Becky & Dave Visit Doc Mike, Brigette,
Mike Jr. & Mandy In the Heimatland
Grevenbroich Germany Oct, 2003

In the text of our visit below you will find some highlighted text that you must click on to see the photos we took of the areas described ... there are many photos just of this last trip in the various subject areas.

This year (2003) we flew from San Francisco to London with a 4 hr layover (Lots of Harrod's shopping for Beck .. she loved that!) and then a short flight into Dusseldorf on Doc Mike's birthday! It was our nicest flight over to Europe ... Doc Mike, Brigette, Mandy & Mike Jr. met us at the airport and drove us to their home in the village of Grevenbroich. That evening, Becky & I took Doc Mike and family out to dinner at a most wonderful restaurant for his birthday where Napoleon had had his headquarters for a while. .... I think the only time the French had ever won a few wars! ... (grin)

Brigette fixed the most wonderful breakfasts! ... Germany has the best breads & rolls in the world! .... with a little Philadelphia cream cheese, etc. ... great coffee

The weather was great those first few days and then rain the last half of the week. Becky & I did one of our favorite things and walked all around the village of Grevenbroich near Doc Mike's and Brigette's home.

Doc Mike took me the 2nd day to Cologne to visit Heinrich's (pronounced Henrick) Restoration Shop and I think it was on Friday night we returned with Doc Mike, Brigette & Mandy .. all of us in costume for Heinrich's HALLOWEEN PARTY! .... We had a lot of fun.

That day in Cologne Germany we also visited another very famous restoration shop that specializes in restoring European Cars and engines. One sunny day Mikey took Becky and myself on the train out of Grevenbroich to Cologne again to visit the tourist part of that city and especially the world famous Cologne Cathedral It is amazing and is one of the wonders of the world having been started in 1100 A.D. and is over 1000 years old and was built over the span of many centuries ... it was at one time the center of the Catholic churches and the entire world's wealth in it's treasure vaults raided many times ove the past millennium.
The trains are common place in Europe, at the huge terminal in Cologne there are diesel, electric and high speed bullet trains all in the same station heading out all over Germany & Europe ... The USA really needs something like this!

On Saturday Doc Mike took Becky & me on our 2nd tour of Dusseldorf .. and the largest indoor complex of showrooms in the world of new & used Porches .. Unbelievable in it's scope.

In 2002 I took a new movie camera and got great shots of all the castles, etc .. but couldn't use any of the photos here on the web site off the movie camera.

This year I took my trusty Sony 1000 mm long lens digital that we did our Paris trip with in 2001 ... What a camera ..have already sent it back into Sony to have it totally rebuilt as you can't even buy the big ones like that anymore.

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    One of the few shots of yours truly (usually on the other side of the camera)

    A nice shot of Mandy Birkhoff on one of her beloved horses
    Taken on our 2002 trip