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This page Dedicated to
See 3 photos below with his beautiful wife Diane

He has contributed a lot to our reading rooms over the last few years and has been a big supporter of BAD Chariots & all our Harley sites! He is also a hard core rider that has been riding Harleys for 40 years. He knows many riders from all over the country. He will also help other bikers with legal consultation on their problems too.

Doc & Becky's Harley Reading Room - material since 7/31/97

Reading from 11/8/97

Don E. Ballard wrote: Doc: I truely beleive that what was the Redwood Run is a prime example of what happens when non-bikers stage bikers events. They are in it for the money, we are in it for the fun. The Feather River Run is another example. Now called the Belden Town Biker Bash, it was taken away from the bikers because the owner of the saloon saw the potential for profit. It went right in the toilet. Cut back on the enertainment, lower the quality of food, lessen the accommadations and raise the prices. They would be much happier if we just sent in our ticket price and didn't show up. Recall that the MDA went down a simular path. Rather than being able to "buy" a ticket and gather donations, they made a minimum basic "donation pledge" mandantory to get a ticket ( that means if you couldn't collect the pledges, you had to pay for them) This is the outfit for which bikers had raised eight million dollars. From now on, if it ain't sponsored by _________ (fill in) Club/ Association/ Biker's Rights Group/Scooter Tramps, etc., I will pass. We can get on the phone and probably gather 40-50 GOOD people to ride off to a camp ground, or saloon (with camping) and have a Whoooopie Dooooo good weekend, and not be mis-treated. And, for a lot less dead Presidents. (I know it can happen, we have done it at Bambi Inn many times.) Before I retired from the Club, we put on the "Wildwood Poker Run" . We limited the tickets to 150, kept the price at $15 each, fed really good, gave out run pins, had acceptable bands ( no big names), sold tee shirts (at $10 each, not $20) , the bar sold the drinks and we always, I mean always, had one hell-of-a- good time. Never needed Security, made just enough profit to front the next 'run', and never had a ticket left over. (we also never turned any one away if they had ridden that far and we were out of meal tickets - the Patch Holders would give up theirs) This was: of bikers, by bikers, for bikers. Kind of a brotherhood thing. I am going to think about this (if my mind ever clears- wow! ever clear! - funny how great things just pop into your mind) and talk more about it later. Yours in Brotherhood


If you are a Harley rider & have any thoughts on this please e-mail them in here to doc hemp so we can post them in the Harley Reading Room.
Amazing! Diane and I were talking about that. Earlier, Doc Bush called with the e-mail for Thunder Press so we could alert Reg about our feelings on this subject. May try some Letters to the Editor at Super Cycle, Easy Rider (used to be tight with those guys) ect. We may not change City Hall, but we can shit on the steps. Sailor

Speaking of the Redwood Run - Check out these 3 Blood Thirsty Harley Riders below taken by Reg from Thunderpress - I scanned it off the article about the redwood run! From your left - we have Dave (hog painter) Bryant, (some times when he's sober I let him paint a car or motorcyle of mine! Hee-hee!) Rick (hog sticker) Allison, & (Scarry Gary) Dingman! Now these guys had a blast at the Redwood Run! Those old timers that had a lot of camping stuff, etc. are the most disappointed as they remember how much help & fun they had in the old days! I only stayed for a couple hours as we wanted to take the back way along the coast thru Honeyman & Petroia to Ferndale. Doc Hemp.

Louise wrote: Just surfing through looking for organizations of HOGS. Hubby always wanted one. Had to settle for a (cough,cough) Honda. Son learned on an Indian. Question Linda Peavy on Dan Cook's Indian, is that the Dan Cook of sportscasting fame in San Antonio?
Hey Doc, Just stopped by to oggle Linda on the Indian. Indian's logo said "....Indian Motocycle Co...." there was no "r" - stange, what? My best to Old Man Dan ( I'll take the bike at any time) Sailor
Super Page..... I don't know how I got here ,But glad I made it. Could you tell me how you made the marble backround? I think it looks Great.I would love to have one That say's Brians Harley Davidson... Sounds Like we got alot in common... I like Harleys ( I own 2) Sport trucks and Hot Rods...Got a 96 chevyfull size,lowered custom paint and all the goodies, I'm into G-scale trains...I have one that runs arond my Family-Dinning-Kithen rooms area...about 150 running feet with two trains....I run mostly the shorter "European" style cars cuz I cot several sharp radius corners. Looking foward to hearing from you.. Brian Babb
We are Skyway Harley Tours of Florida. Please check out our site at: for your next organized Harley tour in the U.S. Sincerely, Todd Wormser P.S. We absolutely love your website with the music. Well done!
dave and becky, i am a business owner in daytona beach, and i was wondering if you might have information on upcoming rallies in our area, in which i may possibly become a vendor. we specialize in body piercing, exotic tabacco pipes, silver jewelry and clothing. any information or referals would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance, your brother on wheels, joey.
Doc Mike,
If you see Rich Teerlink, Joe Dowd, Mike Keefe, Linda Peevy, Paul Raap, Bill Davidson at the European HOG Rally - Please tell them Doc Hemp says Hi!! Will maybe see them at the Portland Oregon Rally in August. Tell them how great it is for us HOG members to get to know each other through the internet - I bugged HD & sent info for over a year to get them on the internet at all.

Hi Doc Hemp,
after more than 4000miles weīre back home and it has been a crazy trip! We had everything from faulty transmissions to several defect regulators and batteries - try to get spare parts in central spain!!! Anyway, central spainīs landscape is fantastic and can be best compared with northern New Mexico or parts of western Texas. We walked on the roots of the new world when we rode our hogs on the plazas of Trujillo (birthplace of Francisco Pizarro) or stayed overnight in the Real Monasterio of the Black Madonna of Guadalupe (where Columbus planned and started his excursions - finally he named his flagship "Santa Maria" for that reason). Spain has a fantastic hotel chain, called the "Paradores". These are mostly reconstructed old castles, now used as hotels. You can check them out on the internet, look for "paradores de espana" in "Yahoo" or a similar search engine. Ckeck out our places in Jaen, Guadalupe, Ciudad Rodrigo, Trujillo, Siguenza and Olite!!! As for the road, we had everything: Great scenic roads as well as dirt roads, where our Harleys sank saddlebag-deep into the mud and we had to push them out with one of us sitting atop, the rest pushing on the bike! At one place, we needed one hour for 300 feet! Well, after two weeks we finally made it to Biarritz in friendly France and you can see a few of these pics in our internet-site. I did not meet any of the persons you mentioned above. I did talk with some European representatives, but I have the feeling that they donīt even know what weīre talking about when it comes to the internet. O.K., thats the news for today. Maybe you want to make a trip through Spain now? O.K., come on out with us - itīs pure adventure!
See You Doc Mike
Hey Dave and Becky, We have been roaming round your place for a while now and have loved it. You are a very funny dentisit. Hope that is what you were aimin' to be when you grew up. Ya'll look just as good (or better) at the Biker's thingy as you did on your wedding day. You have some very interestin' dentist stuff and we'll bookmark just in case we need some advice. As for the fishin, well, we've been working and living in Arkansas right on the Arkansas (and I mean right on it!). We love to fish but lately the fish have had a lot better luck than we have. Ya'll seem like nice folks so come visit us sometime at Thanks for letting us visit you and get to know ya'll. Bye, Wendell and Charlotte Crane
Great page there HEMPsters... Granny on the hog is a hoot... You will be on our links page 'fur sure'... Dick - Peoples RepubliK of Chino
Subject: Vallejo H.O.G. Poker Run Date: Sun, 06 Jul 1997 08:59:35 -0700 From: Steve Allbritton Organization: None To:

