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Class of 1960
Our 50th High School Reunion
Shenandoah Valley Academy, April 16 & 17, 2010


Our 1960 Chevy Impala ... 60 RULES!
Rob & Kathy .. our soninlaw and daughter
Becky & our middle son Wes

Please send text and photos by regular email and not in word documents... Thanks ... See everyone soon.

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UPDATED 4/11/2010

I am Dedicating This Page to Dr. Akers
Our Principle for 3 of Our 4 years.

Dr. Akers has always been a family friend and Becky and I are very proud to be able to count him as very special friend even today.

Elder Haas (above photo) was our principle our senior year
And did a great Job too!

Here is another of our favorite teachers ... Elder Francis ... He always called me his sound effects man .. whatever he was talking about I would make the sounds to go with it in class. His favorite student of all time though was James Hartig .. He asked me about him every time I ever saw him after graduation. Elder Francis also talked me into doing the "I AM THE DEVIL" skit he wrote.

The following Becky just ran across as I had her google one of our websites for us and I have posted it here below. Prof Litten was my MCC director and my English teacher ... But PLEASE Don't blame him for my butchering of the English language! He was a favorite of us all as was our class sponser .. The Strickland's. I wish now I had concentrated on english more instead of only the sciences. There is more down below on this page under my favorite photo of all time that Bill Barney sent us yesterday!

April l999
Here is a photograph of the man we loved so much... He was the most gentle teacher... No judgments...just love ... A learn-ed man...delighting in watching "the lights come on"... his beloved students... And we were him !!!

Nancy Mondics Hardy


4/10/10 UPDATE
Have just upgraded many more old photos sent in by Bill Barney toward the bottom of this page.

Peppy has sent me a list of those in our class that have passed away and we want to remember them here and at our 50th ... They are;

Virginia Patton Andrews,

Katherine Stout Austin,

Janet Meikle Chapman,

Herbie Copenhaver,

Richard Ellinger,

Donna Stonier,

Larry Strickler,

Wayne Woodall.

Ivy Higgins Olson

Robert Linwood Dickson, JR. (Chunky)

Chunky lost his battle with prostate ca on Friday evening
The weekend of our 50th reunion. (We Love You Chunky!)


From "Peppy Lord Clark"
Subject FW: Our Graduatiion Video on Youtube
Date Tue, April 6, 2010 5:56


Just a few reminders before April 16 weekend:

I will be calling in our final Sat lunch count this FRIDAY, April 9. If you have not contacted me, please e-mail me about your lunch choice - Vegetarian or Chicken.

If you have not looked at David Hempe's SVA website, you are missing out. He had just put up an "old" movie of our graduation weekend. You can view it on the youtube link in his email to me.

Also please write your bio for his web site if you have not already done so. Dave has put in a lot of work so that we can catch up on each other's news. Thank you Dave.

I also wanted to inform you that one of our classmates, Robert "Chunky" Dickson has been fighting cancer for quite a few years and Hospice is now involved. Please let him know that our thoughts and prayers are with him by contacting him at - or by mail at
Robert Dickson, 15 Sunset Lake Rd., Bridgeton, NJ 08302-3734

For those staying for the evening, I will be providing vegetarian burgers for everyone but would like each of you to help enhance the evening menu by bringing a little something (salad, drinks, chips, dessert, etc.) whatever is convenient for you.

FRIDAY April 16 - Golf Tournament at Bryce Resort 6:00-8:00 Reception in the Cafeteria

8:15 Vespers by David Livergood (class of 90) in the church

SABBATH, April 17

10:15 Sabbath School musical program in the gym
11:00 Worship Service by George Gainer (class of 1970) in the gym
Honor class pictures taken after worship service
LUNCH for class of 1960 in the church fellowship hall
4:00 Choir Reunion Concert in the church with Steve Zork
6:00 SUPPER for our class in the church fellowship hall
Looking forward to seeing you and sharing happy memories!

