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There are many many photos here ... if you do not have DSL please start the page and go and get a cup of coffee, Gin & Tonic, etc. .. When you come back it will be as fully loaded as you are. (grin)

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    In the center is one of our driving instructors for the day, Dave Wilson. Dave rode with me for the first 20 minute session of the afternoon set .. It was my first day in the car and the first day at this track and my first day back to racing in 12 years. He was one of my instructors at the Jim Russell Race Drivers School many years ago. Dave Wilson is a racing coach to the best in the world and the worst in the world .. give him a call.

    Rocky Allen

    Rocky's Pal

    Mike Conway

    Val Korry

    Right - My Pal Joe Wong and his Rare Fast 95 Factory RS Porsche Race Car ... Left - Doc & Becky's Porsche Race Car
    Update - 11/01 - In this yellow Porsche Joe broke a 1999 PCA club racing record Fastest lap for his M1 class at Thunderhill - Congratulations Joe! ... Joe is also a Ferrari owner of 20 years or more.


    Tom Jow and his 360 Spyder

    Maurilio "Tazio" De Nicolo - 2000 360 Modena Titanium

    Lft to Rt .. Uncle Joe's Porsche .. Doc Hemp's Porsche & Pantera .. Pantera has 450 H.P. .. Terry Eldrige of NASCAR fame did the heads .. It also has 300 H.P. Nitrous Oxide system on top of that. Becky and I bought this car new in 1973 .. raced it at Laguna Seca in the late 80's. Have had it 208 mph .. in a straight line (grin)

    Our Son-in-law Rob Delker in Joe Wong's Porsche ..
    Rob & Kathy own a concours winner 1978 930 Turbo

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