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Class of 1960
Our 50th High School Reunion
Shenandoah Valley Academy, April 16 & 17, 2010


UPDATED 4/30/2010

Joyce and Marie just lookin cool!

From "Jerold Winkle"
Subject Bio: Jerold (Jerry) Winkle
Date Sat, April 10, 2010 19:12

Jerold (Jerry) Winkle

It is very difficult to put 50 years of life into a few paragraphs, anyway, here goes:

Life has been very good and I have little, if any regrets.� Happily married to Judy Sturtz (CUC '67) from Pennsylvania for 43 years.� Served 2 years with the U.S. Army at Walter Reed Army Hospital, (Immunohematology).� Graduated from American University with a major in Medical Technology.� Attended Andrews University for Master's in Divinity and an online doctorate in public health.� Worked for Adventist Health Systems for 10 years as a laboratory director and managed laboratories for George Washington University in D.C. and INOVA Health Systems in Virginia.� Of all the areas in medical technology, my enjoyment and specialty is hematology and coagulation.� The last 9 years of my career were spent with the U.S. Army as a clinical research scientist monitoring HIV, Dengue fever, cutaneous Leishmaniasis, Escherichia coli, Hepatitis E, and Shigella flexneri 2a, vaccine studies in Thailand, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal, West Africa, Peru and Columbia, South America.

I am now retired and enjoying every day the Lord gives me.� I had triple bypass performed at the Washington Hospital Center in 2005 and was fortunate to be diagnosed and treated before a heart attack occurred.� I feel great, but need to push away from the table sooner.� You know what I mean.

Judy and I have a son, 41, and a daughter, 38, and one grandson 14 months old.� We really enjoy the little fellow.� You know, grandparents are suppose to spoil their grandchildren, so we are doing our best.

We have enjoyed living in a number of locations during our working years.Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, Florida, California, Maryland, and now retired near Hedgesville, WV.

For hobbies, I am a licensed HAM with a call sign of KD8NCK, lift lightweights to stay in shape, walk, ride my bike, and work on my Thai language skills

Would welcome a visit from any of you.� We are just 12 miles off of Interstate 81 near Martinsburg, WV.� Enter 132 Simply Ashley Court, Hedgesville, WV in your GPS and we are easy to find.

Jerry and Judy Winkle

132 Simply Ashley Court
Hedgesville, WV 25427
Home: 304-754-6288
Cell: 240-446-6250

(Note from Doc Hemp ... these squigglies keep showing up). no problem though as we can read between the lines - Hee hee. minor virus picked up from the enclosed documents .. is not on following pages.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> �

From "Nancy Mondics Hardy"
Subject SVA 50th Website
Date Sun, April 11, 2010 22:09
To "dochemp"

Hey Davy Boy...what a great job On the SVA site you are doing. I have really enjoyed keeping up on you guys. [class of '60] Loved loved loved the movie of your graduation and class night. I was so glad to see Lee Knoll. I keep telling people to look up ole Doc Hemp's web site.

It was so to see your tribute to George Akers and his response. That made me remember all of the things I liked about him when he was principle. My freshman year for some reason during the Bangaroo he called me up on stage and told me if I did not talk or make sounds for 24 hours and carry this brick everywhere I went that he would give me ten bucks. If someone else either stole my brick or got me to talk they would get the ten bucks. Sounds like Lets Make A Deal. Anyway I did get the money in spite of my five room mates trying hard to get me to talk. He was always so nice to my sister and me. Once he called me into his office and had a chat about me dating Archie. Fun memories!!
(A Davey Boy note ... So ... did he tell you to drop that brick (Archie) and go back to the sweet little teddy bear Davey Boy?)

Thought you might like to see my web site...finally. Emmett put it together for me just recently. Google and it will come up. Can't wait to see all of you guys at the reunion. Take care,
Nancy �

From "archer livengood"
Subject Re: SVA Reunion
Date Mon, April 12, 2010 21:36
To "dochemp" ,"Dr Dick Brown" ,

Hey All Ya'All: That's Southern for Hello.

