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In my opinion the Zagi is far superior to a recently ordered razor brand wing which I think is a very poor and very expensive copy of the Zagi .... And as for the Razor's being "Ready to Fly" is even a bigger joke than the plane! And in my case we also had poor and delayed company support! Buy the Zagi folks .... for the beginner to the advanced flyer. I am not alone in this!
If you go to E Zone .. the Bible of Electric Flying .. and type Razor vs Zagi, this following is the very first response you will see in response to a posting of what is the difference is between a Zagi and the Razor.

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From:Tyler, TX USA
Registered: Jul 2000
posted 12-15-2000 22:48
Run a search with "Zagi" and "Razor". You'll get lots of hits.
In a nutshell, I think you'll find that the opinions here (including mine) run about 70/30 in favor of the Zagi over the Razor.
Subject: Re: Red Bluff Float Fly Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 00:45:44 -0000 From: "vel cro" vcrotty@hotmail.com To: temer@c-zone.net, fskoubo@napanet.net, duclos@shasta.com, melndot@shasta.com, Artfodge2@cs.com, dpopoff@cwnet.com, ABrowns@email.msn.com, demonito@earthlink.net, dolea@anderson.k12.ca.us, tilray@jett.net, gbruce@snowcrest.net, RLTEG@c-zone.net, donl@snowcrest.net, CrobertK@jett.net, rsstorca@snowcrest.net,

Hug Everyone,

It's almost the first of February. That means only a little over 3 months till the Red Bluff Float Fly.

There are so many of you and your favorite Ladies, who have done so much in the past to make the event very special. This year will be better than last year and we will all need to help, just a little bit, to make it the very best.

We are planning to have an All You Can Eat Spaghetti Feed. Here is the menu:
Vegetarian Sauce
Meat Sauce
Alfredo Sauce
Clam Sauce
French Bread
Garlic Butter
Tossed Salad
Ranch Dressing
Italian Dressing
Spumoni Ice Cream (If we can figure out somewhere to keep it.)
Velda will make it.

Please let either Dollie or me know if you have any better suggestions or ways to improve the menu.

Thanks so much for all your help.

Velda (and Joe)

Subject: model airplanes Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 18:10:37 +0100 From: doc.mike@t-online.de (Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff) To: "dochemp" dochemp@c-zone.net

OK Hempster! Itīs your own fault that I clog your e-mail with model airplane shots! You got me started! So here we go... model airplanes!

Before founding my own office, I had been flying radio control models since I was 14. I specialized in scale WW2 warplanes and was flying on scale contests for several years. I have been building and flying giant scale warplane models with chainsaw and glow engines... see a few photos below!

After becoming a dentist, I had less and less spare time for building (I buildt most of these models from scratch... no ARFs at that time!), so my favourite way to spend a weekend became getting on my Harley and ride away!

However, since Mike and Mandy are growing up I may get back into the hobby... see us this summer on our local model airplane flying club field! The old model in front of us is an old trainer palne that I buildt twentyfive years ago for my brother... now Iīm training my kids on it!
I canīt exactly say that this is Mike and Mandyīs favourite hobby (guess Nintendo and Barbie come first!)... but every once in a while I can talk them into accompanying me to the flying field!

Years ago, I sold almost all of my stuff. today, I still have a 80" wingspan Messerschmitt BF 109, a 90" Cessna Skylane, a 60" Waco YMF3 airplane flying. A 80" P51 is still waiting to be finished, so is a 90" four engined B24 Liberator Bomber.

So come on over here, weīll teach you flying, hee-hee!


P.S. OK, here we go:

pic 1 & 2: with Mike jr. and Mandy on the model airplane club this summer
pic3: My Messerschmitt BF 109
pic4: This was taken when I started studying dentistry, somewhere in the early 80s! My car was so small I had to put my Stampe SV5 on the back of the trunk! Note the rusty car... didnīt have much money then, hee-hee!
pic5 & 6: My P47 Thunderbolt
pic 7: My Waco YMF3
pic 8: My Stampe SV5
pic 9: Brigitte and I at a scale contest with the Waco
pic 10: A postcard showing me and my Mitsubishi Zero
pic 11: My Ju 87 Stuka
pic 12: I won this trophy at a contest with the 100" Stuka when I dropped 5 exploding bombs (harmless, just models!) with it... "best warplane 1989" at the "fun fly", hee-hee!
pic 13: My T28B... this one even made it on the cover of an American Model Airplane Magazine... still have to find that mag again, will send more photos... oooops!