----- Original Message ----- From: "" Sent: Fri, April 2, 2010 19:24 Subject: Re: Our Graduatiion Video on Youtube Thanks Dave for great memories. Every one look so young and beautiful. Reg
(doc hemp note ... and now Reg .. we look manure .. I mean mature and sexy!)

Subject Re: Our Graduatiion Video on Youtube
Date Tue, April 6, 2010 8:14
To "Peppy Lord Clark"

Peppy, Thank you for all you have done and are doing for our reunion. Joni and I will bring potato salad and a large Texas sheet cake.

(A Doc Hemp Note) .. Dear Peppy .. We all echo Reggie's sentiments in thanking you for all you are doing back there .. We all really appreciate it .. this website thing has been a hobby of mine for the past 16+ years and is a fun thing for me to do.

For the golfers: I have clubs for Dale Adams and Dallas Hawkins. Pete Esveld and Elmer Armstrong are bringing their clubs. Hooker and Hemp had to change their schedule and can not play. It is 80 today in the valley and all is good.

For the singers: If you want a copy of the music send me your address and I will get it out to you pronto. Reggie


From "Winnie Reedy"
Subject Re: FW: Our Graduatiion Video on Youtube
Date Tue, April 6, 2010 20:16
To,,"Don Clark"

Hi Pep,

I'm in on the echo too! A BIG, LOUD "ECHO"!!!

And to you too Dave,

Yea, nothin' to it.... Right!!! It's fantastic what you've done for us! You have no idea how captivating it is for me. I make everyone in my office look at our website with me over and over as things get added. We've riden your train so much we're dizzy and hear the whistle in our sleep. I'm sure everyone else feels the same. If I'd only known it was going to be this special and this much fun 50 years later, I would have gotten here sooner -- well, not really, but you know what I mean....
(dochemp note .. Winnie ..thanks for the kind words .. Dave)

And Reg,

You big ol' teddy bear. What can I say. You're just always there for us, shepherding us together. (Do you remember, you & I were "Hall of Fame" together?) By the way, Is Texas sheet cake safe?

Have a safe trip (to the right) everyone.
(Another dochemp note .. the Right is Right! and .. the left is not Right! Right? ... Therefore ..the left is WRONG! Right?)


From Joel Dortch
Subject Re: FW: Our Graduatiion Video on Youtube
Date Wed, April 7, 2010 17:09

Howdy Dr. Dave:
The Class of '60 web site etc. is a magnificent effort on your part and I really enjoyed looking at your personal web site. Very interesting. I too am a train buff but my collection is all N scale. My maternal grandfather was a telegrapher and station manager for the Southern Railway so my collection of engines and cars are primarily all SR. I have never had the room to build a layout (even in N scale) but about once a year, I get out some track and run trains on the floor or a table.

Peppy asked me to write a bio and send it to you so it is attached. It is longer than I had planned but how do you shorten 50 years into a couple of paragraphs?

Thanks again for your great work. I wish that I could be there. The Class of '60 were a great bunch of kids. I wish that I had been able to attend there more than just one year.

Happy Trails (and tracks),
Joel Dortch

Joel's Bio ..

Originally, I was planning to attend the SVA reunion this year and definitely looking forward to it. In 50 years, I have only been to two reunions, 1970 and 2000. However, I have a conflict with my work and regretfully will not be able to attend.

After leaving SVA, my cousin and roommate, Alan and I followed Dean Battle to Southwestern Adventist College in Keene, TX. Roy and Hannah Battle were life-long friends of our families plus we had relatives in the area. I majored in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting. In 1963, I was invited to be the Assistant Manager of the Oklahoma Book and Bible House, located in Oklahoma City. I met my wife Donna while at Keene and we were married there in 1963 not long after I moved to Oklahoma. In 1964, I transferred to the Southwestern Union Conference office in Richardson, TX where I was Cashier/Accountant for the Union. While there, our oldest daughter Rhonda was born in 1967. In 1969, I was invited to become the Assistant Treasurer of the Kentucky- Tennessee Conference in Madison, TN. In 1970, our youngest daughter Tracy was born. In 1971, I became Manager of the Ky-Tn Adventist Book Center. In 1979, I was invited to become Manager of the Arizona ABC. In 1984, after 21 years of denominational work, I resigned and moved to Riverside, CA to be closer to my aging parents. In Southern California I opened my own bookkeeping, tax and business consulting service, eventually going to work full-time a few years later for my largest client, as Business Manager of a skilled nursing facility.

