Crater Lake
Bend Oregon
2002 PNW Region's CARavan
Sunday & Monday, June 30 & July 1

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We left Ashland early but not as early as usual. The Dinsmores beat everyone out that morning I am pretty sure. We still had time to stop for a leisurely breakfast (cook and waitress one and the same - grin) at Beckie's Cafe before a few of the other classics caught up with us. Dandy worked just perfect! Never did need those water bags at all on this trip! .. The weather was again on the cool side for this time of year. We had another great lunch in the Watchman Room above the Cafe at the Crater Lake.Rim Village We left by driving around the West Rim Drive. We took a great back road, route "46" right past the Mt. Bachelor Ski Bowl and on down the mountain into Bend OR.

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