Doc and Becky Hemp's
August 2005 Vacation R.V. Trip
Trains in the Portland Oregon Areas.

Mount Hood from the town of Mt. Hood by way of the railroad.

This short journal page has 8 highlighted words or phrases that the reader must click on to go to that particular city or train ride, etc. ... We have many hundreds of photos.

We started our R.V. trip from Redding CA into Oregon by way of Bend where we met some friends from Redding that just happened to be in the same Crown Villa R.V. Park up there. Joe and Amy Vargas and Jim and Mary Middleton.
I am going to put our first 3 places we stayed the first few days on our way to Portland.. Page #1 is Bend, Westfir and Oakridge, Oregon

We headed North up I 5 very early in the morning and made it in record time. On Monday the 8th we first visited the 15" Gauge Flower Train .. The Phoenix & Holly Railroad. ... Page #2

We then headed up North into Portland ... to the Washington Park and Zoo Train! ... Wonderful!!!! .... Page #3.

Next .... Becky and I headed down town to the ancient and historic Brookland Steam Roundhouse!!! ... Volunteers only working here for the love of Steam ... The second and third largest working steam locomotives in the world! ... With world class engineers like Doyle Mc Cormick! .. Page #4!

Next we Drove a ways up along the Columbia Gorge to the Hood River Railroad! .... About 70 miles I think it was ... well worth it ... Page #5

Next Becky and I went to visit the Sacred Grotto in Portland ... A famous spot for spiritual reflection ... for all faiths .. but especially Catholics ... We are dedicating this page to Russ Jr. and Russ and Ruth Duclos who told us about this wonderful place. ... Page #6

Next we did the Lewis and Clark expedition train ride along the Columbia River from Portland to Astoria Oregon on the Coast ... The Zoo train and this train ride was our main reason for taking this trip in the first place! .. This train ride only had a couple more weeks before it was to be discontinued for good. It was implemented to commemorate Lewis and Clarks 100th anniversary. Page #7

Next as soon as we arrived home we heard that the Challenger was coming through town and stopping at Dunsmuir .... The LARGEST operating steam engine in the world .... Page #8 ... All photos by Doc Hemp on all pages unless otherwise stated.

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