Even though I have never earned a single dollar in my life as a real working cowboy, I have truly been a cowboy -at-heart all my life, ever since I saw my first Hopalong Cassidy movie on TV at my grandfather’s big house in Atlanta, GA in 1947 or 1948, when I was 5 or 6 years old. I grew up with all the old Hollywood cowboys as my heroes and I never outgrew them. I have always had a love and appreciation for all things western, from Western History, art, music, movies and TV shows, to the books of Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour, to horses, guns, hats and boots. I have enjoyed living the Western lifestyle and playing cowboy all my life.

Not long after moving to CA, I became interested in the then new and fast growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. Through our mutual interest in the sport, I met and became friends with Roy “Dusty” Rogers, Jr. For almost 15 years, I was Director of Entertainment for END of TRAIL, The World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting and Wild West Jubilee, held annually near Norco, CA through 2004, now in New Mexico. As part of the event, I produced an outdoor arena Wild West Show in the tradition of Buffalo Bill. I also hired Dusty Rogers and his band, The High Riders, to perform at the event that drew an average of 25,000 fans a year. In 1997, Dusty invited me to be the Executive Director of the Happy Trails Children’s Foundation in Apple Valley, CA. The foundation built a home to provide a safe haven for children-at-risk, who have been severely abused. The home is currently operating at maximum capacity with a waiting list, providing residential care and treatment services to 44 boys between the ages of 10 and 15. Situated on 40 acres of land in the High Desert, the home is surrounded by panoramic vistas of snow-capped mountains and natural desert terrain under healthy smog-free skies. Our pleasant cottages and well-manicured outdoor play areas provide a peaceful, serene environment where children can begin to heal. I am pleased to be able to carry on the important work with abused children who were so important to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had surgery to remove it. My neurosurgeon (trained by Bill Hooker and associates) told me that he had performed more than 1,000 such operations and my tumor was the largest he has seen and it had probably been growing for 10 years or more! (Bill, you and your guys do great work!) As a result of the tumor, which was not malignant, I lost my hearing in my right ear and my balance nerves on the right side. I also had to give up my horse and riding!

Three and a half months after the surgery, I led a group of 29 family and friends on a cruise-tour to Alaska that had been in the planning stages for more than a year. We loved it and my wife and I are planning to drive the Alaska Highway this coming summer to visit her relatives there. One couple owns a remote Bed & Breakfast with cabins, an RV park and their own airstrip. We are returning via ferry.

Through the years, I have received more recognition than I deserved. In April 2001, I was given the "Top Hand" award by the Single Action Shooting Society, their highest honor. In November 2002, I was presented the "Western Way" award by the Western Music Association for "significant contributions to the western way of life." In March 2009, Stater Brothers, a regional grocery chain, presented me with a "Hero of the Heartland" award for "exemplifying a caring commitment to the community." This award carried a check of $5,000 for Happy Trails Children’s Foundation. Then in December 2009, I was elected to the Single Action Shooting Society "Hall of Fame."

I am beginning to think more and more about retirement, looking forward to spending more time with our four precious grandchildren. I will be thinking about the "Class of 60" and wishing that I was there with you.

Have a great time!

