://studentweb.tulane.edu/~qhoang/dental.html
Phil, We have just returned from 2 weeks vacation, over 4000 miles on the Harleys, etc. wasn't sure if I had responded to your really nice e-mail - have almost 800 messages right now on my desk top ... I have no particular additional advice but to keep those grades up! Take that $700 course on the DAT review! Keep focused, set your goals, don't ever do anything you don't have to - really put yourself in that chair - if you do that - you WILL END UP THE BUSIEST DENTIST IN TOWN EVENTUALLY! Many of the others start fast with advertising gimmiks & concentrate on production only! & the most finanial advantages way for them to do a case. ..... You can charge for what you do, & the time to do it right! Just make a point that the patient gets their moneys worth! You have to be able to make money to eventually aquire the best equipment, etc. Much success to you & yours!!! Doc Hemp
Sid, No I don't other than what I had read! Sounds very interesting if it would work even 1/2 as well as they claim!! I think it will need a year or so to prove its self - - - unless the cost is so affordable no one has anything to lose! doc hemp Sid Agrawal wrote: Dave, Enclosed is the press release from Biora I mentioned a couple of months ago. They claim "Endogain", when applied to tooth root surface during periodontal flap surgery, patients regained two-third of bone loss. Do you have any experience with this? Regards, Sid ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monday August 25 7:31 AM EDT Company Press Release Source: BIORA AB BIORA Obtains Marketing Clearance for EMDOGAIN(R) in Canada CHICAGO, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- BIORA, AB (Nasdaq: BIORY, SSE: BIOR) today announced that its lead product, EMDOGAIN(R), has been reviewed and found to meet the requirements of the Canadian medical devices regulation. The company expects to launch EMDOGAIN in Canada on October 13. Canada is the twelfth country in which Biora has obtained marketing clearance for EMDOGAIN. Applied in gel form on the tooth-root surface during periodontal flap surgery, EMDOGAIN promotes the regain of tooth-supporting tissues and reattachment of the tooth. In clinical studies in the United States and Sweden, periodontists reported that in patients with severe loss of tooth support, periodontal defects treated with EMDOGAIN regained two-thirds of bone lost, compared with no gain or further loss experienced in untreated defects in the same patient. Every year, more than five million periodontal flap surgeries are performed worldwide. Sales and marketing efforts for Canada will be managed out of Biora's Chicago-based subsidiary, Biora, Inc., under the direction of the subsidiary's President, Donna Jenks. BIORA develops, manufactures, markets and sells products for the treatment of periodontal disease and for use in oral surgery. Using its proprietary technology and expertise, BIORA aims to become a world leader in biology-based products for specialized dental therapy.


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