Steve Allbritton wrote:
Just wanted to inform you of our upcoming poker run on August 10th. The advertising for the run can be found in ThunderPress on page 41 of the July issue. Your Chapter should have recieved ~25 flyers via the mail for this event. If you never ridden on Mare Island Naval Shipyard then this is your chance. Included in the ride will be ~8 - 9 miles on the shipyard. There are some fantastic sights to be seen here and at our other stops. Hope to see your Chapter there in full force. Keep the Rubber Down
Steve Allbritton Historical Poker Run Committee Chairman Vallejo Chapter H.O.G.


Well folks,
Believe it or not - Doc Hemp had to ride to the 50th by his lonesome - the original guy who talked me into booking our Thursday out flaked out on me! Tried to leave Thursday the 3rd early = stopped by Chico HD to get some tweaking done on the new 10 month face lift done on my 92 Heritage Classic. (see photo below) Did it to compliment the white & blue 1997 Heritage Springer that Becky usually rides.

Found out the rear tire was also history. After changing it, etc. it was almost noon & 98 degrees! Did the smart thing - went home & left at 6:00 am sharp on the 4th - did 305 miles in less than 5 hrs.

Stopped at the Ramada Inn on hwy 33 near the 156 cut off. Walked up to the desk & picked up a nice room for $49. on a cancelation = "Just Go! It Always Works Out!" Hemp 3:16!

Rode around the back to my room to shed the leathers & windshield & into a swarm of Hell's Angels meeting there to ride into Hollister as a group! We exchanged pleasantries, dropped a few mutual friends names, I looked like a Pillsbury Dough Boy Thrown into a bunch of Hulk Hogans!!!! They were very pleasant - or let me put it this way - THEY LET ME LIVE ANOTHER DAY!! Hee-hee!!

The ride to Hollister was a pleasant 36 miles for most - not doc - I took a wrong turn after one of the Hell's Angels told me about a short cut! Added another 24 miles - (my fault really - I mis-understood him)

IT WAS JUST LIKE STURGIS FOLKS - HOT, CROWDED, BUT BURNOUTS, ETC. I found the Hell's Angels again on main street ( they beat me there - wonder why?) with ice water squirtguns - squirting all the girls (you know) & getting them show it off! It was like Sturgis was 10 years ago!
Took me an hour & a half to ride through main street & around again! Bought a couple really black tee shirts. Had fun! Great Food! Continuous Thunder with no clouds in sight!
The bike was hot .. I was hot... finally saw 2 blocks of day light! Lit up the back tire rapped it hard thru 2nd with the 1into 1 Pacho Pipes! (know what I mean?) hit the brakes HARD. Looked to my left & there not 2 feet away was an all white Hollister Police Car with 2 officers in it! I calmly asked the passenger closest to me .... do I make a left here for route 156? He said yes, with a big grin on his face ... I edged in front of his car & behind the one in front of his (& wished I had worn my depends!)
You guys that stayed home missed a wild party!! Corbin spent $600,000. on their Rally Site! Huge circus tents everywhere with bails of hay for everyone to sit on! Stepenwolf Played Saturday. Sat around Fri night late on the grass smokin cigars & tellin lies! There were tons of Harley folk stayin at the Ramada.
I always leave early & cool - had to ride back alone too!
Doc Hemp
THE RAT'S HOLE GANG wrote: 7/11/97
Doc.. Nice pages.. great art etc etc etc.. Thanks for the advise on Netscape 4.. I know not toooooo much.. and I have been for the last 4 months putting on shows in Italy, April June and playing the rest of the time... Wrong... Now I have to get to work... I will come back someday after Sturgis to get you to catch me up on what I need etc... I do my own HTML learned the hard way no books.. and I no nothing much.. Just a simple page or two..
Right now I can not understand why my link page worlds ,flags stop.. I never had that before with the other Co.. but they went out of business and was moved to another.. Now I stop.. ha... Oh Well back to my Ratty Rag Paper .. only 7 days left to get 24 pages done.. Thanks for the help..Big Daddy Rat.. Karl

-- ************************************* The Rat's Hole Custom Chopper Shows
P.O. Box 11-111
St.Petersburg, Florida. 33733
Rat's Hole Custom Bike Show
Sturgis S.D. Aug 8th Friday City Park
Daytona Biketoberfest Nov 1 Sat.
in the Ocean Center

Karl, "Big Daddy Rat"
Thanks 4 the link! I also learned the hard way = still type all the html out even though I use Hot Dog pro version to save files. Your flags are moving just fine! For you & anyone else that is having problems with them - clear your disk & memory cache through netscape - go to preferences - then Cache - a warning sign will pop up after you hit the clear button - ignore it - clear both the memory & disk cache. Your site will download slow the first time again just as it does for everyone else the first time they access it. Maybe see you at your bike show on the 8th.
Best Regards, Doc Hemp
Big Daddy Rat Wrote: 7/13/97
Doc... You state I need to buy 4 or 5 netscape.. I just came from Office depot. and they had Netscape GOLD.. So I decided to make sure before I make another mistake in Life ha.. I use Picture Perfect and just found out that it works well for what I need.. See One Sample..I like adding the names etc. Which I did today to a few bikes on Essen Winners page. Best of Show Hines and 3rd Runner up .. They told me that netscape 4 is beta...?? Oh yes I clear cache and it helped..Karl BDR


Karl, (Big Daddy Rat)
The Final Version 4.01 is even out - just click to the Netscape download site from my index page & order direct = it's $28 cheaper than the stores, & that's when the stores finally sell it! As the stores won't put it out till the older stuff is gone!

I am going to add that bike in the Harley Reading Room, your Rat too! In fact if you send me all the 1997 winners or 10 of your best bikes EVER I'll give U your own page to click up to from our BAD Chariots Site! With a hot e-mail link from that page directly to you.

