"Let it Snow! We Don't Care!"

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11/2001 ... Please allow me to make an observation here ... When Joe Wong and I (Doc Hemp) left Redding at 6 A.M. it was raining so hard that we could hardly see .. the weather report at Weather Underground for Willows called for even more constant rain and 25mph to 50 mph winds ... Now .. I have ridden motorcycles and Harleys for over 36 yrs and have ridden to Sturgis S.D. and back 4 times in hail, rain, snow and 70 mph winds ... It's just what real Harley riders do ... But ... the last thing I imagined when Becky and I joined the Pacific Region of the Ferrari Club of America was a similar toughness! ... I had emailed Peter George figuring they would take an alternate date .... He said "We Go Rain or Shine!" ... couldn't believe it! ... Had thought these Ferrari guys might melt in the rain (grin) ... Joe and I then l aughed .... We figured that we would at least have the track to ourselves as prolly only Peter and us would show up ... WRONG! ... and we were all rewarded by 10 A.M. with brilliant sunshine and no wind to boot. .... Saint Peter certainly knew something the rest of us didn't! .... No wonder he was voted president ... who wants to be struck by lightning? (grin)

"Saint Peter"

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    Good Track Sound ... Poor image so that it loads by Xmas. I don't have many pics of the cars in my class as we were all out on the track at the same time and I couldn't take photos.
  2. Movie... Please stop the music on this page while you are waiting for these to down load .. Then turn your volume way up!
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  7. Hey .. Don't take my picture .. It's already in the Post Office

    Now .. You want a booty warmer too?

    Hey ... This tire seems a lot bigger than the rest...
    Better Jack it up again

    Our Little #88 Porsche

    Hey .. We better Kipe these later ... Some ones watching

    Heck! ... Somebody stole my Motor!

    I'm Lovin the, Looks like Santa Claus Stage 4!
    Now ... if I could only find my keys ... I'd like to do a little racing

    Peter George's Rocket!

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