Joel Dortch

(A Doc Hemp Note) Joel ... Wow! What a lot of accomplishments! .. Am really impressed with your shooting .. Funny thing .. We have our own shooting range at our home (click here) (along with our trains) ....In fact a couple of years after leaving SVA . My dad and I would put on live ammo quick draw shows .. up on stage .. We shot pine cones, etc .. that is till I put a bullet thru the top of my holster and thru my thigh .. I had announced over the P.A. system that I was going to try and set a record and fan off 3 shots to my dad's first one instead of the usual two .. which I did ..I remember leaning over and whispering .. hey .. I just shot myself in the leg .. he whispered back .. is it bad? ..I said .. naw ..just a flesh wound .. he whispered back .. Well .... We can't quit now .. we just started .. so we shot on for another 20 minutes (the end of my quick draw championship dreams) Later we saw I filled my boot up pretty well with blood .. and the wound butterflied open about 3" wide and 6" long ..we poured 2 bottles of Methilolate in it and I held it shut as my dad and fatherinlaw to be, Virgil, wrapped it from knee to hip with wide Adhesive tape ... we were tough in those days ... never did see a doctor.... some day I'll tell you how I put a stiletto thru my fatherinlaws foot.


Subject Fwd: Joni and Reg
Date Wed, April 7, 2010 15:56

To "David Hemp"

: Joni (Bennett) and Reg Woodruff

Alright, Joni is letting me write. We will celebrate our 46 years of hanging together in June. It has been a blast. I married the easiest woman to live with. (she made me what I am today) old and retired. We have downsized several times since the 90's and when I look at the large homes you guys are still living in (and cleaning and mowing on and on) I feel sorry for you.

We have moved to West Va. Look us up

Joni taught school in her early life and went back to teaching when our last child went to SVA. I Started working in the optical and contact lens field to help pay for college. I have had the joy of working in a field that has given me much joy. For many years I took care of the kids at National Children's Hospital in Washington, DC. I even got to look up Winny Reedy when she spent a spell in the 4th floor. It always made my day to see her. You contact lens wearers should try putting a contact lens in a 5 week old baby. Anyway, you should all be wearing bifocal contact lenses by now. I started teaching Optics and Contact Lens fitting at the Residency Program in the Department of Ophthalmology at Howard University in the mid 1970's I still go back one day a week and work over the young Docs. It's still fun.

Joni and I have two wonderful children, Heidi (SVA 85) and Garth (SVA 90). Heidi/ Randy Jubb have a son Logan. Heidi is a nurse, mom, and business partner with her husband. Garth/Lani have two boys-Foster and Hudson. Garth is a Horticulturist and builder and Lani works beside him. Both graduated at Andrews University. Garth is also a world class sailor. His sister and wife sail and we sit the kids. In 2007 he won the Bermuda Cup. Garth has made ocean crossings from Hawaii and last summer delivered a small sailboat from the Chesapeake Bay to Ireland.

Over the last year Joni has (built) a king sized quilt for each of her grand-boys. I cook and play golf, enjoy working on the boards of church and school.



Hello to the Great, Great, Great Class of ‘60

Am really looking forward to seeing all of you at our 50th! What a milestone…didn't the time just fly by like a jet plane?

I meant to get a letter put together long before now, but the death of my mom got me caught up in the preparations for her memorial service (which will be Sunday evening, April 18th) and everything else got put on hold—so I hope I’m not too late.

The question is, So, what did you do after SVA?

In 1961 I married Wayne Woodall. We had a beautiful child, Donette, who is also an SVA graduate, class of 1980—so this is her honor year as well as mine! Unfortunately, the marriage to Wayne ended in divorce almost before it began.

On August 1,1965, I married Robert Dornburg. We will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary this year. I consider Bob to be my greatest blessing—we have had, and are still having, a great run! Our daughter, Shanda, born in 1973, is a dental hygienist living and working in Prince Frederick, MD. Our girls have each given us 3 grandchildren, so with six grandchildren, our quiver is full.

