Page #4
Building Our New Forney
"Big Bubba!"
Our First Shake Down Run
November 28th, 2008

Our Thanksgiving family photo
(family photos on shutter fly thanks to Kathy Hemp Delker)

Again as a reminder - THE BEFORE PICTURE here below as delivered 6/14/08

12-24-08 Update ... Finished with all the Graphics as per Howard Zeller yesterday .. a photo of Howard is just below in the cab in the fireman's seat.

My sister Joanne Huston

This is one of my favorite shots I took

Photo by Kathy (Hemp) Delker

  1. Twin Burners Working

  2. Cleaning Out Boiler and Cylinders of Left Over Debris

  3. TEST 1

  4. TEST 2

  5. TEST 3

  6. TEST 4

  7. TEST 5

  8. TEST 6

  9. Valve Gear Working

  10. Valve Gear Working

  11. 11-28-08 Steam Day Shake Down #1

  12. 11-28-08 Steam Day Shake Down #2

  13. 11-28-08 Steam Day Shake Down #3

  14. 11-28-08 Steam Day Shake Down #4

  15. 11-28-08 Steam Day Shake Down #5

  16. 12-06-08 Update ... Our shake down run was fantastic!! This engine is so powerful and smooth and solid .. 4 adults in cab at times and not even crowded... But .. In the weekends since I have replumbed the boiler pressure gauge and also ran it into the cab with a nice large gauge .. Dave Helped me drill and punch a hole thru the stubborn steel cab. I used 1/4" looped copper tubing to condense the water first.
    I also replumbed and re-routed the whistle and added a slide valve for the quilling effect (the lonesome whistle sound) will add photos later.
    Yesterday (till 9pm last night) I drilled and tapped 1/4" holes for the left side rail and fabricated both copper hand rails for the boiler shell sides. I also routed the wiring from the head light thru the left side hand rail and mounted it to the engine. And tested the light for the 1st time .. halogen and BRIGHT!

    Howard Zeller also came out last Friday for more graphics .. we still have one more day left .. He is fantastic and utterly amazing!

    My new engine shop allows me for the first time to work during the winter in the cold and at night .. will be so much fun doing the maintenance and fabricating now in the winter too.

    12-20-08 .... Took "Big Bubba" out again today .. Dave Moeller had his family up for Christmas vacation and the weather was dry, sunny at first and cold .. 38 degrees .. tested out the new 7" gauge .. works great .. but had some steam leaks .. used my emergency shut off ball valve and fixed them .. the slide on the whistle works just like I designed it too .. lots of quilling .. water in the tank was very cold .. is good with steam injectors .. not so good with mechanical pumps .. lots of btu's wasted putting very cold into a very hot boiler .. but still worked fantastic .. stopped for about 3 minutes every mile to bring pressure up to the pop off pressure.
    Howard Zeller will be here Tuesday to finish up the graphics .. then will post more photos .. will also show new whistle, gauge and side rails .. Have a very Merry Christmas

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