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Doc & Becky's Forney Style 0-4-4
Super Heated Steam engine.
This is also a Mason Bogie articulated style engine
Also called Single Fairlies by the British
Basic engine built by Melvin Harris
With some detail help from Ray Bennett too.

And Now Me (Doc Hemp)and Dave Moeller
To Finish "The Big Brute" up!

Our Engine will look much like the photo above
Except it has over the boiler Walshart's linkage
Like most of the articulated Mason Boggie Forney's had.
Our engine is about half size of a full size Forney.

6-14-08 ... Can't believe it! ... Finally delivered today!!! Only 2 years late .... So now we can finally get around to using our summer to finishing this one. Starting first on building the stack and bringing the exhaust up into it. Then the cab, electrical, light, sand dome, etc.
The trailer was not quite parallel with the track .... had a partial derailment ... needed the Handy Man jack and "Big Blue" my trusty tractor! ... But ... All's well that ends well! ...More photos and day by day happenings a ways below.

(but already with my bell and propane tank)


Latest photo by Rob Delker 12-27-09
Taken at our post Christmas Party, see all 4 links Bottom of this Page
On this wonderful engine, step by step with my design and building!

9-28-08 Update .. Very tired .. ended up being 101 dgrees today pure sunshine as usual here .. The Plasma cutter worked flawlesy! .. couldn't have done it with out this 40 amp model. Picture shown above with Beck sitting in it shows the panels just clamped on .. we still have the curved top and back sections to cut the curve part out of and I have to make some hinge reliefs and cut out for the Johnson bar in Rt. front panel, etc. we are very very close ... we will use the largest self tapping bolts I could find .. prolly be finished with flares placed and all in about 3 more weeks. See more latest photos just below.

Dave Moeller with plasma cutter

Me Doc Hemp with the new Plasma Cutter

My trusty 1946 J.C. Higgins Sears & Roebuck .22 for ground squirrels
This is my first gun my dad got me when I was 7 years old.
It has the red retractable sling built into the stock and a matching
J.C. Higgins 4x scope that came with it... Got 2 today
One off hand into the sun and one with a rest.
I usually use our newer .17 cal with 2550 ft/sec ballistic tip ammo

9-26-08 Update ... Absolutely LOVE my new plasma cutter!! 230 volt 40 amp .. Plug it into our Miller Bobcat Welder Generator and our air compressor. Dave & I both cut about a 3rd of the cab's sheet metal out today .. Like a hot butter knife thru butter!!
We clamped a couple pieces up just to see how it was going to look ... REALLY GREAT!! Here is a photo of Dave Moeller sitting on the fireman's seat I built for him.

9-22-08 Update ... Started cutting sheetmetal 16 gauge with plasma cutter I bought ... wasn't powerful enough .. took it back and got one that will cut 1/2" steel. Want one to cut out track flanges, etc too when building switches. Is a lot handier than a torch and doesn't heat the rest of the metal and warp it. Rear door finished and built in seats for me and fireman finished .. pix shown below show the metal seats down and folded up hidden inside the frame. Dave Moeller and I have about 12,000 square inches of sheet metal to plasma cut next. We are going to put it up with large self tapping bolts. The tender will have the flared sides at the top.
Even when both seats are down there is almost 2 feet of room between them.


(still room for a 3rd person to stand between us with both seats down)

9-7-08 Update ... I painted the roof today .. fabricated one of the in frame seats ... put frame in for rear hinged door, finished painting, etc ... recent photos added below last update ... Saturday Dave and I drilled and bolted the roof on with over 50 bolts. Friday we added the side roof bars to bolt the roof to on Saturday.
We still have a lot to do .. we have made so many changes and details as we go that we just didn't think of early on. We still have the angled sheet metal for on top of the built in tender to fabricate. We will also make a wood lid for it too...equals less heat build up inside and on top. I can see a few more months of available weekends to finish this up.

