Paris Sightseeing in February!
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Our Paris trip with Jacques & Raymond Harguindeguy., Russ & Ruth Duclos, and me (Doc) and Becky Hemp. All photos by Doc Hemp. All noncommercial and brought to you by B.A.D. (Becky And Dave's) CHARIOTS ... And ... Doc's Funny Dental Site

These are all fast loading low files size pictures for their size and quality ... it is worth the wait folks ... go get that cup of coffee and take a whizz ... it will be ready when you get back (grin)

Edith Piaf
(Accordion Man - Andy Bakke)

I took this out the window of a moving car with our new Sony Reflex Digital Camera

Russ & Ruth Duclos and Becky (Mrs. Doc Hemp) on the right

Becky at the gate of the palace that Louie th XVth built for his mistress, WOW .... no wonder everybody wants to be a mistress in France! ...

The Palace of Versailes

In the summer the lines to get in here are usually over 1/4 mile long .... all the way through this court yard and down the front gate, we hit it with wonderful weather for February here ... I would say come in early spring to beat the lines everywhere!

Another great zoom from the pic above this one
From the same spot and hand held

French Bochi Ball

Napoleon's Tomb

Russ Duclos at Napoleon's Tomb ... Was a war hospital ... Canons all over out front

The Millenium Ferris Wheel that France built (a foot bigger) after England built their Millenium one first. (The English are really P.O'd about this!) It lights up at night with light radiating from the center out ... looks very nice. The English one is very nice too .. you can see it in West Minister from the Waterloo Bridge like we did after taking the Chunnel Train to England.

This war monument is made out of canons melted down from one of Napoleons famous battles ... Hmmm .... No ... I am not going to make one of my distasteful doc Hemp comments here.

The modern glass pyramid at the Louvre ... many don't like it ... we didn't at first but once you get inside it is really marvelous! This is the largest museum in the world by far! 3 or 4 floors and actually has about 17 miles (37Km) to cover to go into all the alcoves to see everything (I am not kidding!) .. Be sure to see the top floor to your left facing the photo your first time ... Has the Mona Lisa and has most of the greatest paintings in the world!! .. Also .. be sure to ask the Cab to drop you at the side door to buy your ticket (really) = no lines ... even in summer .... the locals keep it quiet so they can get in without waiting, but anyone is welcome there too.

Downtown Paris

The First Catholic Church of Paris .. up on the only hill here .... the only thing higher up is the Eiffel Tower .... Russell found out to go to Mass here though, you had to know the Pope personally! ..... But, ... I did meet one of the Pope's grandchildren here that was very pleasant though .... (tounge in cheek)

The Famous Artist's Square of France!
(Work out a price ahead of time!)

Notre Dame

Our WONDERFUL Private driver .... Darnis Thierry .... He and a partner race their own Formula Ferrari F3 over here. He told us about and showed us all over paris. Took us to many of the non tourist areas we would never have had a chance to have ever seen otherwise. He is such an extremely smooth an obviously professional driver in this crazy traffic here! Speaks great English ... Darnis is a friend of Pierre's who picked us up at the airport. His extremely fast large S Series Mercedes Sedan is pictured above.

One of the famous restaurants near the Park on the outside of the Paris Beltway .... the park with all the cool vans parked along the road ... you will have to ask about these when you get over there for sure!

The exact but small replica Statue of Liberty that the USA gave to France after France gave the Big one to us ... (I think)