Karl, I don't know where you get all your energy to do all the traveling you do!! You are a Harley Legend! It is a pleasure getting to know you a little bit!
And, Your website is still one of the best Harley Sites on the net you know!!! Us old timers that do it all ourselves have sites with different flavors than the fill in the spaces ones ALL HAVE!!! Your animations & graphics are tops - that is what makes them bookmark & tell their friends. Don't let them talk U into making it to fast & Plain text like all the others. In 2 years ALL will be trying to do sites like ours because of instant satillite downloads!
Also, if you ever get an e-mail from me not addressed to you it is because I sent it Blind CC to you too! - that means that I can mass mail without anyone knowing who I sent anything to or see their e-mail addresses. it's the only confidential way to do it.
regards, Doc. wrote: 7/16/97


Drop me an e-mil if any of you guys are ever planning on passing up I 5 through Redding. I will give you our phone # to stop & give me a call, ... if on the Harleys, might ride up the road with you a ways. Or have you stop by the house for a beer etc. for a while. L8ER2U2 Doc - "Dandy Dave"
Big Johnson wrote: 7/19/97 Big Johnson
I am shocked. Your promotion of the unusual and potentially dangerous lifestyles borders on reckless!
Thank God! I have been entirely serious all day long. Your site has been a humorous and welcome relief. I've been looking for tech info and the like for my 74 Sportser. What web-pages or books would you recommend. Maybe I should explain. I recently (and finally) got my grubby paws on my first Harley (Hoo-Ah!). I've been told to expect to have to do a lot of regular tightening and general maintenance. No prob, I've been riding for ten years. I can do the very basics, change oil, tighten chains, etc. Since you mention Harleys (and I found this site through the Longriders) I though I would pick your cranium for ideas. - Toad!

Welcome to the REAL BIKERS WORLD!!!!! I loved that wav file = I placed it on the Jay Leno page at the top of BAD Chariots! I am going to send a copy of this to Don Ballard "Sailor" He is up on the older bikes & will know who to send you to! Thanks for the kind words (I think).Hee-hee! All HOG Chapters are sponsered by Harley Dealers Only! So, just call the closest dealers to where you will be & that is where the HOG Chapter will be. Will put this up in the new Harley Room!
L8ER2U Doc Hemp
Hey there! Yep, just got done cruising yer site. Very cool! I felt right at home in Reading Room #4. Yep, lit up my Arturo Fuente, nuked my java, put some Stevey Ray Vaughn on my cd player and got into it. Do you have any info on Harley groups in the Montana area (where I'm stationed at), or the Panama City, FL area (where I'll be stationed next), or NM (where I'm from)? Well, time to kick start the sporty and hit la calle. !Vayo con Dios! - Toad
Sailor Wrote: 7/20/97 Toad: Doc sent me a copy of your messages about your bike. Cool, man you have an "Iron Barrel" 1000cc, great scoot. I rode a '72 Sporty for nine years - however, it had Trock Big Bore jugs (1200cc),Sifton Warrior cams, lifters and roller rocker arms (9,000rpm), 10:1 pistons, dual plug reworked heads and a 40mm Zenith Carb. IT WAS FAST! and scary. First thing I would do is go to a dealer and get a factory service manual, then a CCI (or other aftermarket parts catalog ). Next hook up with HOG, or some group of real riders, there will always be one that has tons of experience on Sportys ( careful with HOG -types some of them didn't ride before Evos, look for the graying beards). Lastly, I would find me a non-dealer shop ( because dealers get over $50 an hr.) - but one that knows their shit. Listen to other riders, they will tell you what the real "skinny" on local shops -there are good ones and bad ones. My best advice is: leave it stock. the more you do, the more work it takes to keep it running. You have done good, the '74 was a good one. Let me know if I can help you. Sailor
Longrider Wrote: 7/20/97
You mean people ACTUALLY get PAID to do this?!? Thanks for the kind words, what started as a commercial venture has turned into an enjoyable hobbie. I always appreciate the kind words as I'm a mechanic, not a computer whiz. Anyway, I moved the Redding Chapter to the proper category. Also checked out your site ya'll oughta be proud of the job you've done, great site! RIDE SAFE! Rick Pauley aka Longrider
Subject: Home Page
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 21:24:02 -0700
From: "Lawrence J.Corcoran"
Hey, What a great page!! Got a real grin out of it! Must admit I was impressed by it! Espically someone who's into scooters, speed and old Chevrolets (the Impala Link) I just restored a 72 Impala Sport Coupe for my youngest son (his 18th birthday present) I ride a 92 FLHTCU and a Way Bad Wicked Nasty 79 Superglide with All S&S internals and nitrous (this is the one I chase down the grocerys with!! Glad you stopped by our page and if we (Q.B.F.F.W) are ever in your neck of the woods we will give ya a hollar!! Stay quick and always keep the shiny side up!!!


Thanks for the great e-mail! Put you guys up in our cool links room & this e-mail in the Harley Reading Room.
Speaking of the impala page! Put another shot of the 60 chev convertible that we had on the Kool April Nites page over there 2. Bet your son loves that 72 Impala sport coupe!!! Another one on the road! Yes!
Talk about your 79 Super Glyde! I Am putting all S&S Cases & lower end in my 89 Springer now! = 89 cases were bad to begin with, mine blew, but Harley won't replace them! If they wouldn't build to the BARE MINIMUM required, the after market stuff wouldn't be selling more than Harley is it self!
What part of the country are youse guys from? And please give us a holler if out our way if even for an hour or so if that's all either of us has! ( THAT GOES FOR ALL OUR CYBER FRIENDS!)
BQWIK is what's on my license plate! Really! If my Springer gets any faster they said I'd need a pilots license! L8ER, DOC
Subject: Date: Mon, 21 Jul 97 08:15:52 PDT From: Don "E." Ballard To:

