Doc Hemp at Laguna Seca with Formula Mazda & Formula Ford.

Michael O'Callaghan of Flat Out Racing. They sell these Formula Mazdas - (360) 225-4947 ... I, Doc Hemp love these cars and raced them at Laguna Seca up through 1988 along with the Formula Fords first and our Panter also ... It feels real good getting back into racing again and I love this Thunder Hill Road Race Course. ... visit Thunderhill's Site ....

Photo taken at Thunder Hill CA in Willows 5/29/01 by our son-in-law Rob Delker. In this photo I am having a little problem with my concentration because of the Ferrari blowing his horn in my ear to pass. (grin) .. BUT ... Since I have gone thru this car ... 2.5L Full Race Stroker Motor etc. It is now the other way around!

Becky & her friend Suzy Boeckman

Below is photos of our good friend Russ Duclous (President Redding Bank of Commerce) with his new Cab Porsche Carrera, the last of the air cooled motors.

Rob our Son-in-law all smiles ... Porsche is one of his favorite cars

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