8-30-08 Update ... Dave & I put on the roof bows today and I finished up some welding below are of the framing so far .. I am especially proud of the way we did the rear corners rounded with 1/4 round 4" pipe.
This cab is 72" high and 50" wide inside. I still have the metal fold down seats to fabricate for me and Dave (the fireman) ..maybe tomorrow. And lots of doors and windows .... also bought a 4" to 2" reducer for the water tank today so our water spout from our tank will fit. Some photos taken today below and one of when Melvin delivered the beast. Dave & I have done quite a bit so far as you can see.

The section of pipe I welded in for the smooth rear corners

8-29-08 Update ... I took Thursday the 28th off yesterday and worked on "The Brute" by myself for about 8 hrs. finished extending the frame to a total of 8 inches and finished framing in the engineer, fireman and front windows. When I quit it was 110 degrees. Today on the 29th Dave Moeller and I put in another 5 1/2 hrs. Finished building the box around the forney attached tender. The 1/4 pipe for the rear corners really finishes it off! Tomorrow we will put the 4" middle risers on for the roof centers and bend the flat bar to bolt the sheet metal to. Also have the hinged top and back door for the tender to build along with the fold down in frame seats. Had to order an additional 60' of 1 1/2" tubing and it and the two 5' x 12' x 16 gauge sheet metal also came in today.

8-26-08 Update ... Took in our 4" pipe for Gerlinger to section into forths with their plasma cutter for the rear corners of the cab yesterday .. should be done today .. for us to weld in Thursday morning. Dave and I have finished 70 percent of the cab it's self ... doorways and windows almost framed in in steel of course. Wood and glass doors at the very end. No photos till roof and all is framed in. Is very impressive, I have designed in frame steel fold down seats for engineer and fireman. And there is enough room for 4 additional adults to stand in this cab. Over 50" wide, 72" high, about 7' 6" long. The entire engine with out a tender is 17 feet long. I ended up deciding to widen and lengthen the frame of the cab by 8 more inches. Dave & I will also cut all the sheet metal with a ceramic saw. This way I am not dependant on a plasma cutter. This project will take longer than we thought ... but it is worth it.

And .. Today for the first time in 12 days Dave Moeller and myself spent half a day finishing the main cab frame, 2" and 1.5" square tubing, cutting, drilling and bolting in the removable X-member so the water tank can be removed if and when needed.
We will spend more time tomorrow getting door ways and windows framed. Plus we still have the forney tank area to frame up and the roof to build.

8-10-08 Update ... We have the cab now well underway .. after a mock up I decided to go an additional 4" wider .. so cab will be 50" wide and still 72" tall inside. This gives us a little more room inside and looks a lot better too. It is good to be chop sawing and welding again. I am taking photos as I go .. will post them one of these days.... 8-14-08 ... I have finished designing removable cab X-members so the water tank can be removed intoto for service or repair because upon closer inspection the threaded components were locked into the frame as per Melvin. But this is what makes this so much fun .. solving a one off all original creation from scratch ... this is like taking all the models you ever built as a kid and rolling all that fun into one!!! Like the switch Dave & I designed and built in the middle of a curve, etc. that we were told couldn't be done!
And as another note .. emails we receive like from Chris Walker in New Zealand who has now learned to weld and create and design his own layout .. this is what this is all about.

Update 8-8-08 ... We were out of town last weekend and now have Bryan our 13 year old grandson with us now for the next 10 days ... Have all the steel and design done for the cab .. will start on it a little this morning .. should go very fast when Dave Moeller and I get a couple of mornings to put in on it full time.

Below is a photo of all 3 engines I took on this mornings walk since I had them all out for Beck's Cousin, Linda, family, Bryan and Kathy, Rob, Sydney and Shelby to ride.

Update 7-27-08 ..The only change you can see in the photo below is of the bumper and flag holder we installed above the pilot (Cow Catcher) .. I also built most of the rear hitch and welded it on. I also ordered all the steel for the cab Saturday.