Doc: Bill Bushling, who builds the super charger systems for Harleys, and I were neighbors and friends ( I assume, we still are friends) for many yaers when I lived in Orland. He also was the devoloper of the Bush-Tec bike trailers and lots of other good stuff. I have many "Bill Stories", but this is one of my favorites. Bill and I have another friend in Orland named "Tee Dub ". Tee Dub has been riding for over 50 years, he is a Harley Master, holds a "Magnum Road Dog" award and is a retired Patch Holder. Well, he had a really clean '47 Knuckle Head and Bill had lusted mightly after it for years and finally ended up with it. Bill went completely through the bike and returned every thing possible back to "factory Fresh", then added a stock sidecar. He took this rig to the Bay Area one fine weekend to do some profiling, styling and smiling. Either, he forgot that a Knucke's motor will pull it a damn- sight- faster than the stock brakes will stop it, or under estimated the effect of gravity on it's mass as he went down a hill in San Francisco at full throttle. (the formula for that effect is : hill + gravity X speed - brakes = OH SHIT !!!) Bill tee-boned a cage and took the front end off the Knucke. He was heard muttering all the 150-odd miles back to Orland riding in the tow truck, "...that ain't gonna happen again..." After settling his shattered nerves with a wee little sip (or two) of Tony Bettencourt's best home-made, and rolling in uncontrolable laugther, the decision was made that "Dual Brake Sysytems" would be the answer to his dilemia. The front was easy as he just added a tab to the lower leg and mounted a Sporty drum. The back was almost as easy, it was a '72 Sporty Drum with the riveted sprocket. An earlier Sporty rear hub with the internal drum was subed for the sidecar. Now this beast had 5 brake drums and would put you over the handles bars at any speed. Off he goes to the Bay Area again, but this time to an Antique Bike show. This motorcycle and sidecar are not just nice, they are outstanding, they draw a crowd at every stop. Old men get tears in their eyes, old women get all dreamy looking and little boys act like they have experienced their first orgasm. Hardened Road Riders crawl underneath trying to find a defect, which ain't there - then they offer to buy the rig. The Antique Show is no exception. Finally one of the Judges comes and ask Bill, "....What model is this with the Dual Brakes...." Bill, whose mechanical genius is only exceeded by his quick wit and sense of humor, without blinking an eye, says, " is the Experimental Mountain Model.... Damn few of 'em left...." The Judge thanks him and leaves. He did not get dis-qualified ! There ain't no moral to this story, it is just as story about a guy and his bike. Sailor
7/27/97 Just wanted to remind you of the Vallejo H.O.G.'s 1st Annual Poker Run to take place on August 10th, 1997. Sign ins are at HD of Vallejo, 1600 Sonoma Blvd. Vallejo, Ca. See our Ad in the June, July & August issue of Thunder Press. This run will be differant in that we will be visiting historical sites in southern Solano County. Included is 8+miles around Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Come try out a very differant Poker Run. We will finish run on the Vallejo Waterfront for all the usual fare.
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 97 15:20:49 -0700 From: sam burg To:
Dear D&B, This is the craziest web page I have seen. Obvious proof that you are using to much mercury in your practice or there is a N2O leak if you use it in your office. I wish I had all day to look at everything at this site. I did not think I would find a dental site while looking for Harley sites. I took a poker run yesterday with LA1 and the San Jose HOG chapters yesterday and was looking for LA's website and found you. I have a pediatric dental practice in Santa Maria and also enjoy fun toys. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to watching for updates. Ride safely. Sam Burg
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 12:37:18 -0700 From: Nelson Johnson Organization: Fargonasphere To: Hi Dave and Becky, Yes, it's true, without Interplak I'd probably be wearing dentures. Don't floss (bad, bad) but find that a thorough workout with the swirlin' bristles keeps the cavities at bay. Love yer page! Lots of fun. I'm having a 96" stroker shovelhead (vintage '68) built as a BAAAAAAD chopper. Won't be finished for Sturgis this year, but next year I will be there, and hope to see you guys. Am originally from Wisconsin. Born in Hustisford (near Madison) and survived a delinquent youth in Fond Du Lac. Have relatives all over the state, but many gone now. Now live in San Francisco and love it! Am a contract computer programmer - watta life. Now ride a '95 Suzuki Savage LS650 single that is a lot more powerful and full of torque than it seems. Surprises quite a few bikers on crotch rockets, particurlrarlily when the light changes to green. Ride free. In the wind. Nelson
Subject: Room Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 09:30:42 -0400 From: Tim Morris To: Hey I was just checking out your page and seen you were looking for a room ....Once you get there you may want to call Rushmore manor in Keystone, SD Cool place to be catch me there ..I ride a seafoam green flh 70 with flames, they always have rooms open it seems ...take care....Hogpainter PS the number is 1-605-666-4443
Subject: Interplak has saved my teeth! Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 12:37:18 -0700 From: Nelson Johnson Organization: Fargonasphere To: Hi Dave and Becky, Yes, it's true, without Interplak I'd probably be wearing dentures. Don't floss (bad, bad) but find that a thorough workout with the swirlin' bristles keeps the cavities at bay. Love yer page! Lots of fun. I'm having a 96" stroker shovelhead (vintage '68) built as a BAAAAAAD chopper. Won't be finished for Sturgis this year, but next year I will be there, and hope to see you guys. Am originally from Wisconsin. Born in Hustisford (near Madison) and survived a delinquent youth in Fond Du Lac. Have relatives all over the state, but many gone now. Now live in San Francisco and love it! Am a contract computer programmer - watta life. Now ride a '95 Suzuki Savage LS650 single that is a lot more powerful and full of torque than it seems. Surprises quite a few bikers on crotch rockets, particurlrarlily when the light changes to green. Ride free. In the wind. Nelson
Subject: Question from Ohio Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 22:58:32 -0400 From: "GWILL" To: Hi Doc! Nice site!!! Do you know Paul Wheeler from Van Nuys? He has 3 bikes on the Dream Girls 1997 calendar. His mother has a 1963 LAPD trike which she used to ride while working for LAPD. Paul has just finished a police bike that won 1/st prize at DelMar. George Willer Fremont, OH Good judgement comes from experience-- Experience comes from bad judgement--
Subject: Hello fellow HOG member, Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 18:37:18 -0700 From: Mike McPherson Reply-To: To: Hello fellow HOG member, my name is NitrosMike and I am one of the 13 original charter members of HOG. I have added your HOG link to my homepage at Home for the Homeless Biker as a service to other bikers. If you do not want a link here please e mail me. If you like my page please add a link to mine at yours. Keep the rubber side down and good luck, NitrosMike.
Subject: Thanks Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 08:52:37 -0700 From: William Pearson Organization: S & B Enterprises To: Thanks for the great time in the land of surfing..Really enjoyed you page.. I ride a 78 1/2 FXE..home built and ready at all times..Member of the 'Retreads M.C.' Come join us for a FUN ride..Sacto! Later dazes Doc.. Buffalo -- Don't ride in front of me; I may not follow... Don't ride behind me; I may not lead.... But ride beside me; As my Brother.... S & B Enterprises William M. Pearson Susan K. Pearson 1044 Burns Way,Stockton, CA. 95209 (209) 474-9531 E-mail:
Subject: Kindred Spirit Date: Mon, 18 Aug 97 08:00:40 PDT From: Don "E." Ballard To: Doc: Look at this page, and read the "Random Thoughts". This guy is one of us. How have you been, my friend? And Becky? The kids? Good, good. I picked up a trailer for the bike, been restoring it (it is of some age), rewiring, intalling the tow rig Tee Dub gave me about six years ago, etc. Just having fun. With the trailer, either, we can go further and stay longer,or, Diane can carry more "girl stuff" for a normal weekend. You missed the Bambi Inn Fun Run (a week ago last Sat). It was good, mellow brotherhood amonmgst people of our age-group (21-74). We didn't even have to beat up the band! They played what we wanted to hear. R&R. We ARE going to Willow Creek over the Labor Day (3 days) weekend for the "Big Foot Festival", I have about 8 camp sites reserved at a motel( with rooms - for Becky's benifit) and we would love it if you guys could go, you are sure more than welcome. (You can even bring Crusty Rusty, if he can get out of the air conditioning long enough to start-and ride- his bike. Must be awful getting old!) If you choose to accompany us on our little sjourn, let me know and tell me where to meet you, as we are going 299. (early take off) Sunday we are planning a side trip to Eureka, Ferndale, etc. (Sailor's Victorian Home Tour - you understand.) Hey! Sat. nite we could go to Hoopa, get drunk with the Indians, and tear the bar up! Wow! What fun! :-) Saty in touch. Yours in Eternal Brotherhood. Sailor
Subject: Re: Beckity Date: Mon, 25 Aug 97 07:15:02 PDT From: Don "E." Ballard To: "C." David Hemp "D.D.S" Gezzzzz! If I had known there was a Brit Festival that close, we might shot for that....Oh well, If the Big Foots don't show up in record number we might make a different plan for nex year. I want to go places and see things we haven't done before. To much "been there...etc..." I'm jaded, need new excitment, younger women, older whiskey, faster Harleys, and a another chance! We would love to come to visit you and Becky, but Sept. looks like a whore's dance card. The 6th and 20th are taken by weddings I have to perform (and somewhere in there is Rev. Steve's 50th B'day party) - that's my stuff, I haven't checked with the boss ...yet. I hate to ask for a rain check, cause'n it's a gonna happen to soon anyway! I guess between your schedule and my schedule, it just shows what popularity two good looking, heavy hung, well swung, fantastic, plastic lovers can acheive when they have the good taste to ride the best. We will get up there.......some day. Later, my brother Sailor
Subject: Portland H.O.G. Rally Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 01:58:17 -0700 From: (Mike Gill) To:

Hello Doc,
With my work schedule , I only was able to attend the display on the Burnside Bridge , which was open to the general public, so some of this info is second hand, but factual.
The rally started Thursday 21 Aug. and lasted til Saturday at the Multnomah Co. Expo Center. About 5,000 people were in attendance including Willy G. Davidson. Nine tractor trailer brought the H-D traveling museum and 35 new '98 models for test rides and about 20 for display.
H.O.G. Members paid $40 a Head to attend three days of fun , games and seminars on restoration ,safe riding,photography,and H-D servicing. Dave Barr talked each day about his Trans-Russia trip on a 883 Sportster.
There was also a ride through Old Town Portland from the Expo Center to the Burnside Bridge With a Showing of close to 2,000 Bikes on Display on the closed Bridge til sundown. I saw lots of New bikes and some beautiful older shovels and pans,But mostly Newer Evos. On Sunday a few left Portland for a Road Trip to Portland, Maine , Maybe Someone might have more to add about that journey. So Long For Now Hope to see you in the Wind Mike (Strange) Gill
Dear Doc, Hope you had a great weekend. I didn't get any riding in. I had to go to the Bay Area. As for our trip route this summer I would highly recommend it for a summer trip. We went up through Glacier National Park and stayed at the Many Glaciers Lodge on the East side of the park. We then rode to Waterton Lake which is the Canadian side of Glacier and stayed at the Prince of Wales Hotel which was built around 1915. It sits on a hill overlooking the lake and the view is fantastic. We then rode to Baniff in one day which was very touristy. The next day we rode up the Icefield Hwy. to Jasper which is about 120 miles of Mts., waterfalls, lakes, & glaciers. After spending the night In Jasper we then rode over Mt. Robson through the city Kamploomps (Great Harley Shop) and across to Cache Creek where we stayed. The next day instead of going down through Hell's Gate canyon we rode east towards Pimerton and down through Whistler into Seattle. We only had about 50 miles of rain out of 1800 miles which was amazing. There was five of us, 2-Harleys, 1-75 Norton, 1- Kawasaki Concourse, and I rode my beater mobile 85 BMW K100RT and left my Heritage Springer in the garage. That allowed me to sleep in while the other Harley riders would clean and shine their bikes every AM. If anybody has any questions e-mail at Sam Burg wrote: Hi; Can you inform or direct me regarding whether a Sportster kit is available? I want to use one on 97 EVO XL1200 for street only. If so, are there any specs on the finished product- ie 0 to 60 and 1/4 mi time increases; torque/HP curves etc. I read a recent article in one of the mags but it was regarding installation on an older dyna twin. I am curious, e.g. if the the Sportster's crossover pipe would interfere with the usual installation or how the company/installers would solve that problem and any other problems unique to the late model Sportsters. Additional bolt on enhancements that work with the unit are of interest also- e.g exhaust, induction, ignition, cam, gearing, etc. It would be ideal to have a step -up spec sheet indicating performance expectation with each successive mod. for planning purposes.
Pricing and warranty info would be useful too- I assume installation voids the factory warranty- but perhaps the manufacturer has some coverage- 90 days to one year perhaps.
Finally, since I'm in Denver, any references to installers here- with actual experience would be useful. However, if advisable, I have no problem taking the work to California to be done right.
Thank you for any help you might provide. Bruce