In 1972 we built a home in Mt. Airy, MD where we lived 32 years while Bob was an Elementary School Principal for the Montgomery County School System and I worked as a Contracting Officer for the National Park Service. When Bob retired we sold our lovely home and rented a house, sight unseen, on the inter-coastal waterway in Palm Coast, FL. It wasn’t long before we realized, that in spite of having dolphins swimming in our back yard, Florida was not where we were meant to be. In 2005 we bought a home on the Nolachuckey River in Greeneville, Tennessee within sight of both the Appalachian and Great Smoky Mountains. We love our mountain views and are constantly in awe of what God has wrought.

I have been blessed with excellent health. Bob, however, is having some major challenges. After a serious fall in March 2005, resulting in brain surgery for a subdural hematoma and with deteriorating mobility issues, Bob has recently been diagnosed with Charcott, Marie, Tooth Disease (CMT). This finally explains the falls and mobility issues. It is very frustrating to him not to be able to do all the things that he would like to do.

Since moving to Tennessee I became involved in our small church, first as head deaconess, then worship coordinator, and now redecoration and church decor. I served as secretary/treasurer on the board of Camp Coyote, a new start-up 501(C)3 organization that will provide summer camping experiences for children with chronic and catastrophic diseases. I also belong to a local service organization that supports a number of our local Greeneville charities.

On every Monday through Friday morning, 7:25 finds me walking the 2-mile circle in our neighborhood with my neighbor. I am also collecting river rocks to complete the dry creek that I have been building across our back acre. Sabbath after church we join a group, our pastor’s wife calls "The Hoard", for lunch, fellowship and laughs. I’ve also joined a hiking group that explores the wonderful hiking trails available here in East Tennessee and, I’m learning to play Mah Jongg.

So here Bob and I live, in East Tennessee with our two cats and with each other, in grateful anticipation of the soon return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Love to all,

Nita Morris Dornburg


Me doing handstand in Zirkle hall hallway


From "Rita Dawson"
Subject Bio from Rita Dawson
Date Sat, April 10, 2010 12:19

"Hello" to Classmates of 1960
From: Rita Fauber Dawson

My husband, Danny and I are retired. After SVA, I worked in Richmond, VA. for 2 years and met Danny at Virginia Beach, VA while he was in the Marine Corps. AFter we married, we moved to my home town, Buena Vista, VA and raised our two daughters, Sonya and Desra. Sonya and her husband, John have a son Johnny, which of course, is our favorite grandson since he is the only one! Desra and her husband, Scott have 2 dogs and 1 cat!

Danny and I drove across country (the old Route 66, which is now Route 40) and we hope to drive across again. We love to travel but we keep our travels "On Land!"

Looking forward to seeing everyone at SVA.

4/10/10 .. Just got back from filming a soccer game with our 7 year old granddaughter Sydney this morning .. and found a lot more great old photos from Bill Barney ... I downsized them all and enhanced them .. (embelished with a little more print too) .. Bill had added a lot of print to begin with .. You will really like these! Thank You Bill ...

I think this is my favorite picture of all time from our past! ...Thank You Bill!

Lowell Litton was one of my favorite teachers along with Elder Francis. I wish now I hadn't disappointed him so much in MCC .. I was the only senior broken down to a buck private too many times to count (Right Pete?) I remember before I could graduate I had to do all my demerits = 20 push ups for every demerit ... and I had to do around 3000 pushups.
I wish it had been situps instead .. I was the best at that and Wallace Dalton was the best at pushups. If I remember right he had a lot of them to do too.

The ironic part is I went into the U.S.A.F as a Captain from 1968 - 70 and after basic training never ever had to do another push up (grin)
I think Pete'y hates me to this day because he was my platoon leader and I would flip little pebbles with my thumb out of my hand and hit him in the back of the head while marching and when he would stop us and try and find out who was doing it I would just open my hand and let the pebbles drop out.



Pictured above is Becky with our granddaughters and our ponies Honey Sugar Pie and Honey Sugar Pop. Honey Sugar Pop is very gentle and he has been used for our pony rides at many of our railroad parties over the years .. even the whistle doesn't bother him .. not so with Honey Sugar Pie ..She is more of a pasture pet and company for him.

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