Update 7-20-08 ... Mike Rumrill delivered the funnel stack that Becky wanted made for "Big Brute". He did a marvelous job! The stack will look better size wise when Dave & I get the large Forney syle cab finished in the next two months or so.

Update 7-18-08 Taken today ... Becky and Tootsie admiring the engine. Added the two steel braided hoses today ...

Udate - 7-14-08 .. Finished putting the copper bands on the engine today, also the measurements for the exhaust steam hose ... will pick it up later this week. But here are 2 photos I just took this evening. I would like to thank Timberline Heating and Air for cutting and donating the 3" bands for this engine as they also did for our other two engines. We have used Timberline for all our home and business for years.

Udate - 7-12-08 Have done a lot in the past week ... a few photos below .. more later This page has now become a work in progress to show where we are .. also am leaving the earlier stuff as a journal ... will organize it later. Becky wants the large diamond smoke stack that we first designed like the .. will have it done by next Friday we hope. The first one shown was an extra we already had. Mike Rumrill made our most recent stacks as he is a genius with his plasa cutter.
I am buying one of those too to have fun with that too!
Mike also cut out the light stand I designed which we mounted yesterday.

Udate - 6-18-08 ... Getting "THE BRUTE" started on the painting ... have the cab designed .. started on the stack ... cab will be 72" high and 50" wide inside we will be in a very high and comfortable seating position to see over this monster .. It will look very much like the photo at the top of this page .. and it won't take us very long in contrast to how Melvin kept shelving this project. But ... without Melvin's mad genius these projects just wouldn't have happened ... One has to just humor genius like this when we find it.

We should have the basic cab and funnel stack done within a month (wishful thinking) ... thanks to another artistic genius with a great plasma cutter (grin) Mike Rumrill.

Pictured above here on "Big Bubba" is my pal Dave Moeller.

7-6-08 STEAMED UP TEST DAY ... steamed "The Brute" up today at home here .. the sweetest and smoothest running engine ever .. and tons of power! The 2 photos below show it articulated in our tightest 40 foot radius curve. Movies too. Dave Moeller and I blew the boiler and site glass and cylinders down good first to get any left over debris out of the boiler, etc.

Shows Articulated Engine on our smallest 40' radius .. also see sand dome finished

Shows Articulation again

Before watching the movies below of our first steamup test of "THE BRUTE" turn the music off at the top of this page. The finished cab will be 78" high and 46" wide. 72" high inside will allow room to stand and operate.

  1. Twin Burners Working

  2. Cleaning Out Boiler and Cylinders of Left Over Debris

  3. TEST 1

  4. TEST 2

  5. TEST 3

  6. TEST 4

  7. TEST 5

  8. TEST 6

  9. Valve Gear Working

  10. Valve Gear Working

  11. 11-28-08 Steam Day Shake Down #1

  12. 11-28-08 Steam Day Shake Down #2

  13. 11-28-08 Steam Day Shake Down #3

  14. 11-28-08 Steam Day Shake Down #4

  15. 11-28-08 Steam Day Shake Down #5

    6-21-08 Update to my build sheet and journal.
    I removed the old school bus seat, will have the doors at the back where the seat was and we will make fold down seats closer to the controls for the engineer and fireman.
    I have done a lot these past 2 days. More painting, brass out of the cylinders into a Tee and gate valves to adjust steam up the stack or out the side. Drilled holes thru the 1/2" floor and re-routed hoses thru the floor into the cab. Fabricated brackets and placed bolts thru the floor to hold hoses, etc in place below the floor. Cut 3" angle iron (scavanged from the seats) clamped and ready to weld tomorrow ... Mike brought me some aluminum diamond plate for the floor area above the back truck and where the doors will be. ... I will install it tomorrow. I also made brass to go up 9" and into the stack on both sides. Made a template for Mike to contour the sand dome and stack bases to fit the boiler with his plasma cutter.