Bruce, Call this number - they are not on line themselves. This is Ken Zetterquist - the master installer for the Magnachargers. He can figure anything out anyone would ever need & will make all the parts necessary in his machine shop = see his card on the bottom of our first page on our Sturgis Trips on the web site. (916) 891-1374 good luck, Doc Hemp
Subject: Willow Creek Date: Tue, 02 Sep 97 19:57:41 PDT From: sailordb To:
Doc: The raid is over and the barbarians are back in Valleyland. Out of the original nine bikes scheduled to make the ride, four were loaded and ready at departue time, 0900, Friday, August 29. We waited a 1/2 hour longer than planned so Doc Bush could re-gain his unfettered driver's license from DMV. Then we were all legal -so to speak.
It was a jolly band of gypsies that made for Buckhorn summit on highway 299W, and a stalward group that reached the top, after having been caught between a cement truck and a log hauler for eight miles of switchbacks.
Weaverville, and one of brother Jim's "neat bars" was a refreshing stop. (to say the least) However, he failed to tell me we had to park on a hill and have to manually turn the trailer around. Then on down one of the most beautiful rides on this planet - the Trinty River Canyon, mountains, meadows, hughe trees, winding water and 55 mph road - stright(?) into Willow Creek.
Willow Creek, a quint village of 1,000 souls, is reputed to have the most sighting of Big Foot (Sasquash) of anywhere in the country, and with a zillion acres of untouched forest on all sides, I belive it. Willow Creek also has the doubious honor of being the clostest "white settlement" to the Hoppa Reservation. (The Hoppa call Big Foot "Oh Mah") The Hoppa, God love them, are a rowdy bunch. As the tavern in the town of Hoppa (12 miles from Willow Creek) had the windows knocked out during the Saturday Night Fights, the owner "bricked them up", now the place looks like a "pill box" from WW-II. There is a casino in Hoopa, that the local whites don't frequent, because of the rowdiness. Brother Jim and his lovey lady won a couple hundred dollars playing the slots, and he swears that people were acting like the children would be hungry and unable to attend school this winter as they left the parking lot. Now, Brother JIM! In this small, and relatively under populated scene there were nine California Hightway Patrol cars. Three in Hoppa and six in Willow Creek. The only change in the regular formula was the addition of eight "bikers from the city".
For all the build-up we had gotten about the "big festival", there wasn't anything happening! Nada, zilgh point shit, nothing. The "big party" turned out to be an ice cream social in the city park on Saturday, a five min. parade and taking pictures at the life sized satatue of Big Foot in the center of town. YAWN! (we did manage to get the produce man at Bob's Market and the manager of the camp ground hammered! They had a real good time)
Sunday we went to Eureka, ate some excellent sea food and went on Sailor's Victorian Home Tour - and you thought that was a joke. We returned to camp early, only drank one case of beer, and retired to rest for the ride home- which was great and uneventful. Next year we look elsewhere for excitment, 'nough said? Any suggestions? That 'ole party animal, your brother. Sailor PS: the little trailer was great, followed the Harley like a baby does it's mom.
Subject: Love yor pages! Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 12:50:35 -0700 From: Nelson Johnson Organization: Fargonasphere To: Hi Dave and Becky! Seems like I know you already! Beautiful pages and photographs! Didn't get a chance to go to Sturgis because my new 98" shovelhead stroker custom is still being built. Got the frame powdercoated and the engine built though, so the rest will be easy. There's a famous Lakota site near Sturgis - not Devil's Tower - but an ancient observatory. I want to visit there and stay the night in communion with the spirits of the many shamans who must have been there - that is, if the park police let me. The following site contains much information about native american astronomy: Thanks again, and hope to see you on the road to Sturgis next year! Nelson Johnson
Big Johnson Big Johnson wrote: 9/5/97
!Hola! Well I wrote to you weeks ago ranting to the world about my 74 sporty acquisition. Well since then I went on to have great adventures in maxo-fellatial surgery and other dental oddities. As my right cheek swelled to the size of a baseball (no shit!) and I lie in bed being a basically miserable bastard I kept thinking "Hmm, I should e-mail the Hempsters and get their feedback". Well lazinezz and darvocet won out. Sufficed to say that I am minus two wisdon teeth, I've had the Air Force pay for some expensive surgery and most importantly my sporty is finally out the shop!!! (I know, that was quite a tangential point.) I don't expect you to publish this letter but I had to ask some other biker why no one warned me that my kick-starting scooter would turn the inside of my right knee into tenderized meat by hitting my oil resevoir?! Nonetheless we press on! I've got to tell ya, riding that Iron-Sporty is TRULY different than ANY other bike I've ever rode (even some Evo sportys). Wow! when I take some pix this weekend I'll e-mail some to ya! Just for shits & giggles tell Sailor I said Hey! In the wind, - Toad
Hey Toad,
Great to hear from you again! So, you let those Air Force Oral Surgeons work you over huh??? We never put em to sleep when I was a tooth jockey there - used a little dental dynamite & blew em out!!! You have great wave files - I used the fat drunk & stupid one on Jay Leno's page! Check it out - saved - the games over man - too! will find a spot for it! Keep em comin! will forward this to sailor - you can see all his scooter trash I've put up in room 4! Even put some up in the civilian readin room 3a last night! He's an attorney U know! should be called shark instead of sailor! Hee-hee! Will put this up in the Harley room too! And about kick starting a Harley = forget it! Put a starter on it! I know I'm to old for that s_ _ _! - e-mail me your photo with your bike & I'll put it up in the Harley room. L8er, Ride Safe Bro! Doc Hemp
Subject: Re: The Return of the TOAD! Date: Fri, 05 Sep 97 13:17:37 PDT From: sailordb To: "C." David Hemp "D.D.S" References: 1 , 2

Hey Toad!
Did I forget to warn you about "Sporty Knee"? It is a condition closely related to "Indian Knee", cause by to much advance when you kick, hurts like holy hell. All Indidan riders, and most Iron Barrel Sporty Riders limp. It is like a war injury, sign of a real man (I however, use a button!)
I got around the Oil Bag -Knee connection by standing off on the right side and coming down on the starter lever from slightly behind with my right foot. If you straddle the bike and "jump" down on the starter - there goes the knee. (That is called "lessons learned")
Hemp is right, put a button starter on it, then when it kicks back all you get is a blue thumb nail. Besides it will start much quicker. Keep your timing "right on" always or that thing wil be a Bear to start.
BTW. The Homelight out board motor (the vertical six) generator and starter are the same as yours, they have a different gear is all. The overhual kits are the same at about 1/2 what Harley gets. (don't forget to polarized the generator to the correct field or you will have night mares)
I'm glad you are up and running. Keep your butt in the saddle, your wheels in the road and your face in the wind. (a comment by doc hemp = makes a great bug screen! Hee-hee!)
Subject: Your Sturgis Pages Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 13:49:26 -0400 From: rds To:
I am still going through your pages. Great Stuff. I haven't been to Sturgis since '84 when I was living in San Diego and riding a '74 FL. Passed through the Rockies on that return trip with snow on the side of the road and an outside temp of about 22 deg at 10 am (or at least it seemed that way) After being without wheels for nearly two years, picked up my 7th Harley a '98 FXSTC 2 weeks ago. Great to be back in the saddle. Have already put 1500 miles on it. Just as a side note, I grew up in Sacto, and my brother still live there and is active at the capitol trying to get brain bucket laws repealed there. I left Sacto in '73 and have been back a total of maybe 5 weeks since. I used to go camping w/Boy Scouts at Lake Bernie & Bernie Falls. I'm now living in Lawrenceville Ga (near Hot-tlanta) and working for the phone co. Great Sturgis Pages Hope to see you there next year. RIDE FREE...RIDE SAFE See Y'all, FLEA or
Hey there This will probably get to you too late for action. But you and anyone on your are invited to the 4th annual Trail of Tears Commemorative Ride. September 20 1997 , 8:00 EST. Join us as we ride to honor the 4000 Native Americans who died on the forced removal of the Five Civilized Tribes of the south (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole ) Be at Ross' Landing in Chattanooga TN, on September 20 1997 and be ready to ride.
Ray Ray wrote: Literally stumbled on your site while looking on the net for a classic car for a friend. Enjoy your site very much! Its one of the best I've seen in 2 yrs of surfing. Gave the address to 2 of my Harley friends that are also on-line and bookmarked it so I can return to finish checking it out. You know how it is, so much to see, so little time. Good luck! Ray

