APRIL 16-18, 2010

Two Short Movies Here Below I have Just Added 12/13/2015

  1. SVA Our 1960 Graduation MOVIE #1 .... Our Graduation Day SVA 1960
  2. SVA Our 1960 Graduation MOVIE #2 .... Our Graduation Day SVA 1960
  3. SVA Our 1960 Class Night MOVIE #3 .... Our SVA Graduation Class Night 1960

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(I have also added the full Youtube Billy Hooker's and my graduation video link at the bottom of this page)

Becky and I had a wonderful time! There was a little over half of our class in attendance.
Don and Peppy (Lord) Clark and Connie Dalton did a whale of a job coordinating and setting up the food, audio visual, etc.
You will need DSL or better to view our websites ... Please let the pages load completely first before viewing or you many not see some of the photos.

And it's amazing how after 50 years we can all be kids again for a few days! Our school, our class, our teachers, our friends have stayed with us in our hearts all these years and that includes those that have passed away before their time.
Peppy also remembered those in our class that have passed away and during our Saturday night dinner we were informed of Chunky Dickson passing the day before. He was a huge part of our class and was a friend to all! We have now lost 12.

Becky and I flew in 2 days early and visited Williamsburg, VA. and then Staunton VA for 2 days afterward .. links to both those photos sites later.

Below here I will put my photos up first and then some of Nancy Mondics Hardy's which you can also see in total on Shutterfly.

Late Night Update ..4/24/10 ... Have started the new post reunion Email page ...Link is at the bottom of this page.

This photo was taken in Staunton VA after the reunion at a Classic Car dealer that Becky noticed. She really likes this car .. He was asking too much of course.

Becky took this photo with our Nikon D200 Camera, with a Nikor 18 - 200 Telephoto Lens, Great Job Beckity! When I buy the new Nikon D800 (Full Frame camera) this D200 will be yours. ... 11/2012 Actually gave the D200 to our daughter Kathy who is using it a lot with our two young granddaughters.

(The Official Alumni Photo)

Beckity says life is too short for bad pictures ...so ..
Dandy Dave is sitting in for her :-)

This is Pete Esveld and myself ... Serious Hall Monitors we were!!!!

(Dale, Carloyn & Zachary ... Becky just ran across this Christmas Card)

The Following Photos are Nancy Mondics Hardy's

I didn't realize Corny was my brother
and so Dang good looking!!
(Dandy Corn & Dandy Dave!)

Yeah .. Dey is pretty good lookin

We wouln't go that far!

Dale actually is one of the most gifted woodworkers I have ever seen ... I could never make anything even close to what he does and I am not trying to diminish in any way the great story that Reggie shared with us on how Dale made this paddle for him many years ago.
Becky and I love all you guys & gals and I hope you have enjoyed these myriad of SVA websites.

Dandy Dave & Beckity

The Following Photos Are From Peppy Lord Clark

Hempster, (Dec 14/2011) I put the photos up below here .... The Hempster ...

Happy holiday to the west coast. Back East we are working on our toy project again.. Bill Barney, Jim Sanderson, Jerry Winkle and I have been making toys for tots. We did 497 this year. It is a lot of fun to get together to work on this project in Bills shop. Yesterday we celebrated by taking our wives to lunch at Olive Garden. We are alive and well. God has blessed us.


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    Posted a neat story about JoAnn Dean Whitely here.
    And 8/22/10 Carolyn & Bill in Coeur d'Alene Idaho

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  9. DOTTIE DOOLITTLE - Maggie Chafen's Exclusive Childrens Clothing
    Maggie and Les own this fantasic shop at 3680 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94118
  10. DUTCH HENRY WINERY - Les & Maggie Chafen's Winery in Calistoga

    Class of 57,58 & 59's 50th Reunion photos ... Becky and I were there for the 57 & 58th class reunions and Bonnie Hannah sent me photos of the class of 59's 50th. In the past 4 years I have made up around 18 - 20 SVA websites and pages. ... If you start on this link you should be able to get to them all. Best to bookmark each as you go. Becky and I have to go to google to find our own pages ... There are many hundreds over the past 16 years that I have been doing this stuff.

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