Wow: I'd hate to think what amount of painstaking hours of work went in to digitizing that old 8 mm film that you sent into utube. It was simply marvelous. I hadn't seen a picture of Elder Francis in so long. He was an exceptional man among men. What wonderful memories. I don't know who that screwball girl was with the great long hair that wouldn't show her face to the camera. I'll bet she wishes now that she had let you take her picture. I hope all the gang get to see your work there. I know you can't go back in time, but those were the best days. If only we knew then what we know now. (I know I'd be a lot skinnier!) :-)~

I also enjoyed some of the pictures that I don't remember seeing before on the web pages. I recognized some of the kids but not all. Oh, there is no explanation about the two old convertible cars, what were they and whose were they? Were you a "car person" even back then? (The old one just outside of the barn and the yellow one in front of the office with the "office" sign backwards on the building, or maybe the negative was printed reverse?) It was great seeing all the cars from the 50s in the movie. I think I rode in that Desoto. Somebody had one and we rode someplace in it I think to get something to eat. Can't remember whose parents had it.
I'm sure glad we have Dandy Dave to keep the memories of the good times fresh in our minds. Man, we sure were good lookin' back then! :-)~

Take care,

~The Archer
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> �

Subject Choir
Date Tue, April 13, 2010 14:21
To "david hemp" �

Time is short and I am sure everyone is packed to head to the valley. Note to any one who wants to join the singing at Sabbath School. I got a message today from Jan that the sound people want the singers in the gym at 6:00-6:30 to sing and tell us where to stand. My thinking is this -- who ever can show up at that time come. Gerald White and I will be there and if we have enough show up will sing. Then later after the service, Friday PM in the church, we can practice more.
All are welcome and it will be fun.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> �

4/13/10 ... This evening 8pm ....will see all of you Friday ... We are flying out tomorrow into Staunton Airport ... We will run on over to Williamsburg first and then back to SVA Fri afternoon.
Our son is house sitting and feeding all the critters ....�

I would like to thank everyone that took the time to send the info and pics they did .. I know it is hard to do for most older folks our age that are not computer literate or don't want to get involved with my overall craziness .. but .... if not for that ... none of this would have happened.
In fact .. Becky and I have made and visited new friends all over the world since we started these hundreds of websites 16 yrs ago. �

After Alumni Weekend I will take my time during the year adding a little bit at a time ... so ... bookmark each of these 5 (and more to follow later) and check back often. �

We hope to see eveyone soon �

Dandy Dave & Beckity

From "Jane Olson"
Subject Jane (Ressijac) Olson & husband Dennis
Date Sat, May 1, 2010 11:47

Hi David!

I just had about an hour phone conversation with Alice Lagerholm Field and she was telling me about being at the Class of '60 Reunion and seeing everyone and that you had a site with photos so had to check them out!! That was great fun to go down memory lane as I do remember quite a few from your class and of course there were some from my class in the photos also. We are gearing up for our 50th next year so looking forward to that also. Dennis and I attended my 40th and he feels like he knows so many of them now. I forgot to look to see where you are living now but we are in the Phoenix, AZ area (Glendale, AZ). Dennis actually practices dentistry in a retirement area called Peoria which is right next to Sun City, AZ. Our home is only about 12 min. away so at least the drive is easy! He has only practiced 3 1/2 days a week for years as he must get his golf in! Don & Edna Cornforth have been in Phoenix on occasion in the past so have gotten to visit with them. Edna actually graduated in Dennis's Class of '59 from Campion Academy in Loveland, CO. They were out of the country for Dennis & Edna's 50th last year so really missed seeing them.
Boy, what a small world!!

Well, just that I would say hi!


(A Doc Hemp Note) - Seems like I remember that Jane sat at our table for breakfast and she always carried a piece of toast in each hand loaded with Apple Sauce, back up to her room every morning ... one morning I said .. don't take that today's rancid .. smell it .. as she did I smacked the bottom of her hand .. and ...she still prolly has some apple sauce in up her sinus somewhere even today. (grin) ... I also see your husband Dennis is a "Tooth Jockey" Also .. I have only worked about 30 hrs a week at dentistry too ..It's a hobby for me. Our average employee has been with us for over 32 years now.

Another couple photos of our private steam railroad

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