    This is me "Doc" Hemp building the rear entry area up.
    We will also have aluminum diamond plate on the whole floor

    6-27-08 ... I just received this headlight casting from RMI today about 2pm. I am very impressed with their work. I had it painted and the light and wiring in place within about an hour and a half ... including a quick trip to Napa Auto Parts and the hardware store. The light measures 13"H 9"W and about 8"deep. I am anxious to show it to Dave Moeller when we walk in the morning.

    In fact this new engine is so big, plus when we double head the steam engines I will feel better with a center support in the bridge which I hope to get too shortly ... picked up the steel today ... Wow .. expensive!

    This is the light just sitting on top ... shows how great it will look when we get the stand made.

    Dave .. I can't believe it! .. It's finally here!!!

    And now back to our old photos on this page

    Twistys put in to spiral and slow the flame to the outside of the pipes

    This is the stainless steel water tank I had Melvin built this time around. These above 2 photos taken 2/19/08 = now back to the last stuff posted 10/28/07

    10/28/07 Update ... Melvin lost one full year trying to develop 1st a liquid propane burner and then a kerosene burner ... He finally did just what we had talked about in the beginning like Little Bubba has with a tried and true vapor propane system. Melvin had also started a steam car for himself and used my engine to test his theories out on as he can't run vapor propane in the car. But that's just Melvin ... the crazy genius ... can't push these guys.

    The fantastic news is that it works way better than any of us had ever dreamed possible ... It will start in the middle of a 6 % grade .. steams up in 1 hr and 15 minutes. And the 2 burners he had already built from scratch work absolutely perfectly with huge BTU's in the larger tubes. I had found a 35 gallon propane tank and it is not freezing up as the 2 burners only have to run on low ... even with just the pilots on the pressure only drops about 40% in 4 hrs. of just sitting there.

    So ... Now Melvin has to finish up the mechanical feed pump and a few other things so when I get delivery we can finish the cab, put in the Penberthy lifting steam injector, electrical, paint, etc. etc. ... was supposed to be my last summers project ... oh well ... will have next spring and summer ... I usually move very fast weather permitting. I also have to route the exhaust up and build the stack. It does sound very very good as it is. Melvin is afraid to change the draft as it is so perfect now ... but should not be a problem as I can build adjustable vents in the bottom of the stack. I have to have the stack talk too! .... Oh .. and this engine has huge hydraulic disk brakes off a truck! .... one finger pressure to stop it ... Plus .. We also have brakes on the caboose too

    4/15/06 ... Our boiler should be done in a month or so ... 5' X 18" X 1/2". We are putting in two large 6" X 5' propane burner tubes and 15 .. 1.5" fire tubes. The boiler also has a 5' long 1.5" steam dry pipe/super heater . It has 4 water inlet tubes ... one for filling on the top and 3 underneath .. one for the all brass mechanical feed pump Melvin is building and one for the Penberthy Steam injector and one for the 2" steel tri-cock boiler water level gauge with the site glass off of it.
    This is a one off, original design, all custom built locomotive. It is very exciting! Current pics to follow soon! And like I said earlier ... the steam chests and Walshart's gearing was tested on compressed air and all worked like butter ... the next step is to test the boiler with compressed air and see how it works with everything else.
    Our new Forney being built will have 26 H.P. ... Our current engine only has about 14 H.P

    Now ... Back to our Forney .... Below see how a sliding steam valve works ... see the top cut precisely down. Mel Harris of Harris Locomotive Works and Ray Bennett another friend are shown below .. Without Melvin we couldn't have done our live steam layout.
    This new engine will be able so seat 3 average sized adults side by side in the cab or 2 very large adults.

Above photos of Ray Bennet and Mel Harris
Mel is the unpredictable genius that builds this stuff.

Most of the above photos are older ones when we started this project .... The following ones are the newer ones since we finally got back on track with this project. Below are photos of the nearly finished boiler. The outer shell is a full 1/2 inch thick. To show the size of this one I had Dave Moeller stand behind it.

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