  1. Subject: more model airplane stuff! Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 14:01:48 +0100 From: doc.mike@t-online.de (Dr. Horst Michael Birkhoff) To: "dochemp" dochemp@c-zone.net

    Dear Hempster,

    hereīs some more: found some old magazines I had been doing reviews for:

    pic1: cover of 1989 German Scale Model magazine with my T28 on it

    pic2: my Mitsubishi Zero

    pic3: a review on my T28 in another German mag

    pic4: a review I did on Dave Platt kits in a 1991 U.S.magazine

    pic5: Cover of that magazine

    pic6: the review (those kits were basically just a vacu-formed canopy and lots of uncut balsawood at that time)

    pic7: page2 of that review

    pic8: page 3&4

    pic9: another article on my T28B

    Hope you like it!


    P.S. You are building a runway??? This is what I had always been dreaming of these days! Almost always flew from grass strips...

    1. Subject: December Ampeer Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000 08:14:25 EST From: KMyersEFO@aol.com To: undisclosed-recipients:;


      Wanted to let you know that the December Ampeer has been posted to the EFO site at: http://members.aol.com/kmyersefo
      We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season, and that those within driving distance can join us for our holiday party on December 9 and trip to the Oakland Yard for some indoor flying.

      Seasons Greetings,
      From all the EFO members
      Subject: Re: Doc's new website Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 07:57:07 -0800 From: "Joy Schultz" jschultz@snowcrest.net To: "C. David Hemp DDS INC" dochemp@c-zone.net References: 1

      Hi Doc Hemp

      Your website is awesome!! I didn't know I was a master stunt pilot. I like the name Shasta Flying Battery. We were looking for a name for our group. I'll direct the other guys to your site.



      Subject: Model airplanes Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 15:50:10 -0600 From: Thorne Stallings gts1@telepath.com Organization: telepath.com To: dochemp

      You like models TOO! Damn, are you absolutely sure we didn't date the same girls? Here are just a few of mine. Been flying them since 1972. James, a lot longer than that. Between the two of us, I think James and I have about 13. These are fairly large... most in the "Big Bird" categorey. 8 foot to 10 foot wing spans. About half of them have 4 cycle engines. Some have big two strokes. But no electric so far. A LOT OF WORK to build.

      Yeah.... you are right. They are a blast to fly. Difficult to learn sometimes. But with the right instruction and some time, it's a major great hobby. Albeit not cheap. Hell.... what is.

      Love your new site..... and your new tractor!!


      Subject: RADIO CONTROL Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 17:42:00 -0600 From: "JAMES K. STALLINGS" jstall@pldi.net To: DOC HEMP dochemp@c-zone.net

      WHAT FUN


      You guys are something else .... I started flying the old control lines with a flat all wood .049 .. home made plane with no wheels when I was 7 yrs old in 1950 in Mudville Takoma Park Md. ... was part of my trains & Planes as a kid

      .... I never could make the transition into the radio controllers as a successful flyer that is .... I traded into my first one a wrecked plane when the servos were about an inch high and 3 inches long when I was 11 yrs old in 1954 and the radios were big metal heavy things with car antennas on them and weighed about 5 lbs. sooo poor never had any connections with anyone that knew how to fly them .... or the patience to wait for someone to help me ..... crashed everything ....

      I gave a model of the old Sweet 16 kit ... all new motor, radio & servers to my son who was working at Cal Pacific Aeromotive in Salinas about 10 yrs ago to put together that had been in the attic since 1970 ... he & a buddy, who flew R.C. put it together = 16' wing span ... they flew it off the run way at the Salinas airport before work ... the tower got pissed off at them because the controllers showing up for work thought it was a full sized plane not responding to their frantic calls as they buzzed them.

      I did build a 4' long cabin cruiser while in dental school though ... huge motor ... very fast! .... chased the ducks and geese all over the Redlands Park lake with it for a couple years .... goosing them in the butt as they were trying to take off running on top of the water .... (grin) ... till I hit the only drain pipe sticking up out of the water at full speed head on one day .... messed it up pretty good, ... gave it away only about 10 years ago. built 5 R.C. planes and about 7 or 8 gliders with the old razor blade, balsa wood ... dope paper body & wings .. all while working 40 hrs a week (there were no computers then - grin) while in dental school, and college too ....

      that's why after watching this doc momoo fly these aerobatics large very fast planes on all electric .... I am going to give it another try. ... will have help this time .. maybe .... as soon as I get my scraper box for the tractor I will be putting in the rc runway in our bottom field.

      also have checked with a canon builder here & started plans on building a scale civil war 1/2 scale of the 36' gauge rail car with that short stubby canon ... ours will shoot full sized bowling balls half a mile .... they make a cool whistling sound because of the finger holes ... will take about 2-3 years to complete. ... save any beat up cracked bowling balls you might ever run across ... we can shoot them over and over if we can find them (grin)

      Doc Hemp gone.