Thank you Ray!! Thanks for the kind words! The site is HUGE!! would take 6-8 hrs to see the 800 or so photos. bookmark & check it out all winter a page at a time! Keep in touch! Doc & Becky Hemp
Subject: website Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 09:32:18 -0400 (EDT) From: To: A non-riding friend turned me on to your site. Really good reading out there I am glad I am not the only Harley rider that browses. Keep up the good work. Nick from N.Y.
Subject: A picture for your' page. Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 19:53:55 -0600 From: "Big Johnson" To: "The Hempsters!"
Greetings again from Montana,
For your consideration and your homepage, my two favorite things in the world - my scooter and me. Heh-heh. The pictures were taken two weeks ago. The picture with me on it was taken before we left on a poker run with the Loyal Riders M/C. That was an eventful morning. So there I was, sitting on my bike, fat dumb and happy having just topped off the tank. I kicked it over and she fired up on the first try. I sat there for a minute just letting the rumble of the v-twin reverberate through my body. As the other riders pulled out of the gas station I put her in gear and waited to pull out. Just as I rolled about three feet I felt a loud, metallic KRANGK!!! But I kept rolling forward smoothly. "That didn't feel good..." I thought to myself. I braked hard, stopped and looked in my mirror and saw this six foot long piece metal lying on the ground behind me. "What the F*#@?!" I calmly questioned out loud. Then as I saw the kinks in that piece of metal I surmised, "Shit, I might I need my chain later on." I walked back, picked out my chain, turned off my scooter and began the time honored scooter push until I found a group of riders who had made it all of a block to one of the local watering holes. So I strolled in with my chain, sat at the bar and had a beer (with my chain). Eventually I found someone who could take me to a hardware store where I found a master link, and popped it in. I looked the bike over for further damage, found nothing glaring (key detail), and pressed on. Well I found my way into the middle of the pack and cruised there for a while. Suddenly I found myself getting passed by my fellow riders without any explanation. I went along my way thinking "Hmph, whatever. . ." besides our first stop was only ten miles away, I figured I'd try to get a feel for what was going on when I got there. As I began to make mental preparations to exit the freeway I noticed that my clutch lever was dancing about like it wasn't connected to anything. "Shit!" I grabbed my clutch lever and sure enough, it wasn't connected to anything. So here I am cruising along, nearing the exit, still getting passed, trying to figure out how to do this without f_ _ _ _ _ g anybody else up. Well I got the attention of the guy next to me and showed him my lever and he helped me gain the necessary clearance to deadstick it in to the small town where we were meeting. I had no problem slam shifting it into neutral, but when I reached the first stop sign I didn't feel like slamming it into gear for the four block detour to the bar. So here I am again, pushing my bike to the crowd of riders. Geek-check! As I walked up to them I noticed that I was getting some looks from some folks as they were wiping what appeared to be oil from there goggles, glasses, and helmets. Eventually one vaguely irritated biker approached me and gently observed, "Yer shootin' oil out of somewhere like a m_ _ _ _rf_ _ _ _r!" Then a chorus of voices joined in "Yeah, all over my face", "Yeah look at these glasses!" I turned away from the simmering crowd and took a closer look at my bike. Sure enough apparently a small crack had been knocked in my oil res when the chain popped. Not big enough to leak when she was idling, but at highway speed and vibration enough to cover my back, my fender, and all those behind me with a good coating. Sufficed to say that my poker run ended right there.

So how was your weekend?

Subject: Re: A picture for your' page. Date: Sun, 28 Sep 97 19:18:14 PDT From: sailordb To: References: 1 , 2

Toad: Doc Hemp sent me a copy of your letter. Man, you have my sympthy, 'cause I have been there. I was coming home from a Spring Run (of some type) and the chain slacked off and sliced the main oil feed line - like a razor blade cut. Coated everything in back in oil - including the rear brake. I had been smart enough ( and this is a suggestion) to install an 11 1/2 " disc on the front, or with no rear, the drum front wouldn't have even slowed that baby down. I had about a quart of oil when I got stopped. Nothing hurt, but my stained scivees, but I switched to braided lines and an oil bag cover - like a suit of armor. (I also put the chain guard back on.) Man, I had forgotten about that, but it was an experience. The motor never missed a beat, and I didn't know I had a problem until I hit the brakes.
Another misadventure to watch for: I was headed to a "run" and jammin hard when the little nylon pad on the primary chain adjuster just slid off. Sounded like a corn binder thrashing around with the chian slapping the case. To fix it I would have to pull the primary cover, so we loaded it in the run truck and I hopped into the car with a really fine honey called "Leggs". Had a REAL good time that weekend, and fixed the bike on Monday.
Remember buddy, if it has points, leaks oil and rides in pick-ups, it is a Harley! It don't get no better than this!
Your brother. Sailor Frank Boitano wrote:
Saw the site and was very impressed by the Springer. I have a Blue one and noticed that your red springer is not a springer but has a fat boy front end ie no springs. Is this right? How were you able to do this and does it affect the handling of the bike? Love to hear from you Frank


Frank, You are very observant! We also have a blue 1997 Heritage Springer, the red one is really my 1992 Heritage Classic with all new fenders & tanks - custom painted, etc with all the exact leather, rear fender llights - everything is exact except for 5.2 gallon tanks, The tank emblem & the Front fender - which is custom - We did this to match the blue one, which Becky rides on the long hauls. It was my entire winter project last year = they all said it couldn't be done = had to show everyone it could. The guy cleaning the blue one is our son-in-law, there are other pictures of both of them in other places on our site.
doc hemp
Subject: Re: Studebakers & Harleys. Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 08:56:00 +1200 From: David lane Organization: Real Estate To: "C. David Hemp D.D.S" References: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6
Good Morning Dave,
Well the good news is that our bikes arrive back in NZ this Saturday and we unpack them from the container on Wednesday. I’m starting to suffer withdrawal systems. I’m happy to write a brief story for your Harley page about how I arranged the shipping for 12 bikes up to USA and return for only approx $US 600 each. (insurance for shipping, health & travel, accident & theft is of course additional) I am of the firm belief that I could pull off the same trick in reverse. That is for bikers who live in USA could bring there bikes to our country and do a tour and return. Maybe a hop across the Tasman Sea to Australia at the same time. Sounds like fun? As a direct result of our recent trip I am now communicating with 6 different groups of people who wish to visit us “Down Under” The first of them arrives here in February 1998. He’s flying his bike in from Friday Harbor near Vancouver for $US3000 return. Your pages could sow the seeds in their minds and we could pull them together and keep costs way down. I am in the middle of putting together another container load for the 95th HD “Home Coming” rally next year at Milwaukee and at this present time I have 12 bikes departing about May 1998. Hey, you and I are quite busy people!!!!!!! your not a Capricorn are you? For the HD 100th Home Coming in 2003 I estimate that we will have about 100 to 150 bikes to ship. I am thinking about spliting the shipping of the containers into 2 different ports on the West coast and 2 different ports on the East coast. This gives everybody the choice of routes to and from Millwaukee. I am still going through boxes of papers and old photographs looking for that stuff on the Stude. Finally, could you clear up my mind the status regarding the possible whereabouts of the other Roadsters. You and I have 2 of them. Does Rex have the third one? That’s it for now,
Your mate David.
(ps) love guns, but not allowed to own them. NZ has a very tight law on guns. Not even our police are armed.
Subject: HOG Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 17:19:44 -0700 From: Organization: User Friendly Consultants To:

While surfing the net, I found your HOG page. I am the Web Master of the Inland Empire HOG Web Site. You have a great site. Our's has only been up about 2 months now, so most of it is still under construction. Check it out if you like. I would like to put a link to yours on ours if it's OK with you. If you would, you might put ours on yours as well. Thanks, Tim Ruof (Spiderman) P.S. I have a States Blue Pearl 1996 Heritage Softtail
Subject: Re: Your Bike Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 10:17:24 -0800 From: "C. David Hemp D.D.S" Organization: To: sailordb CC: Big Johnson References: 1

sailordb wrote:

> Toad:
> I just came by to check in, and saw the pictures of your ride. Right on! Sure makes me > long for speed and glory. I am glad to see you have a disc on the front. Man, with drums > front and rear, full pressure begins to slow a flying Sporty a little bit. Fine, fine bike. > However, you are as ugly as Doc Hemp, if that is possible! Geeeeeez!

> look who's talkin!! - you big blubber belly, tatooed, scooter trashed, knuckle dragin, > slobberin, cross - eyed, brain damaged, odiforous, biker from Hell! Hee-hee!!!

> My finest regards!, > doc hemp

> Yous in brotherhood. > Sailor
Davey Boy!
Harry & Paula have departed with the goods, they will be in a plain plastic bag. We are happy you have accepted this mission. Harry & Paula have been informed you will be there. (take off from mission impossible - hee-hee!) The last time I wore a Harley shirt like the ones we are sending you, a guy walked up to me & said - hey mate! I wish I had 2 shirts just like that!!! I said - oh really? He said - yeah! one to S_ _ T in & one to cover it up with! Hee - hee! Just joking u know!
Took one of the Harleys out 150 miles sunday - on a marvelous sunny fall day at 78 degrees down along the Sacramento river the back way to a little mexican restuarant, Irene's Cafe - across the river from Rooster Landing's Biker Bar, not too bad a lunch & on down Jellys Ferry road across Battle Creek where there are thousands of Salmon spawning on through some of the prettest ranch & farm country under God's fair skies! On down to the freeway finally for a little bit (where the helmet had to go on) & on down to my daughters by way of Red Bluff & on to Chico by the back roads again through miles of Walnut orchards! Watched some football & headed back the same way! Had a great cigar after getting home = a great day!! See all the cool sounding places? - we will take you some day when you come over to stay for a while.
Well, back to bed!
Regards & G. night 2 U - L8er!
Doc Hemp
Subject: RE: How the hell are you? Date: Sun, 2 Nov 97 21:07 +0100 From: (Dr. H. M. Birkhoff) To: ("C. David Hemp D.D.S") Doctor Mike!
Just signed your guest book again! Say, bought you a XL tee shirt today - will be sending it to that return address you had on the package you sent me - is that address okay? & if you let me know right away - I can exchange the size if you want - they are open Saturday - we plan on getting it in the mail tomorrow afternoon though. I will enclose one of Chico's Chapter news letter - but it is nothing compared to yours! Reddings is even worse! & I don't have their last one anyway. Check out our Sturgis trip if you haven't already - we don't really drink & smoke as much as the photos show. Regards, Dave & Becky Hemp
I now have the digital radiographic (Schick Technologies) equipment = is really fantastic!! Have the new air abrasion system on order too.


Hi Doc Hemp,
thanks a lot for your e-mail, nice to hear from you again!!! Iīm sorry I didnīt write too much for the last weeks - too many things happened, part of them shit (sorry!).
In late august I went to the Northern European H.O.G.Rallye which took place in Norway. Great country, really! Only problem was that it rained like hell (heard that before, didnīt you!). Well, on the way to Norway I met 6 friends from the Austrian Montfort Chapter (among them good friend EGON - check him out at our Internet homepage). With them, we visited 30 (thirty!) good friends in northern Germany. Puh, lotsalotsa beer!!! With all these guys, we went on to Norway and met even more friends and drank even more beer!!! You must know that normally one beer in Norway costs §8!!! - For the rallye, they reduced the price to $3. So I guess you can easily figure out what norwegian harley riders did? Exactly that!
Well, in spite of that moisture inside and outside we did manage to ride about 1500miles thru southern norway. Egon had toothaches all the time, but he didnīt want me to do some in-the-field dentistry using my Leatherman tool. Instead, he rode back to Germany with me and instantly after a 1000miles day-ride I extracted seven teeth, while his Electra Glide engine was still warm and tick-ticking! One day later I had fixed his denture so he rode home to Austria (another 600 miles). Hey, that guy hadnīt seen a dentistīs office from inside for 25 years!
The bad part was that on the day before we returned from Norway my little daughter Mandy (5 years old) had broken her right arm (fallen off a horse). In our city hospital they fixed the whole thing wrong, so that my wife had to bring her to a clinic in Aachen (60miles) and stay there with the child for one week, while I had to work in the office. Since my wife is usually doing the reception job in our practice, it turned out to be a hard week. Even after that week, she had to go to Aachen at least once a week, but at least Mandyīs arm is o.k. now. So this is the reason why I didnīt write for the last weeks.
Anyway, everything is just perfect again right now! Only trouble is that weather has become f... cold and foggy with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. But a good time to think about all the things to do next year! Maybe another trip thru central Spain and on to Portugal? Or maybe we will really cross the big pond and check out northern California and you will have to show me that new radiographic stuff and everything in your office!!! What are your plans for ī98? Laughlin, Milwaukee (coming home) and Sturgis (of course I read your Stugis story - great!!! hey, we donīt mind beer-drinkers! Did you check out our beer-link on our homepage?!)? Or you ride thru Europe with us!!! Iīm really looking forward to that T-shirt! In fact, I usually buy XXL because after washing by my beloved wife they are only XL. Anyway, so this one simply WILL NOT BE WASHED!!!
O.K., thatīs the news from central Europe. Really good to hear from you again! Wolf and I are just working on our next newsletter and maybe itīs ready for christmas - will send you one, of course!!! Best wishes to you and your wife Doc Mike
Subject: sturgis 1997 Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 19:18:44 -0800 From: "David Hudson" To:
Hello Mr. Doc Hemp:
Just read your huge website. It is awsome. Bev (my first wife) and I have spent the last six summers in spearfish at the Impala Convention. It is beautiful down there end of July. Always enjoy seeing the thousands of bikes headin in as we head back to Winnipeg Canada. Have a nice day David

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