Page #2
Building Our New Forney
"The Big Brute"

11-24-08 Update .. 95% finished .. Go to Forney Old Town Page #3 ... After you are done with this page. The Forney Old Town Page shows the main hub of our old Western Town.

10-16-08 Update ... Worked again today for about 11 hrs on the engine ... Becky has been very good about this .. Dave M has been busy with his project but has helped out a lot now and then with putting more bolts in .. still have about 30 more to go and a little more welding to do tomorrow on Friday the 17th. Dave M and I have designed another frame modification to add a nice looking sheet inside the rear of the cab to cover the propane tank. And Dave also came up with the good idea to double sheet the front window area so the bolts won't show when mounting the large pressure gauge, etc.

Bryan and Bill have been going great guns too on our new storage area. Photos below.

I was also sadened this evening to learn of the death of John Woods of the Arborway grand scale railroad like ours. John not only had the best U.S.A railroad but was also a very wonderful man. I have a link to his railroad from our main train site.

Now to todays photos .. also take note of the finished top area of the tender ... water fill spout and lots of room for storing gear.

10-15-08 Update ...Photos taken this afternoon

10-14-08 Update ... Had S.F. dental meeting, Beck's high school reunion, etc. ... I didn't get back on the engine till last Friday .. Dave went down south to visit family .. I worked by myself about 10hrs per day from Friday to Monday .. had to paint late near sundown when the high winds finally died down ... Dave Came over for about an hour Wed morning but has a project of his own to do ... I called Ray Bennett to come by .. taught him to use the plasma cutter .. he loves it. Ray really helped a lot on our first steam engine .. this is the first time he has been by to see this one. He had a couple really good ideas to share

Bryan Taylor and Bill also got started on our train barn addition to house "The Brute" and I will be building another switch & track for more rolling stock storage inside parallel to the one that is already there. I am building in a saloon with the swinging bar doors .. a porch and a jail with the bars, wooden lockable shutters, etc. It will also be the first part of our Western Town.

In the photos below you will see an amazing thing! .. On the back of the forney tender I built and designed a door ..and wanted a unique handle for it .. Dave & I discussed maybe a rail road spike, etc. .. nothing seemed just right and Becky said .. why don't you just use your plasma cutter to make a metal plate to put your engine number on and mount it off the back & have room to pull the door open .. What a Woman! .. you will see it below .. and in the above photos too from 10-15-08.

The Flares like most forneys had
Are all bolted to the frame and removable
Dave did a fantastic job on bending the 30 degree
angles for the 1" x 1/8" steel brackets I pop rivited to

I taught my pal Ray Bennett to use the plasma cutter today

Becky's handle and number plate design
for the forney's propane back door

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