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Somewhere in Paris
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La Vie en Rose
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Edith Piaf
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This very Rare Jaguar painted here by Francois is a past Le Mans winner

Please meet my (Doc Hemp's) new friend, Francois BRUERE - The WORLD FAMOUS Official Le Mans Raceway and Harley Davidson Corp Artist (Willy G and many others also have his art hanging in their homes too), among hundreds of others he has and does work for ... Contact him for any needs you may have too. Our good friend Robert of ATS (World wide and Le Mans) RACING commissioned Francois to do Becky's and my Dear Friend Jacques Harguindeguy's 1937 Figoni and Falaschi Delahaye Pictured here below at the 2001 Retromobile, Paris France this February.
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Francois also has built 9 and rides custom Harley Davidsons. Has and his creations have been flown over to Datona Bike Week by the Harely-Davidson Corporation for exhibition .... He is currently working on a new secret totally revolutionary custom Harley of his that is truly inspirational, one that will shake the idea of what a Harley can look like (I know what it is .... so there ..... Hee-hee).

Francois, Robert, Jacques pictured here from left to right with the custom canvas limited edition of Francois's Original Painting .... Jacques was given number One by Robert .... and MUCH TO MY SURPRISE & PLEASURE! ... Becky & I were given the lower one #14 ... which all 3 signed for me .... Merci Beaucoup guys! ..... Also, Robert thank you for the tour and the cool hat and jacket you sent over to Jacques that he sent up to me. The ride to Le Mans at the average speed of 220 Km/hr in the rain in your Land Cruiser was very interesting to say the least! .... You do handle a car very well and smoothly .... but .... I'm sorry for the mess I left on your back seat that soaked thru my pants (grin). Also hope you can get the vomit out of the seat belt and the finger nail damage doesn't seem to be as bad as I first thought it was ... (grin again)

And to you Jacques ... one of my best friends in the world .... Becky and I can't say enough about the invite to Retromobile, the great dinner at your favorite Paris restaurant, and then dinner guests of yours at the Delahaye Banquet. Also the pleasure of meeting your brother Father Raymond ... the whole trip and experience is one Becky and I will never forget!!!!
It is and was a pleasure for me to do your web site for the restoration of a year or so on your wonderful Figoni leading up to and of your Best of show at Pebble Beach this past August. Merci Beaucoup to you, your wonderful wife Betty, your daughter Debbie and all the wonderful new friends we met because of you my friend on our wonderful Paris trip!

We love you all,
Dave (Doc) and Becky Hemp.

Francois Signing my Painting he did of Jacques Delehaye

Alan Mann is in the middle (with the coat and tie) talking over with Robert what he did for Ford Motor Car Co. as his responsibility of developing the Ford Mustang in Europe. He was also the primary force in Ford Motor Car Racing at Le Mans and all of Europe. Robert is now restoring this (his own) early Ford Le Mans Mustang to race again! The photos above show where Alan signed Robert's race car for good luck ... "GO FASTER!"

This is a shot above of Alan signing the dash with Fabian and Robert looking on. It also shows Michel (Robert's Right Hand Man) in the background chatting with Pierre & Jacques.
Also, Merci Beaucoup to Pierre for picking us up at the Air Port ... hope the See's Candy Becky gave you took a little of the sting out of the ticket you got at the airport.

Below is a shot of some of the Corvette bodies ready to go on the race cars being built

This is Robert's Datona Shelby Cobra That Danny Sullivan won in last summer here in Paris.

The rarest GT 40 in the world .. this is the very first factory prototype that was ever built .. in it's original Factory Green color ... it was never raced .... another of Roberts great cars. He also collects original Ford Cobras, etc.

Robert's son Fabian ... He is very polite, a great student, he also races Go Karts .... the VERY FAST ONES! ... I saw the many trophies at their home. Good Luck Fabian in all that you do! .... You will be a great Le Mans Driver someday!

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Danny Sullivan drives Robert Sarrailh's car to victory and a jubilant Carrol Shelby's congratulations last summer.

Music on this page .... .(Accordion Man - Andy Bakke) ... With his Blessing and okay. Please visit his wonderful site! Jimmy Giordanengo ( Accordionist) and Latchezar Dimitrov ( Violinist) Who play for the Opera House in Nice France. Latchezar is doing editing and adding the extra parts...the Keyboard is Jimmy on the MIDI Accordion.

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